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Christie, C. T. (of J. F. & Son), h Walton Lodge, Broomhill rd.
Christie, David, hairdresser, 16 Exchequer row, h 14 Fraser pi.
Christie, David C. (of C. & G.), St. Adrian, Burnside rd.
Christie, Rev. Francis William, rector, St. Mary's, Card en
place, h St. Mary's Parsonage, 12 Westfield terrace
Christie, Francis (of Christie, Greig & Co.), Trinity Cottage,
Park road
Christie, Gavin M., coal agent, 57 View terrace
Christie, Greig & Co., architectural and monumental masons,
Trinity Granite Works, Park road
Christie, G. G., 19 St. S within street
Christie, George, flesher, 60 Windmill brae, h 14 Fonthill rd.
Christie, Henry G., auctioneer and appraiser, 29 Union street
Christie, James, pianoforte maker, 134 West North street, h
Melbourne Cottage, 27 Nelson street
Christie, James IVL, wholesale stationer and printer,
Carmelite buildings, h 31 St. Swithin st.
Christie, John (of Milne, Low & Co.), 55 Fountainhall road
Christie, John, marine engineer, 342 King street
Christie, John, auctioneer and valuator, 29 Union street.
Telephone No. 499
Christie, John F., M.B., CM., M.A., 230 Rosemount place.
Telephone No. 1793
Christie, Joseph, & Sons, fishcurers, Clyde street
Christie, J. (of J. C. & Sons), Clyde street
Christie, Peter G., clothier, 40 Skene terrace
Christie, Robert, fishcurer, Fish Market and 187 Albert quay.
Telephone No. 761, h Mary Villa, Balnagask rd/
Christie, Robert B., foreman (D. M'H. & Son), 13 Ash vale pi.
Christie, William, M.B., CM., 219 Great Northern rd. Tele-
phone No. 24 Woodside
Christie, Wm., cart and wheelwright, 10 Jopp's lane, h 77
Loch st.
Christie, W. S. (P. Bisset & Sons), h 19 Watson street
Christie, Mrs J., 338 Hardgate
Christie, Mrs John, tripe merchant, 16 Fraser place
Christie, Mrs Dougall, 35 Mile End ave.
Christie, Mrs Professor, 19 Hamilton place
Christie, Miss, teacher of music, 27 Nelson street
Christie, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Ashvale pi.
Chrystal, J. G., clerk, 20 Esslemont ave.
Chrystal, William, cashier, 54 Spital
Chrystal, Mrs G., 20 Esslemont ave.
Chrystall, David M. (T. & C Bank, Ltd.), U. F. C. Manse,
Chrystall, James, shore porter, 9 Roslin street
Church of Scotland Boarding House, 50 Charlotte st.

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