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Campbell, J. M., cycle maker and cinematographer, Belmont
Cycle Works, 29 Powis ter.
Campbell, Kenneth, fruiterer, 39, h 7 Skene square
Campbell, M., book agent, 13 Craigie st.
Campbell, P. & P. (The Perth Dye Works), 150 Union street
Campbell, Thomas, bank clerk, 1 14 Broomhill rd.
Campbell, Thos. A., blacksmith, 30 Pittodrie lane, h 6
Orchard street
Campbell, Win., stationer and fancy goods, 137 King street, h
5 Jackson terrace
Campbell, William, manager (Aberdeen Machine Firewood
Co.), 121 Crown street
Campbell, Win., salesman (Watt & Milne), 60 St. S within st.
Campbell, Mrs, 15 Bon- Accord street
Campbell, Miss, matron, West Poorhouse
Campbells Limited, post and job horse masters, omnibus,
carriage, and cab proprietors, livery stable keepers, 13
Bon- Accord st. — Telephone No. 115. Northern
branch, 631 and 633 George street. Telephone
No. K 12. 1 Alford place. Telephone No.
1575. Joint Station. Telephone No. 746 ; and
9 Salisbury ter. Telephone No. 1664 ; funeral
undertakers, 10 Bon- Accord st., 287 Rosemount place.
Telephone No. 137. 43 Woolmanhill. Tele-
phone No. 771. John M'Farlane, manager
Campbells Limited, carriage builders, 12 Bon- Accord street
Cannon, M. C. (I. R.), 177 Union grove
Cantlay, David, caretaker (Davidson & Garden), 12 Dee st.
Cantlay, Wm., spirit dealer, 137 Gallowgate, h 102 Leslie ter.
Cantley, Mrs., 22 Bank street
Card no & Darling 1 , seedsmen, nurserymen, and
florists, 7 Hadden st, and Exchange st. Telephone
No. 580 ; nurseries, Kittybrewster
Cardno, R. C, chemist and druggist, 546 Great Northern road,
Telephone No. 1 Woodside; h Finsbury, 427
Clifton road, Telephone No. la Woodside
Cargill, George, cashier, 63 Duthie terrace
Carle, Alex., baker, 11, h 13 Waverlev pi. Telephone
No. 1688
Carle, James, solicitor (of Whincup & Carle), 64 Gt. Western rd.
Carle, W., cattleman (Abdn. S. N. Co.), 43 Wellington st.
Carmichael, George, agent west-end branch, N. of S. Bank,
Limited, 226, h 228 Union street
Carmichael, James, overseer (A. M'Kenzie). Telephone
No. 216 ; h 22 Portland street
Carnie, Alex., jeweller, 13 Correction wynd, h 34 Ashvale pi.
Carnie, James, builder, Whitehall House

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