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Henderson, J. (fe "W., Market
Adam, Alex., & Co., 4 Hutcheon
Bain, George, 27 Hutclieon st.
Brodie, Peter, 108 Wellington rd.
Clark, James, 114 High sti'eet
Collie, Alex., 22 SMprow
Copland, John, 54 Hutcheon st.
Copland, Wm. C, & Co. (and
smoke curers), 9 Broadford
Contts, Wm., 16 Chattan place
Currie, G., 31 Gilcomston park
Davidson, Geo., Jan., 8 Thistle st.
Doverty, J. & W., 38 Portland
Farquhar, George, 26 Union row
Farquhar, George, jun., Don st.,
Forbes, James, 348 King street
Harper, Alex., 11 Jasmine ter.
Harper, Jas., 26 S. Constitution
Law, Alex., 5 Little Chapel st.
M'Gregor & Shand, 57 Charlotte
Maitland, Chas., 171 Union gr.
Martin, Adam, 50 Leadside road
Merson, Alex. E. , 16 Dee street
Milne, J. & A., Millbank Cottage,
603 George street
Milne, Wm. W., 80 Crown st.
Morren, James, 46 Pvosemount pi.
Morrison, Forbes, South Bridge,
Holburn street
Murray, Alex., 190 King street
Sheret, Wm., 12 Jasmine terrace
Steel, George, 43 Richmond st.
Steele, John, 20^ North Silver st.
Stuart, Robt., Fraserroad
Wilson, James, 33 Diamond st.
and 79 Spring garden
Soap and Candle Manu-
Ogston, Alex. & Sons, 92 Loch
Williamson & Simpson, 76 Albion
Soap Powder Manufacturers.
Balmoral Soap Powder Manufac-
tory, Canal place ; J. Fraser
& Co.
Those marked * are Notaries
Aitken, G. Mair, 11 Union bdgs.
Anderson, F. J. R., 255 Union st.
Arthur, J. Hay, 81 Union street
Barr, John, 177 Union street
Bennett, J. C, 214 Union street
*Booth, Williamson, 173 Union
Blacklaw, Alex., 12 King street
Brander, A. J., 5 Market street.
Bruce, A. S. R. (Davidson & Gar-
den), 245 Union st.
Coats, Thos. Archibald, S.S.C,
21 Bridge street
Chalmers, John H. (of Watt &
Cumine), 183a Union street
Clark, Alex. C, 13 Bridge st.
Clark, J. Low, 63 Union street
Craigen, John, 7 Union terrace
Croll, G. & J. , 74 Union street
Davidson, James W., Town House
Davidson, R. A. F., 74 Union st.
Dean, John R., S.S.C, 20 King
Diack, Chas. (Davidson & Gar-
den), 245 Union street
Donald, D. M. C, 2 Union ter.
Duff, Charles, 75 Union street
Edwards, David, '\% Bridge st.
Edwards, Alfred Wm. , 70 Garden
Esson, G. S., M.A., 35a Union st.
Evven, John, 1 King street
Fildes, Horace, 44 King street
Foggo, W. S., 75 Union street
Fowler, Arch. A., 34 Lily bank pi.
Fowler, Samuel D., 20 Belmont st.
*Gordon, Wra., 80 Union street
Gow, J. B., 46 King street
Hadden, James A., 11 St,
Nicholas street
*Hood,G.Mair,4 Correction wynd
Jackson, Robt. C, 22 Bridge st,

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