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Barnett, Alex., grocer and wine merchant, 45, h 135 Park street
Barnett, And. D., inspector of poor, collector, and registrar,
Baxter street, Tony
Barnett Brothers, grocers, 1 Rosemount place
Barnett, George (of Barnett Brothers), 8 Mount street west
Barnett, George, cashier (W. S. & Co.), 220 King st.
Barnett, James C., headmaster (Middle P. S.), 31 Belvidere st.
Barnett, Patrick M., engineer-in-chief (G. N. of S. R.), 2
Westfield ter.
Barnett, Wm., tobacconist, 145 King street
Barnett, Mrs, grocer, 7 Jasmine ter., h 220 King st.
Barnett, Miss M., milliner and dressmaker, 2 Frederick street
Barr, McLeod, insurance agent, 34 Thomson street
Barr, Mrs M. F., 38 Desswood place
Barrack, Mrs, 8 Margaret street
Barrie, Edmund, & Co., offal dealers, 465 George st. Tele-
phone No. 573.
Barrie, Edmund (of E. B. & (Jo.), Rosehill House, Cornhill rd.
Telephone No. K 62
Barron & Son, house painters, glass, colour, and varnish
merchants, 16 and 18 Loch st. Telephone No. 567
Barron, Charles Nidray, cashier, 34 Whitehall rd.
Barron, James, C.E., 1 Bon-Accord street, h 46 Carden place
Barron, John, 105 Union grove
Barron, John, provision merchant, 8, h 12 Allan street
Barron, Peter, baker and confectioner, 341 George street, and
74, h 54 Urquhart road
Barron, Robt., ironmonger, 16 George st., h 12 Beechgrove
Barron, Robt., dairyman, 3 Mile-end ave. and 219 Rosemount
pi., fc48Mid"Stocketrd.
Barron, Thomas, Edinburgh Ale Establishment, 17 Castle st.,
h 24 Burns road
Barron, William K., coin, agent, 15 Adelphi, h 20 Duthie ter.
Barron, William, blacksmith, 22 Forbes St., h 1 Donald's pi.
Barron, Mrs Gilbert, provision merchant, 269 Holburn street
Barron, Mrs L., 8 Bon- Accord square
Barron, Mrs M., agent and teacher for the Cosmopolitan Asso-
ciation, 105 Union grove
Barron, Mrs W., 9 Crimon pi.
Barry, Rev. Francis R. (North United Free), 36 Hamilton pi.
Barry, Henry & CO., Ltd., founders, engineers,
millwrights, etc., 122^ West North street, Telephone
No. 333
Barter, Frank, M.I.N. A., surveyor of ships (Board of Trade),
h 8 Fonthill road
Bartlett, Alex., mason, 31 Diamond street

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