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Valuation of Lands and Heritages,
Registration of Voters.
W. S. Kitton, Assessor for the Burghs of Aberdeen and Inverbervie, and
County of Kincardine.
F. W. Langston, Assessor for the County of Aberdeen, and Burghs of
Peterhead, Inverurie, and Kintore.
Office open from 10 to 3 ; Saturdays, 10 to 12.
Circuit Court of Justiciary.
The High Court of Justiciary meets in Aberdeen when there are cases to
try there.
Sheriff Court of Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banff. .
&7ieri^— Donald Crawford, advocate.
Sheriffs-Substitiite—Bimcsin Robertson, M.A., and John Henderson Begg,
advocates ; and in their absence, Douglass Duncan and James
Duguid, advocates in Aberdeen, Henry Peterkin, solicitor in
Aberdeen, and James Murray, J. P., Aberdeen.
Sheriff-Clerk of Aberdeenshire— I)a,vid Littlejohn.
Ordinary Civil and Criminal Department, Clerk-Beptite — James Conner.
Executry and Wills Department, Clerk-Depute- George Bennet Michie.
Clerks— Robert Fiddes, James G. Murray, George Gallowand George Gordon.
Clerk-Depute at Peterhead — Thomas Mackie.
Procurator -Fiscal of Aberdeenshire — Chai'les Wilson, W.S.
Depute-Fiscal — Thomas MacLennan.
Auditor — T. R. Gillies.
Court-House Keeper — Alex. Tocher.
Bar Officers— Jumes Diack and John Shand.
1 Court Days, Ordinary Roll at Aberdeen— Wednesda,y and Friday.
Small Debt /Jo?/— Thursday. Debts Recovery /io/i— Friday.
Court Day at Peterhead— Friday , except last Friday of month.
Court Day at Stonehaven— Wedimsda.y.
Sheriff Small Debt and Circuit Court.
The Ordinary Small Debt Court at Aberdeen is held on Thursday, at 10
o'clock A.M., weekly, during Sessions of the Court, and once or twice during
vacation. For 1902 the Circuit Small Debt Courts are held at Huntly and
Turriff, once every three months, and at Fraserburgh on the last Friday
of every month in Session and in September.
W. W. Lumsden, Huntly I J. M. Anderson, Fraserburgh
John Ross, Turriff I
are the persons who respectively issue summonses, &c., to be brought in
these Courts, and the Sheriff-Clerk or one of his Deputes officiates in these

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