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Berry, Gpo. , 85 Ashley rd.
Boyd, D. J., 43 Beacoustield pi.
Browu, J. C, Meadow Cottage,
418 King St.
Brunt, H., 31 Beechgrove ter.
Bryant, H. W. , 135 Dessvvood pi.
Cable, Wni., 32 Erskine st.
Campbell, H., 21 Cairnfield pi.
Campbell, J. M., 23 Albyn gi'ove
Campbell, John, 166 Cjown st.
Cameron, D. H., 44 Union grove
Chalmers, M., 70 Whitehall rd.
Clark, J. G., 15 Belvidero cres.
Collie, A., 263 Union grove
< \»nnon, L). A., 4'25 Geoige st.
Cook, J., 1-22 Hamilton pi.
Cowie, T. R. , 20 Schoolhill
Cowie,Wm., 8 lieechgrove place
Cowie, Wm. B., 16 Gray st.
Craig, T. L., 31 Wallfield cres.
Cruickshank, J., 82 Stanley st.
Cruickshank,J.,ll Springbank ter
Cruickshank, J., 284 Broomhillrd.
Cruickshank, J. T., 22 Powis ter.
Camming, J., 24 Devonshire rd.
David, Wm., jun., 1 Holland st.
Davidson, W., 147 Gt. Western rd.
Dingwall, A., 340 Gt. Western rd.
Donald, D. M., 9 Cairnfield pi.
Donald, Jas. , 18 Burns rd.
Dow, T., 449 George street
Dnffus, Wm., 152 Mid Stocket rd.
Dunn, Joseph, 46 Watson street
Durno, James, 21 A del phi
Duthie, Alex., 1 Stanley st.
Esson, R. R., 59 Clifton rd.
Falconer, J. M. , 55 Devonshire rd.
Farquhar, Alex., 27 Church st.,
Farquhar, G. W., 22 J View ter.
Ferguson, A., 55 Irvine pi.
Fergusson, J.H.,9 Devonshire rd.
Fernie, Wm. , Glenburnie House,
Skene street
Findlay, J. S., 85 Gray street
Fleming, A. L. , 12 Wallfield pi.
Forbes, Alex., 37 Argyll place
Forbes, C, 85 Mile-end ave.
Forbes, J. W., 75 Fonthill rd.
Forbes, R., 41 Sunnyside road
Fraser, L. P., Whinhill rd.
Fyfe, A., 122 Hammerfield ave.
Fyfe, Jas., 21 Watson st.
Fyvie, A. C, 12 Beaconsfield pi.
Gabriel, D., 18 Braemar place
Gardiner, H. ().. 2 Ferryhill pi.
Gauld, C. , 40 Desswood pi.
Gauld, J., 34 Bedford pi.
Gill, John, 31 Beechgrove ter.
Gordon, W., 36 Brighton place
Grant, J., 59 Elmfield avenue
Grant, R., 6 Wallfield pi.
Grant, W. J., 35 Hartington rd.
Grassick, K., 10 Watson st.
Gray, G. H., 46 View ter.
Harvey, J. C., 50 Clifton rd.
Hay, H. H., 21 Laurelwood ave.
Hay, J. G. , 1 Sunnyside walk
Henderson, A. M., 356 George st.
Henderson, J., Orchard Cottage,
Orchard pi.
Henry, W., 159 Crown st.
Hervey, J., 66 Devonshire road
Home, G., 8 Affleck st.
Howie, J., 25 Richmond ter.
Hunter, Wm., 41 Rosemount pi.
Irvine, A. M., 352 Gt. Western rd.
Jack, R. F., 12 Beechgrove pi.
Jamieson, R. S. , 40 Brighton pi.
Jeff"rey, J., 1 Adelphi
Johnstone, A. , 26 Wallfield pi.
Joss, Wm., 8 Hosefield rd.
Kerr, W. A., 31 Argyll pi.
Kynoch. Alex. , 62 Clifton rd.
Kynoch,Wm. , 60 Netherkirkgat«
Laird, John, 59 Argyll pi.
Lawson, Geo., 39 Watson st.
Ledingham, A. R. , 111 Union gr.
Leith, T., 106 Mid Stocket rd.
Leslie, J. B., 19 Brighton place
Leslie, J. W. , 25 Justice st.
Ligertwood, Jas,, Millden ter..
Lindsay, A. M., 34 Beaconsfield
Low, W. A., 333 Holburn st.
McCallion, J. J. , 82 Constitution
M'Donald, J. R., 20 Jamaica st.
M'Donald, J., 1 Millbank pi.
M'Farlane, J. C, 64 Watson st.
M'Intosh, James, 39 Bedford pi.

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