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Glasgow —
,, Strathbungo
,, Springburn..
,, Kinning Pk.
,, Dennistoun.
,, Govanhill. .
Gorebridge, sub I
tu Eskbank. .. i
Govan .
Greenock .
Haddington . . .
Hamilton ....
Helensburgh . .
Innerleithen . .
Inverness . .
Jedburgh . .
Lamlash . . .
Lass wade . .
Lauder ....
...R. L. Alexander
....James Wallace
James Jack
J. B. Goold
.W. S. Stewart
John Chisholm
Wm. Menzies, signs
pro agent
Win. Wilson
Ed. A. Wood, agt.
John M'Gregor.agt
J. Galloway, acct.,
signs pro agent
R. Todrick
Alex. Brook
J. C. Kay
P. Gourlay Brown
.W. W. Thomson
A. F. Steele
D. Mackintosh,
signs pro agent
W. A. Skead
Pat. S. Darling,
Jas. Hall, signs
p. agt.
R. A. Robertson
Wm. Austin
i JohnRodger,agt.
■j A.Campbell, pro
( agent
Elliot F. Mure
P. J. Wallace
W. J. Hecklle
W. P. Drever
Archd. Smith, agt.
J. B. Sweet
Geo. Malcolm, agt.
Geo. Rankin,
T. Edgley, p. agt.
C. G. Ross
J. L. Masterton,
acct., signs pro
v agt.
Leith Walk, Leith. George Cleland
Lockerbie J. Henderson
Lossiemouth Charles A. Hay
Milngavie Henry Scobie
Moffat Chas. Clark
Montrose Alex. Tennant
j Robert Jack
{ W. R. Barbour
..J. B. Cunningham
J D. C. Brown, sub-
( agent
Leith .
New Cumnock
Paislev -J G - S - Veltch ' Jonn
™ sley 1 Rae, signs p. agt.
Par tick W. K. Simpson, agt.
Peebles R. Thorburn
( D. J. Wilson, agent
Finlay MacEwen
( signs pro agent
Perth (West-End). A. Weatherstone
Pitlochrie Alex. Macbeth
Port-Glasgow John Anderson
Rothesay John Mackirdy
( Andrew Syme
St. Andrews ....-JR. B. Maxton
( agent
Saltcoats J. Campbell
Slamannan T. Mitchell
. Jas. W. Campbell,
Stirling I Mungo Cochrane,
C signs pro agent.
Stonehaven Thos. Martin
Strathaven Robt. M 'Cowan
Tain Duncan M'Pherson
Tllll „. f Jas. Brims and Al
inurso 1 Mackay
Uddingston. . . . . ..James Cormack
West Linton John Alexander
Wick James Shearer
The Bank of Scotland draws on the Bank of England and Branches;
Coutts & Co., and Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London ; Manchester and
Liverpool District Bank and Branches ; Carlisle City and District Bank ;
the Huddersfield Banking Company ; Samuel Smith & Co., Nottingham
and Derby ; Old Bank, Bradford ; the Bank of Ireland and Branches ;
the Provincial Bank of Ireland and Branches ; Royal Bank of Ireland
and Branches ; London and County Bank's Branches ; National Provincial
Bank of England ; Sheffield Union Banking Company ; Lancashire and
Yorkshire Bank, Limited ; Cumberland Union Bank ; Stamford, Spalding,
and Boston Banking Company ; Birmingham District and Counties Bank ;
Manchester and County Bank ; Halifax Joint Stock Bank ; Isle of Man
Banking Company ; the Commercial Bank of Scotland ; British Linen
Company ; Union Bank of Scotland ; also Royal Bank, Town and County
Bank, Clydesdale Bank, National Bank of Scotland, and North of Scotland
Bank ; Caledonian Banking Company ; National Bank of New Zealand ;
Bank of Australasia ; Bank of New Zealand, and Bank of British
North America ; Canadian Bank of Commerce ; Mercantile Bank of
India, Ltd. ; Standard Bank of British South Africa ; Bank of Africa,
Limited ; Barclay & Co. ; Royal Bank of Canada. The Bank issues
drafts on its own Branches and its Correspondents in the United Kingdom
and abroad ; issues Circular Notes and Foreign Credits for the use of
Travellers, available in all parts of the world ; negotiates Bills wherever
there is a Bank, and transacts every kind of Banking business.

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