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H.M, Customs, 35 Regent Quay.
District Collector, Head Receiver of Wreck, Registrar of Shipping, etc.- E. G.
Clei'ks — 1st Class — R. H. Coleman. 2nd Class— Win. Nunn.
Examining Officers— 1st Class— W. E. Cawthorne.
2nd Class— J. Grant, J. Leith, M. Lowrie, D. Gleeson, R. Mclvor,
M. J. O'Farrell, Wm. Reid, J. Gordon.
Preventive Officers — T. Parle, T. M. Hoar.
Assistants— J. Hall, J. Mackintosh, VV. Maclennan, W. A. Gauld.
Boatmen— W. J. Adam, T. J. Robinson, C. E. Parrott, W. F. Parrott,
P. McNicol.
Customs Housekeeper and Messenger — Alex. Edwards.
Sub-Ports, etc. in Aberdeen District.
Peterhead, Superintendent — James Tooliey.
Fraserburgh, Superintendent — R. Burns.
Banff (Head Station, Macduff), Superintendent — W. J. Ferrins.
Buckie, Officer in Charge — R. Paterson.
Newburgh, Officer in Charge — A. G. Melvin.
Inland Revenue.
Office 27 King Street.
Collector — David Rait. Principal Clerks — J. Keane, James MacMurray,
and Clerks— J). Sivewright, J. Clark.
Assistants— J . Michie, J. Clark, G. S. Inkster, G. Cowie, R. M. Philip,
T. S. Nicol.
Aberdeen District Supervisor— A. Garrow. Officers— J. Cowie, W. H.
Wagstaff, Jas. Taylor, J. Hourihane, C. McKinty, Jas. Sumner, T.
Winsby, M. R. Wonlfe.
Inverurie District Supervisor— S. R. Brook. Officers— G. Woodcock,
W. Anderson, H. L. Bowyer, T. T. Rawling, W. Kean, A. Smith.
Peterhead District Supervisor— T. Patterson. Officers— J. Michie,
W. S. Taylor, Wm. Lamb, T. T. Gair, J. Haines.
Ballater District Supervisor— T. D. King. Officers— D. Stewart, J.
Brereton, F. L. Bowyer, R. Dowse.
Orkney District Supervisor — W. J. Conroy. Officei-s—S. Watson, W. J.
Ward, H. Fitzsimons, D. Brown, A. W. McLennan.
Shetland District Supervisor— J. Marshall. Officers— T. M. Reid, G.
P. Boyd.
Portsoy District Supervisor— B. Tighe. Officers— J. Brown, J. Simpson,
W. Stead, A. R. H. Haslam, E. Bucklow, L. Ivor Jones, A. McDonald.
L. Don Robertson, R. A. Greene.
Surveyor for the First District, or City of Aberdeen and County of Kincardine —
W. S. kitton.
Clerks — J. Barnet, J. Reid, D. H. Campbell and C. Wilson.
Sttrveyor for Second Distinct, or County of Aberdeen — F. W. Langston.
Clerks— V. M'Crae and W. Murray.

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