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20 Alex. Stewart, salesman
22^ T. P. Nicol, bookseller
. . Wm. Carnie, grocer
. . G. Mackie (C. Cay <fe Son)
24 John A. Watt
. . Hugh Brewster, clerk
26 David Marr, book-keeper
Virg-inia Street.
From Weigh-house square to
13 Andrew Connon, cooper
15 C. Johnston, curer
17 George Monro, cab hirer
27-29 MoUison & Yule, com. merchts.
31 David Campbell, plasterer
. . G. Stephen, importer
37 John Duncan, chimney sweep
Castle lane.
49 Mrs Rae, sick nurse
h5 Wm. Leslie, assis. harbour master
61 John Ross, broker
09 Jas. Milne & Son, brewers
Commerce street.
Theatre lane.
Shore lane.
12 Watson and Philip, importers
28 Prospect court.
30-32 J. Tulloch <fcCo., merchants
. . Cruickshank & Sellar, iron mers.
42 Geo. C. Cameron, spirit dealer
James street.
A. Cooper, cooper
Mearns street.
52 Mrs Taylor, spirit dealer
52A Do. do.
Water lane.
56 John Moir & Son, Limited, pre-
served provision manufacturers
58 Peter Begg, shoemaker
Sugarhouse lane.
64 Peter Caie & Son, bakers
66 Mrs M. E. Taylor, .sick-nurse
68-70 Walker & Co., grocers
Commerce street.
Alex. Keith, gTain merchant
Wales Street.
From Park street to Railway.
2 Mrs Duthie, midwife
42 Aberdeen Hide, Skin, and Tallow
Mai'ket Co., Limited
46 Adam Thomson, flesher
48 Killing Market.
74 George Simpson (of S. Bros.)
76 Wm. Bowman, flesher
78 Thomas B. Garden, tobacconist
100 A, Milne & Sons, provision curers
9 William Allan, grocer
15 Knox's court.
17 J. Mackland, storekeeper
19 Alex. E^ving, shoemaker
Hanover street.
23 James Arthur, chimney sweep
47-49 A. Duncan, livery stables
Hanover place.
73 Alex. Manson, painter
81 James Smith, tobacconist
91 J. Robertson, cooper
93 James Grant, joiner
101 John Sefton, beadle
Walker Place.
From Menzies road to Walker road.
Walker Road, Torry.
From Victoria road to New Prison.
1 Charles Edie, engine driver
6 George Craigen, confectioner, Lily
8 Jas. M. Ross, clerk, Primrose Cot.
. . Alex. Ferrier (Cal. Ry.), Primrose
10 John Lewis, boat builder, Haw-
thorn Cottage
12 D. B. Walker, fishcurer, Toronto
S. R. Greengrass, manager
Andrew Duncan, fishcurer, Dee
James Stewart, carter, Dee View
Alex. Ferrier (N. B. Ry.)
D. Crighton, shipmaster
Alex. Black, carpenter
Walker's Court.
116 Gallowgate.
Walker's Court.
37 College street.
Water Lane.
From Quay to Virginia street.
4 David Imray, broker
Waterloo Quay.
From Regent quay to York place.
Church street
30 Northern Agricultural Co.
li'ine street
77 W. J. Taylor, shipmaster
. . J. Craig, carpenter
78 Mrs Peter Joss, spirit dealer
. . C. Edwards, manufacturer
79-80 Mi's Peter Joss, spirit dealer
87 Abdn. Steam Navig. Co.'s Office
Wellhiqton street

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