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Rock Life Assurance Co.
Norwich and London Accident In- J John Scott, N. of Scot. Bank, Lim.
surance Association. . . (. John Parker, 62 Skene terrace
rMurray, M'Combie, & Bennett, 214 Union
Ocean Accident and Guarantee) street
Corporation, Limited | John Parker, 52 Skene terrace
vRobt. Gumming, 25 Union street
("S. Goodbrand, 33 and 35 St. Nicholas st.
Ocean, Railway, and Gen. Accident ) J. D. Mackie, 166 Union street
and Guarantee Insurance Co. . . ) A. A. S. Moir, 109 Great Western road
(. G. & J. Riddell, Fish street
Patriotic Assurance Co John Scott, N. of S. Bank, Limited
Pearl Life Assurance Co., Lim James McWilliam, 14 St. Nicholas street
Plate Glass, Northern (Lim.) John M. Dunn, sec, 245 Union street
Plate Glass Insurance Co. (London). .John Sheed & Co., 44 Marischal street
Plate Glass (Caledonian) A. I. M'Connochie, 115 Union street
Plate Glass, &c. (Norwich & Loud.). .John Scott, N. of Scot. Bank, Lim.
Plate Glass (East of Scotland) In- ) y^ jy Esslemont, 143 Union st., sec.
surance Co )
Plate Glass Ins. Co., Lim.(Scottish). .Charles A. Bodie, dis. man., 216 Union st.
Provident Life Office Youngson & Bain, 373 Union street
Prudential Assurance Compy Thomas Johnson, supt., 150a Union st.
RaUway Passengers Accidental As- ) ^_ ^ Ironside. 17 Little Chapel street
sociation (
Refuge Assurance Co., Ltd G. H. Simpson, supt., 6 King street
f Thomas A. Coats, 5 Union ter., res. sec.
Rod. Fraser, agency insp., 5 Union ter.
Alex. & Wm. Robertson, 18 King street
Wm. A. Asher, 337 Union street
CroU & Urquhart, 85a Union street
^Alex. Rodger, 52 Mile End avenue
Royal Insurance Co W. J. Scott, 148 Union street, res. sec.
Royal Liver Assurance Society Wm. Taylor, Myrtlebank, 28 Lilly bank pi.
^., . T- -^ J ( F. J. Scott & Morrison, 129 Union street,
Sceptre Life Assurance, Limited . . .. j district managers
Scottish Accident Insurance Co., ( A. J. Brander, 13 Bridge street
Limited (Edinburgh) t John Scott, N. of Scot. Bank, Lim.
c ....• u *iv T n^ T i,v, ■ i G. A. Angus, dlst. inspr., 143 Union st.
Scottish Alliance Insur. Co., Lim.j rp_ r. Gillies, 181 Union street
„ ,^. , . . , , . ^ ( John Rust, 224 Union street
Scottish Amicable Assurance Co. . . -j rj.]^^^^^ Campbell (N. of S. B., Ltd.)
Scottish Boiler Insurance and > j^^^ Paterson, 36 Clifton road
Engine Inspection Co. , Glas . . J
Scottish County and Mercantile In-) J. Milne, jun., 9 Union terrace, branch
surance Co., Limited ^ manager
f James Davidson, gen. manager, 9 King st.
G. K. Kynoch, 177 Union street
W. Todd Moffatt, 6 & 7 Trinity Buildings
James Meston & Co. , 6 Golden square
John Craigen, 193 Union street
, Marquis & Hall, 222 Union street
Scottish Equitable Life Assur. Soc. ..George Watt, 38 Union st., agency insp.
Scottish Imperial Ins. Co., Glasgow. ..J. P. R. White, 80 Union street
Scottish Legal Life Assur. Society.. . .Robert Bruce, 40 Union ter., dis. man.
Scottish Life Assurance Co., Ltd W. D. Esslemont, 143 Union st., res. sec.
„ ... ,rT J A -A 4- A (D. & S.J. Mitchell, 24 Adelphi
Scottish Life and Accident Assur- ) j^^^^^ g^.^^^^ jvj_ ^f g g^nk Ltd.
ance Co., Ltd ^^ j^ Prosser, 20 Belmont street
Scottish Live Stock Ins. Co., Ltd... .J. M. Dunn, 245 Union st., dis. manager
iThos. Ferguson, res. sec, 177 Union st.
Fraser & Duguid, 57 Crown street
Marquis & Hall, 222 Union street
Burnett & Reid, 20 King street
Scottish Employers' Liability and
General Insur. Compy., Ltd. . .

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