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The North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Company, Limited.
Alexander M. Ogston, of, Ardoe, I James Milne of Kinaldie, Aber-
manufacturer, Abdn., Chairman deen
James Walker of Richmondhill, ex- I William Charles Smith, K.C.,
Lord Provost of Aberdeen, I Edinburgh
Deputy-Chairman William Smith, advocate, Aber-
i deen. Managing Director
Secretary — George MoUison, Canada House, 201 Union street, Aberdeen.
Northern Co-Operative Company, Limited.
Incorporated 1S61.
Capital £160,000.
Registered Office , 54 Loch Street.
Chairman — George Bisset.
George Wilson
James F. Wyness
George Younie
John Adan I George Garden
William Campbell John Keir
John Clark David Palmer
Alexander Duncan ! William Porter
Secretary — John Ferries. Cashier — John Massie.
Bankers — The North of Scotland and Town & County Bank Ltd.
Aberdeen Building Company, Limited.
Incorporated 1877. Capital— £10,000.
John Skinner, J. P. — Chairman.
John Bremner I Alexander Duncan
George Bisset I James Gordon
Robert Craig I George Younie
Laic Agent— John Craigen.
Bankers — North of Scotland and Town & County Bank Limited.
Secretary — George Clark.
The Aberdeen Co-Operative Property Investment Company
Building Society.
Incorporated under " The Building Societies Act, 1874."
• : 13 Bridge Street, Aberdeen.
Chairman — Ex-Baillie Adam Maitland.
Vice-Chairman — John Ellis, merchant.
J. K. Donald, manager i Alex. Duthie
R. Gumming, cabinetmaker D. A. B. Sim
Alex. Brown, house carpenter | John Sellar, plasterer
R. W. Wishart, upholsterer Robert Harvey, blacksmith
Solicitor— E. Rennet, M.A., B.L., advocate, 123i Union street.
Surveyor — James Thomson, builder, 5 Union terrace.
■.Manager — George Kemp, J. P., F.S.A.A., incorporated accountant.
Bankers— North of Scotland and Town & County Bank Limited.

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