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Fraser, T. , 2 Elmbank terrace
Gall, Alex. G.. 96 Powis pi,
Galloway, A. Rudolf, 250 Union
Garden, R. J., 15 Golden square
Geddie, David W., 13 Golden sq.
Gibb, George, 294 Great Western
Gibson, Thos. Best. 2 Golden sq.
Gordon, John, 1 Rubislaw ter.
Gray, H. M. W., 5 Bon- Accord
Gregory, John, 108 High street
Hay, Matthew, City buildings
and 14 Rubislaw terrace
Henderson, A., 11 Golden sq.
Howie, Peter, 116 Crown street
Innes, John, 513 George street
Kelly, Francis, 6 West Craib-
stone street
Levack, John R., 10 Golden sq.
Lister, Arthur H., 22 Queen's rd.
M'Kerron, Robt. Gordon, 1 Albyn
M 'Robbie, J. S., 160 Gallowgate
Macdonald, D. G. G., 62 King st.
Mackintosh, Ashley W., 9 Bon-
Accord square
Mackintosh, J. G., 16 Golden sq.
Macquibban, Charles Mitchell,
248 Union street
Marnoch, John, 2 Bon-Accord sq.
Mearns, J. A., 176 Victoria road
Milne, J. Ellis, 434 Union street
Milne, J. W., 169 Gt. Western rd.
Milne, Thomas, 14 Bon- Accord
Mitchell, Alex., 70 High street
Moncur, Jas., 163 King street
Noble, Jas. D., 75 King street
Ogston, Alex., 252 Union street
Ogston, Alex., 86 Rosemount pi.
Philip, F., 136 Victoria rd.
Pirie, Wm. E., 1 E. Craibstone st.
Poison, R. L., 2 Chanonry
Presslie, Alex. , 13 North Silver st.
Proctor, A. F., 9 Golden square
Reid, R. W., 37 Albyn place
Reid, W., Royal Lunatic Asylum
Reith, Alex., 34 Gilcomston park
Rennet, David, 14 Golden sq.
Riddell, J. Scott, 7 Rubislaw ter.
Rose, George, 494 Union street
Salmond, J. L., 8 Alford place
Scott, Alex., 12 Gladstone place
ShirrefTs, Wm., 252 Holburn st,
Sinclair, Wm., 20 Golden square
Smart, Jas., 236 Rosemount pi.
Stephenson, Wm., 3 Rubislaw ter
Usher, Charles H., 3 Bon- Accord
Walker, Alex., 48 Fountainhall
Watson, Anne M., 443 Union st.
Watt, George, 21 Golden sq.
Watt, J. A., 39 Belgrave terrace
Watt, James P., County bdgs.
and 29 Queen's road
Westland, Albert, 22 Albyn pi.
Will, J. C. 0., 17 Bon-Accord sq.
Williamson, George, 256 Union
Williamson, W^. H., 15 Union ter.
Willock, Richmond C. 4 Golden
Wyne«s, J. D., 1 West Craib-
stone street
Pianoforte Makers and
Booth, A. F., 93 Union grove
Christie, James, 134 W^est North
Larg, Peter, & Co., 371 Union st.
Logan's Music Saloon, 251 Union
Macbeth^ James, 181 Union st.
Marr, J. & A., 184 George street
Marr, J., Wood & Co., Ltd., 183
Union street
Miller, C. Bruce, & Co., 51 George
Moir, G. Mitchell, 116 Union st.
Morison, J. G., 48 Netherkirk-
Pender, W., 44 Union grove
Taylor, F., 13 Belmont street
Pipe (Clay) Manufacturers.
Beveridge, W., 30-32 Cotton st.
Elrick, J., 14 Canal pi.

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