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Trades and professions directory.
*Gauld, Alex., 24 Hadden street
Hanson, G. W., 144 Rosemount pi.
*Macka3% Wm., 224 King street
Main, Geo., 27 Kosemoinit via.
Milne, Hugh, 160 King street
*Milne, Robert, 3 Chapel street
*Smith, Mrs John, 135 George st.
^Stephen, George, 10 Milburn st.
Thain, Wm., 69 Thistle street
Whyte, Alex., 40 Thistle street
Fish Salesmen.
Brown, J., 208 Market st.
Davidson, T., Commercial rd.
Dodds, W. H., & Co., 156 Market
Harrow, J. A., Regent road
Irvin, R., & Sons, Commercial rd.
Johnstone, P., 164 Market st.
Lauder, T., 156 Market street
Meff Bros., Commercial rd. and
Albert quay
Philip, F. H., & Co., 208 Market
Smith, Jameson & Co., 194
Market st.
Tulloch, A. J., Commercial rd.
Walker, T., Commercial rd.
Fleshers .
See Butchers.
Flock Manufacturers.
Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind,
50 Huntly st. and 127 George
Boyd, J. H., 87 Holburn street
and Union glen
N. of S. Bedding Co., 1 Jack's
See also Nurserytnen.
Angus, M., 102 Rosemount via.
Biirns, A., & Co., Market hall
Burns, A., jun,, Market hall
Burns, R., Market hall
Cardno & Darling, 7 Hadden st.
and Exchange street
Cocker, Jas. , & Sons, 130 Union
I Dustan, W. A., 18 Holburn rd.
j Gerrard, J., Union grove lane
i Giles, S. N. , 432 Union st.
Kemp, J., 230 Rosemount pi.
Knowles & Sons, 77 and 425
Union st.
Maver, J.,& Son, Stone House,
Moir, Miss, 203 George street and
45 Powis ter.
Reid, B., & Co., 28 Exchange st.
and 145 Union sti'eet
Scorgie, G., Stanley street
Sim, R., 27 Albyn lane
Slora, W., jun., Deemount rd.
and 71 Hardgate
Smith, W., 506 Union street
Smith, W., & Son, 1 and 3
Hadden street
Strachan, J., 169 Union st.
Thain, W., 9 Rosemount via.
Freestone Cutters.
Smith, A., & Son, 7 Gilcomston
Smith, R., Eraser rd.
Watt, J., 87 Holburn st.
French Polishers.
Bain, Robert, 86 Upper Den burn
Garvie, James, & Sons, 55 Rose
Hoggan, And., 14 Blackfriars
Rennie, A., 134 Skene st.
Wyllie, A., 22 Hartington road
Fruiterers and Confectioners.
Those marked * are luholesale.
Adam & Craigmile, 194 West
North street
Adam, Miss, 24 Regent quay
Alexander, Mrs, 196 Market st.
Allan, G., 4 Sehoolhill and 59
Victoria rd.
Allan, J., 41 Rosemount via.
Anderson, J. & W., 13 Park st.
and 56 Justice st.
Angus, M., 102 Rosemount via.
Bruce, Wm., 359 Great Northern

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