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Aberdeen Co-Operative Property Investment Company
Building Society.
Incorporated under "The Building Societies Act, 1874".
13 Bridge Street, Aberdeen.
Hon. President — Sir William Henderson, LL.D., Devanha House.
Chairman — Baillie Adam Maitland.
Alexander Kidd, builder Gavin Pringle stonecutter.
R. Cumming, cabinetmaker John Meston
Alex. Brown, house carpenter John Sellar
R. W. Wishart, upholsterer James Crichton, Sandilands
Alex. Duthie, sexton
Manager — George Kemp, J.P., F.S.A.A., accountant.
Bankers — Town and County Bank Limited.
Aberdeen Heritable Securities and Investment Company
Head Office of the Company—
Geo. J. Shepherd, Esq. (Messrs. Souter & Shepherd) Chairman.
Charles Cook, Esq., Garden House William Melville, Esq., 9 Bon-
John Edwards, Esq. (Messrs. Bruce, Accord Crescent
Edwards & Milne) I James White, Esq., of Legatesden.
George England, Esq., 18 Carden PI. I
North of Scotland Bank Limited I The Bank of Scotland
Auditor — George G. Whyte, C.A. Surveyor — Alex. L. Robb.
Secretary— D. R. McGilvray
The Aberdeen Property Investment Building Society.
Established 1851.
Incorporated under " The Building Societies Act, 1874 ".
Registered Office — 9 Union Terrace, Aberdeen.
President— David Macdonald, J. P., Ex-Dean of Guild of Aberdeen.
Vice-President— Ex-Baillie James Murray, of North Inveramsay, J. P.
Peter Beveridge, manufacturer i Stephen Hunter, manager
Robert Ferguson, late of Aberdeen Alexander Ledingham,S.S.C. and C.A.
Granite Works ! Alexander Marr, secretary
Thos. Fotheringham, treasurer, etc., J William Mitchell, merchant
Gordon's College j James A. Ross, harbour treasurer
Alexander Gill, watchmaker | George Thow, retired clothier
Bankers — British Linen Company.
Law Agent — William Hunter, LL.D., advocate, 80 Union Street.
Surveyor — Alexander Brown, architect, 17 Union Terrace.
Treasurer — John N. Melville, 80 Union Street.
Manager— James Milne, jun., C.A., 9 Union Terrace.

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