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The Aberdeen Trawlowners and
Traders Engineering Co., Ltd.
Wm. Connon, ship carpenter
Marshall & Co., presei-ved pro-
vision manufacturers
Ferryboat station
James Watt Duthie, fishcurer
John Duthie, fishcurer
SteAvart Duthie & Co., fishcurers
Albert Street. 2.
From Waverley place to Craigie
loanings and Leadside road.
1 Mrs M'Glashan
3 Alex. Duffus, confectioner
. . Miss Margaret Duffus
7 Mrs G. Cooper
9 Alex. Knox, solicitor
11 Mrs Long-more
13 Rev. James Smith, M.A., B.D.
15 Mrs Dallas, masseuse
17 Miss Ruthven
19 John H. Johnstone, manager, King
Street Engineering Works
21 R. C. Jackson, solicitor
23 J. D. Noble, M.B., CM.
Carden p^«ce.
35 Mrs D. M. Mackay
Albert lane.
37 Alex. Gauld, game dealer
37a Wra. Reid, slater
39 Mrs Williamson
41 Dr. Wm. F. Croll, M.A., M.B., Ch.B.
Albert place.
45 John Croll, late baker
49 Mrs R. C. Philip, tobaccoirst
. . George Bellew, joiner
51 George Keith, cabinetmaker
. . Alex. Burnett (of B. & M.)
53 Robert Stott, grocer
2 Miss A. Noble
4 Mrs Bell
.. Clifford T. Bell, M.B., CM.
Miss Stephen
8 Mrs Wilson
. . Miss Mackay
10 H. J. Kinghorn (of J. K. & Son)
12 Mrs Wilson
14 Charles Milne (of W. & M.)
16 Rev. J. Esslemont Adams, B.D.
18 Mrs Parr
Carden place.
32 Robert Coutts, ladies' tailor
Albert lane.
Osborne place.
John Reid, jobbing gardener
•16 Wm. Adams, shoemaker
50 Adam Tough, insp. of works
. G. H. Buchan, tailor
52 Wm. Peters, dairyman
54 Alex. Fiddes, plumber
Albert Terrace. 2.
From Waverley pi. to Carden pi. and
Prince Arthur street.
1 James Taylor, grocer
2 Wm. McHardy, music teacher
. . Miss McHardy
.3 Misses Ritchie
4 Miss Robertson, ladies' outfitter
5 John Stewart, marine engineer
. . Mrs Brown
7 Rev. W. Temple, M.A., D.D.
Miss Connon, apartments
Miss Yule
James Clake
G. B. Michie, sheriff clerk dep.
W. M. Brechin, coal merchant
Mrs Baxter
Miss Goldsworth
John Mc Edward, accountant
James Wilson
Misses Masson
Mrs Charles Leslie
James Reith, grain merchant
G. H. Jolly, architect
Mrs Tliomas Ogilvie
J. Miller, mvi-sic teacher
T. Walton, agent
Robert Mitchell (Chivas Bros.)
James M. Munro (of M. & M.)
Mrs Young
Mrs R. Gordon, lodgings
Chas. J, Mackie, solicitor
James Tester, agent
Albion Court.
18 Castle street.
Albion Street. 1.
From Park street to Cross street.
Hanover Street Public School
Hanover street.
Hanover lane.
Hanover place.
37 John Robertson & Sons, coopers
Bannerviill Cottages.
Albury Place. 2.
From Caledonian pi. to Albury road.
11 Jas. Wood, fishcurer
13 Wm. Murray, com. trav.
15 Wm. Thomson, fruiterer
17 Alex. Walker, engineer
19 Robert Reid (of R. & J. Reid)
21 Wm. Morgan, granite merchant
23 John Reid (of R. & J. Reid)
27 Alex. Gordon (W. Cay & Sons)
29 J. G. Downie (of J. S. & Son)
31 Mrs Wight
•33 Jas. Anderson, traveller
35 John W. Callaghan (of J. & R. C.)
i 41 Mrs John Wilson
i 45 Alex. O. Henry, teacher of music

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