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*Strachan, John, & Sons, Gil-
comston Mills
* White, John F., 60 Frederick st
Wilson, James, & Son, 13 and.
15 John st
Anderson, Miss L., 332 George st
Anderson, Miss L. S., Ill Great
Western rd
Benzies, M., 510 and 572 George
Birnie, Miss, 42 and 44 Justice st
Black & Burnett, Misses, 180
George st
Boltz, Mile., 465 Union st
Brown, Miss, 41 Victoria st
Buist, Misses, 43 Upperkirkgate
Butler, Mrs, 70 George st
Chalmers, Miss, 331 George st
Cowie, Miss, 10 Queen st. Wood-
Davidson, Mrs, 279 Holburn st
Deans, Miss S., 89 King st
Duthie, Miss, 7 Constitution st
Dyker, Miss, 49 St. Nicholas st
Glennie, Miss, 20 Church st,
Grassie, Miss, 258 Union st
Hutcheon, Miss A., 179 George
Ingram, J. & A., 58 Holburn st
Kennedy, Jas.,42 Upperkirkgate
Mackie, Miss C, 143 Holburn st
Middleton, Miss, 22 North Silver
Moir, Miss, 28 Hardgate
Morrison, Misses, 485 Union st
Nicol, Miss I., 90 King st
Pirie, Miss, 167 King st
Eogers, N., 60 John st
Ross, Miss, 549 Gt. Western rd
Scrimgeour & Co., 546 George st
Smith, Miss M. D., 22 School-
hill and 31 Bridge st
Star (The) Millinery Co., 33
Castle st
Sutherland, Miss A., 18 Great
Western rd
Thomson, Miss E. L., 447 Union
Tyre, Wm., & Co., 58 and 60
St. Nicholas st
Watson, J., jun., 146 George st
Watson, Miss, 129 Skene st
Williams, Mrs, 94 Victoria rd
Wilson, Miss M., 27 Thistle st
Wiseman, Geo., 21 Holburn st
Youngson, Miss, 510 Union st
See Engineers.
Motor Car Builders and
Arcade Motor Garage, 431 Union
Caledonian Motor Car Co., Ltd.,
10, 12 and 14 Bon-Accord
st ; open day and night and
on Sundays
Duff, John B., 460 George st
Hamilton, Claud
(Aberdeen), Ltd.,
254a Union st
Holman & Co., 203 King st
Jackson, John, 13 North Silver
Leslie, Taylor, Milne & Co., 90
and 94 Commerce st
Eossleigh, The, New Cycle and
Motor Car Co., Ltd., 383
Union st
Music (Professors of).
Adams, Madame Norris, 480
Union st
Christie, Miss L. , 19 Hamilton pi
Clemens, Warren T., 85 Blen-
heim pi
Collingwood, Arthur, 2a Albyn
Dav7son, G. C, 64 Bon- Accord
Duffus, Miss M., 3 Albert st
Fovfler, Wm.,. 32 Gladstone pi
Harrison, Cyril, 28 Crown st
Herd, Wm. A., 44 Devonshire rd
Hicks, Madame Patti, 49 Hol-
burn st
Jackson, J. S., 4 West Craib-
stone st

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