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Town Council (Police Department).
Clerk — The Town Clerk. Assistant — James Yates.
Clerks — Richard Paton, Frederick Douglas and George Milne.
Treasurer and Collector — The City Chamberlain.
Cashier— Robert Williams. Teller— John J. Macaldowie.
Clerks — Chas. Sherett, Francis Cooper, Wm. M. Hall, Charles Johnston,
D. F. H. Crombie, and William Gordon.
Surveyor— William Dyack, A.M.I.C.E. Assistant — John Gordon, A.M.I.C.E.
Surveyor's Clerk — James D. Ledingham.
Inspector of Lighting— Lewis Anderson. Fire Muster— William Inkster ■
Inspector of Cleansing— Alexander Findlay.
Superintendent of Gunpowder Magazine — William Gordon.
Chief Constable — Thomas Wyness.
Superintendent and Deputy C. Constable — William Anderson.
Superintendent of Police — John Morren.
Police Surgeon and Medical Officer of Health — Dr. Matthew Hay.
Inspector of Hackney Carriages — Inspector George Forbes.
Inspector of Explosives— Inspector Archibald Simpson.
Public Analyst — Thomas Jamieson, F.I.C., F.C.S.
Sanitary Inspector — Kenneth Cameron.
The Watching force consists of (besides the Chief Constable and two
Superintendents) 6 Inspectors, 6 Detectives, 11 Sergeants, 139 Constables, and
2 Female Turnkeys.
Police Office— Lodge Walk. Sub-offices— Harbour, Fonthill Road, Torry,
Old Aberdeen, Leadside Road, Causewayend, Woodside, Queen's Cross and
ASSESSMENTS, 1900-1901.
City Rate on Owners, 9|d. per £1. City Rate on Occupiers, 2s. lf-d. per
£1. Domestic Water Rate on Occupiers, 6d. per £1. Aberdeen District
Asylum Rate on Owners and Occupiers, each O'STSd. per £1. Water charges
on Warehouses, Manufactories, Stables, &c, per scale of charges.
Town Council (Gas and Electric Light Department).
Gas Treasurer— P. M. CRAN.
Gas Engineer — Alex. Smith. Assistant — James Tait.
Outdoor Assistant --Samuel Milne. Electrical Engineer — J. A. Bell.
Chief Clerk and Cashier — Alex. Brown. Teller — James Pigge.
Clerks— J. Tough, Hugh Munro, Duncan Black, Robert Mitchell, Frank
Baxter, John Forbes, and Robert Stewart. Messenger— Alex. Milne.
The County of the City of Aberdeen.
Lord- Lieutenant— -John Fleming, Richmondhill House, Lord Provost of
Aberdeen, the Earl of, Lord-Lieu-
tenant of the County of Aberdeen.
Baird, Sir Alexander, Bart., Lord-
Lieutenant of the County of Kin-
Bryce, the Right Hon. James, M.P.
Clark, Sir John Forbes, Bart., Vice-
Lieutenant of the County of Abdn.
Crombie, Theodore, of Grandholm.
Fyfe, John, Beechgrove.
Gill, Alex. Ogston, Fairfield.
Gordon, Alex. M., Chairman of the
County Council.
Henderson, Robert, Second Baillie
of the City of Aberdeen.
Henderson, Sir William, Knight, ex-
Lord Provost of the City of Abdn.
Huntly, the Marquis of.

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