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Harbour and Shipping
Aberdeen Harbour Commissioners 63
Board of Trade 64
Foreign Consuls 64
Shipping Companies 65
Shipping 67
Shore Porters' Society... 64
Trawlers 69
Railway Companies and
Public Conveyances.
Caledonian Railway Co 71
Great North of Scotland Railway Co 71
North British Railway Co 72
Carriers 73
Coaches 72
Hackney Carriages 74
Miscellaneous Directory.
Aberdeen Art Gallery & Indus. JVIuseum 92
Aberdeen Albert Hall Co., Lim 83
Aberdeen Building Co., Lim 85
Aberdeen Cemetery Co., Lim 91
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce 80
Aberdeen Comb Works Co., Lim 82
Aberdeen Commercial Co., Lim 81
Aberdeen Conciliation Board 81
Aberdeen Conservative Club 91
Aberdeen Co-Oper. Prop. Inves. Co 85
Aberdeen Dairy Co., Lim 83
Aberdeen Diocesan Association 92
Aberdeen Ecclesiological Society 92
Aberdeen Electrical Engineering Co 82
Aberdeen Fish Supply Association 88
Aberdeen Herit. Secur. and Invest. Co... 85
Aberdeen Ice Manufacturing Co 88
Aberdeen Jute Co 82
Aberdeen Liberal Association 91
Aberdeen Lime Co 81
Aberdeen Market Co 83
Aberdeen Mechanics' Institute 92
Aberdeen Mechanical Society 92
Aberdeen Music Hall 83
Aberdeen Philosophical Society 93
Aberdeen Property Investment Society.. 86
Aberdeen Skating, etc., Co., Lim 83
Abdn. Starr-Bowkett (955) Building Soc. 87
Aberdeen Steam Laundry Co., Lim 90
Aberdeen Stock Exchange 81
Aberdeen Temperance Society 94
Abdn. Town & County Prop. Co., Lim... 86
Aberdeen United Trades Council 79
Agricultural Research Association 84
Assoc, for Prevent, of Cruelty to Animals 94
Belmont Laundry Co., Lim 90
Bon-Accord Ice Co 89
Bon-Accord Property Investment Co 86
Bon-Accord Steam Fishing Co., Lim 89
Bon-Accord Steam Laundry Co., Lim.... 90
Caledonian Steam Trawling Co., Lim 89
City of Aberdeen Land Association 86
City Property Association of Aberdeen... 87
Distillers' Util. and Feed Cake Co
Economic Building Societies
Empire Steam Fishing Co., Lim
Factory Department (H.M.)
Friendly Societies
Grampian Fishing Co., Lim
Home for Dogs and Cats
Home of the Aged and Infirm
Institute of Journalists
Loch Line Steam Fishing Co
Marine Laboratory
Masonic Lodges
Nat. Soc. for Prev. of Cruelty to Child'n
Naval and Military Establishments
Newspapers in Aberdeen
New Spalding Club
North British Steam Fishing Co., Lim....
North-Eastern Ice Co
North of Scot. Can. Mortgage Co., Lim.
Northern Agricultural Co
Northern Co-operative Co., Lim
Royal Northern Agricultural Society
Royal Northern Club
Seabank Rescue Home
Seaton Brick and Tile Co., Lim
Shire Steam Fishing Co., Lim
Springbank Cemetery Co., Lim
Trade Secretaries
University Club
Union Club of Aberdeen, Lim
United Steam Fishing Co., Lim
Victoria Lodging House
Whitehall Laundry Co
Postal Directory.
Approximate time occupied in post from
London to places abroad 103,
Bills of Exchange
Delivery of Letters
Express Service 104, 105,
Mails, Foreign and Colonial : Arrivals and
Mails, Inland : Despatches and Arrivals
Money Orders 106.
Pillar and Wall Letter Boxes (Collections
Post Office, Aberdeen, Hours of Business,
Postal Telegraphs 108
Rates of Postage, Inland 9
Rates of Postage, Foreign and Colonial
100, 101
Savings Bank 107
Surveyor's Department — Northern Dist.
Telegraph Engineer's Department
Town Sub-Post Offices 9
Aberdeen Directory.
General Directory
Trades and Professions' Directory
Street Directory
Suburban List
Index to Advertisements

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