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David Low Crombie, Manager, 202 Victoria road, Aberdeen
Henry Hill Duncan, Boot-cntter, 14 Merkland road east, Aberdeen
Rev. John Fairlie, Clergyman, 340 Clifton road, Aberdeen
Alexander Knight Foi-bes, Commission Agent, 27 Cray street, Aberdeen
John Keir, Foreman, 168 Skene street, Abei'deen
George Archibald Maconachie, Doctor of Medicine, 33 Queen's road
Rev. Gordon John Murray, M.A., B.D., Minister of Greyfriars Parish,
11 St. Swithin street, Aberdeen
Rev. William Paterson Paterson, D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology,
35 College Bounds
Rev. Alexander Murray Scott, M.A., United Free Church Minister,
6 Devanha terrace
George McPherson Thomson, Wholesale Merchant, 63 Hamilton place
John Whyte, Painter and Decorator, 410 Union street, Aberdeen
Offices of the Board 22 Union Terrace.
Cterk and Treasurer — Thomas Hector.
Officials — R. Boyd Finlayson, cashier and first vssistant.
William M'Kenzie, book-keeper.
Clerks — Alfred Moi-rison, William G. Smith, James A. Mair, William Watt.
Messengers — James G. Alexander, John Stewart.
Principal Attendance Officer — George Gall.
Assistants — Peter Robb, Alex. Mathieson, Alex. Mitchell, Charles F.
Robertson, David B. M'Coss, John Clubb.
Architect and Master of Works — John A. Ogg Allan.
Assistants — John Wisely, Daniel A. Levie, Alex. Lindsay, Alex. R. Meldrum,
Geo. R. Mackie, Arthur S. Wood, Sidney H. Brown.
Law Agent— John Otto Macqueen. S.S.C. Local Auditor — Wm. Milne, C.A.
Schools under the management of the School Board.
Grammar School.
(Founded previous to 1262.)
Patrons — The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council.
Rector— H. F. Morland Simpson, M.A., Cantab.
fThe Rector.
George Middleton, M.A.
isics -! William Brownie, M. A.
Charles Davidson, M.A.
I David Reid, M.A.
/'Charles M'Leod, M.A.
Peter Edward, M.A.,B.Sc.
J. Bentley Philip, M.A.
William Brownie, M.A.
James Davidson, M.A.
Alex. Spiers, M.A., B.Sc.
I. John Watt, M.A.
/William Murison, M.A.
r. ,. ,, I Charles Davidson, M.A.
^" sft 1 James Davidson, M.A.
1 David Reid, M.A.
I Maxwell H. Mackie, M.A
French - George N. Ritchie, M. A.
(P. G.Allan, M.A.
French and German J. M. Morrison, M.A.
German W. H. Kirwan Ward, B. A.
Mathematics and Science.

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