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Aitken, George M.
Blacklaw, Alexander
Brander, Alex. James
Butchart, James Sylver
Craigen, John
Croll, George
Croll, John
Clark, Alexander
Clark, P. W. L.
Davidson, R. A. F.
Dean, John R.
Diack, Charles
Donald, D. M. C.
Duffus, Alexander
Edwards, Alfred Wm.
Edwards, David
Fildes, Horace
Foggo, William S.
Fowler, S. D.
Gillies, T. R.
Gordon, William
Gow, John B.
Gray, J. P. S.
Hadden, Jas. A.
Jeffrey, J. T.
Ledingham, Alexander
Macdonald, A. Neil
Macdonald, Hugh
Mackie, James Davidson
Macqueen, John Otto
Milne, George
Mitchell, D. McGregor
Mollison, H. G. L.
Munro, John
Murison, Wm.
Nicol, A. Tytler
Peterkin, Henry
Robertson, John
Scott, Francis J.
Scott, James M. I.
Sellar, W. M.
Simpson, K. M.
Sinclair, Donald
Smith, W. J. Woodman
Spark, Benjamin
Storie, A. J. W.
Urquhart, R. H.
Walker D. Morice
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, George
Society of Accountants in Aberdeen.
Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1867.
President— George G. Whyte.
Secretary and Treasurer — Walter A. Reid, F.F.A.
Auditor — Wm. M. Smith. Librarian — James Milne, jun.
Council — James Milne, jun., Harvey Hall, J. B. Rennet, J. M'Bain,
G. H. Spence, and Geo. Smith.
Examiners — George G. Whyte, Andrew Davidson, and James Milne, jr.
Richard C. Allan
James W. Barclay
Herbert H. Bower
John G. Bruce
William Bulloch
H. C. Cavanah
James Cheves
P. M. Cran
Andrew Davidson, M.A.
George Dickie
Stephen Forsyth, M.A.
Joshua H. Gladstone,
John K. Greig
Harvey Hall, M.A.
W. A. Henderson
James A. Jeffrey
Alexander Ledingham
William Lunan
Alexander Machray
George M'Bain
John M'Bain
James P. McGregor
James Milne, jun.
William Milne
Robt. Milrov
A. S. Mitchell
John Reid, M.A.
Walter A. Reid
James B. Rennet, M.A.
George Smith
G. H. Spence
William Tawse
James Rowan Thomson
George A. Thow
George G. W T hyte
Chas. Williamson, M.A.
Ernest Rennet
Wm. M.Smith
R. M. Smith
Henry A. Davidson
John A. Shepherd
Aberdeen Juridical Society.
President — A. R. Brown, M.A., B.L., solicitor. Vice-President — John D.
Munro, solicitor.
Joint Secretaries— 3 . Duncan MacDiarmid, advocate, 173 Union street.
Alfred Milne, 9.5 Union street.
Treasurer — G. A. Smith, solicitor, 211 Union street.
Auditor — J. B. Rennet, C.A.
F. S. Teunon, M.A., B.L. | Samuel MacDonald
A. J. D. McKilligan, solicitor C. S. Woodrow
H. J. Gray, M.A., B.L. solicitor | Samuel Pope, jr., solicitor
Librarian— -William Mutch, printer, 11a and 12a Correction wynd
The Society meets in the Advocates' Buildings, 10 Broad street, on Monday
Evenings, at 8 P.M. for the discussion of legal topics.

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