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t Paint Manufacturers.
Parquhar & Gill, St. Paul st
Ogilvie's Oil Colour and Chemi-
cal Co., Ltd., Persley Mills,
Woodside ; town stores, 44
Carmelite st
Painters, Decorators, Glaziers
and Paperhangers.
Adam, Alan, 20 Gt. Western rd
Aitken, Alex., & Sons, 335
Union st
Anderson, A., 122 John st
Balfour & Son, 413 George st
Baxter, C, & Co., 22 Causeway-
Bell, R., 80 Bon- Accord st
Booth, B., 6 Waverley pi
Brown, George, 610 Gt. North-
ern rd
Buchan, Adam,81Rosemount pi
Bunting & M 'Holland, 20 Nell-
field pi
Bunting, Thomas, 18 Rose st
Cheetham, Alex. S., 45 Justice st
Clark, Robt., 17 Don st. Old
Copland, Edward, 85 Rose-
mount via
Coutts, Wm., & Sons, 216b
Union st
Davidson, J. H., 4 Sinclair rd
Dawson, R. C, 25 Chattan pi
Donald, Geo., & Sons, 16 and
18 Netherkirkgate
Donald, Jas., 12 Justice Mill lane
Ferguson, Alex., & Co., 4 Al-
ford pi
Forrest, J. W., 166 Union grove
Fyfe, J. & S., 11 Dee st
Garvie, James, & Sons, 234 and
236 Union st
Gordon & Watt, 39 Woolmanhill
Hay,LeithW.,190 Rosemount pi
Lamb, Geo., & Son, 87 Spring
Leslie, W. L., 104 Rosemount pi
M'Caskill & Alexander, 208
King st
M'Kenzie, Wm., 330 Gt. North-
ern rd
M'Laren, Jas. S., 112 Rose-
mount via
Macdonald & Duffus,317 King st
Mackie, Peter, & Co., 10 Port-
land st
lYIacIeod, David, 36
and 38 Chapel st
lYIain, Benjamin, 36
St. Andrew st
Manson, G., 562 George st
Mason, John, & Son, 36 and 38
Queen st
Michael, S., 41 Esslemont ave
Mitchell, J. 0., 228 King st
Murray & Mitchell , 106 and 108
Gerrard st
Philip, William, 76 Huntly st
Rennie, J. & G., 7a Hartington
Ross, G., 236 Holburn st
Sharp, Alex., & Son, 4 Rose st
Smith, Alex., & Co., 64 Justice
Mill lane
Walker, David, 8 Causewayend
Watt, Marshall, & Co., 3 Miaris-
chal st
Watt, Wm., 174 Holburn st
Webster, Alex., 28 Powis ter
WhytC, John, 412 Union
Williamson, John, 3 and 5
Huntly st
Paper Manufacturers.
Culter Mills Paper Co., Ltd.,
Guild st buildings
Davidson, C, &Sons,
Lid., Mugiemoss and 4
Trinity quay
Donside Paper Co., Ltd., Don-
side Paper Mills, Tilly-
drone rd
Hutchieson, Jas C, 140 Blen-
heim pi
Pirie, Alex,, & Sons, Ltd.,
Union Works
Paper Rulers.
Aberdeen Univer-
sity Press Ltd.,
The, Upperkirkgate

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