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Johnftone Robert, currier, fouth back of the «inongate
Johnflone Walter, ftabler, Patterfon's land, grafs-market
Johnftone Andrew, ftabler, weft bow foot
Johnftone John, inftrument-maker, Carrubber's clofe
Johnftone Walter, fchool-mafter, Nairn's clofe, caftle-hi
Jolinftone William, fchool-mafter, Wardrope's court
Johnftone John, founder, calton
Johnftone William, mafon, college wynd
Jolinftone James, ftay-maker, St Mary's wynd
Johnftone Charles, ftay-maker, Reoch's land, cowgate
Johnftone James^ cooper, oppofite the canongate chuixh
Johrjftone Thomas, wright, at Jock's lodge '
Johnftone Alexander, ihoe-maker, Nicolfon's ftreet
Johnftone William, ihoe-mak^r, brifto Rreet
Johnftone Mrs, ftioe-maker, banongate head
Jolmftone William, hznr-daci&r, op.* Blaoiifriars vynd
Johnftone Robert, hair-drefrer, ^ove Arranger's clofe
.Johnftone William, -grocer^ head of kaxter's clofe, lawn .
market * ^ ^'\- -
Johnftone Andrew, grocer^brifto ftreet * ^ >
Johnftone Mrs, midv/ii^, aicht/i^gC; - V« ,
Jufiice Mrs, gentFewcman, candfhga^'IN^ad ' * 1
JufticeMvs, room-fetter, GavinIoci**s'lanl. lawn-rjiiaa-kct "*-, '
K ."• \ *' ' *• f ■ . .,
Kay James, writer, Robertfon's clofe, coWgate * %
Kay Alexander, writer, ditto - ^
Kay John, brewer, diao '
Kay Robert, writer, ditto *
Kay Jofeph, plaifterer, portfburgh
Kay John, taylor, crofs-caufey
Kay James, ditto, caflle hill
Keals Richard, grocer, head of Chalmer's clcfe
Keddie Alexander, candle-maker, head of Libb. wynd
Keddie Mrs, ditto, lawn-market, fouth fide
Keeling and co's. ftone-ware-rooirJ, front of the exchange
Kegie John, ftocking-maker, v/eft bow
Keir Adam, baxter, oppofite the exchange
K«ith Robert, Efq; St Andrew's fquare
Keith Alexander, Efq; dep. cl, of feffion, college wynd
Keith David, grocer, head of the new bank clofe
Kellie John, wright, Brifto ftreet
Kellie John, white-iron-fmith, weft bow
Kellie John, liair-drefter^ back of the fountain well
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