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Beverly, A., 141 Barron street
Birss, Bobt., wholesale diuggist, 27 Queen street, Aberdeen,
h Upper Middlefield
Bonnyman, John, millwright (J. & J, Crombie), 5 Grand-
holm Houses
Brown, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 45 Barron street
Brown, James, gamekeeper, .38 School lane
Brown, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Hadden street
Burnett, Andrew, mason, 225 Barron street
CAIRD, George, clerk (A. Brown), Alexandra Cottage
Cameron, Alex., carter and grocer, 107 Barron street
Cardno, John, mechanic, Honey bank Cottage
Catto, George, merchant, 193 Barron street
Catto, John, farmer. Lower Cotton
Catto, John, carter, Mary Ann Cottage
Chalmers, James M., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 23
Hadden street
Chapman, Charles, merchant, Hayton
Cobban, John, cowfeeder, 3 Old Eoad
Cochran, Alex., plumber and ironmonger, 33, h 3 Hadden
Cooper, George (late letter carrier), 106 Hadden street
Cordiner, John, manager (Wincey Work), 10 King street
Cowie, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 124 Hadden street
Crombie, Jas. & John, woollen manufacturers, Grandholm
Crombie, James (of J. & J. Crombie), Goval, Fintray, and
16 Bon- Accord square, Aberdeen
Crombie, John (of J. & J. Crombie), Balgownie Lodge
Crombie, John, jun. (of J. & J. Crombie), Cotton Lodge
Crombie, Theodore (of J. & J. Crombie), Goval, Fintray, and
16 Bon-Accord square, Aberdeen
Cruickshank, Mrs James, 112 Hadden street
Cruickshank, Bobert, feuar, 19 Hadden street
Cumming, James, farmer, Smithfield
Gumming, Geo., carter, h 7 Ann street ; stabling. Brown st.
DAVIDSON, James, flesher, 136 Hadden street
Davie, Mrs, merchant, 118 Hadden street
Dey, James, tenter, Grandholm
Dingwall, John, shoemaker, 18 Barron street
Donald, Alex., farmer, Hilton Bank
Donald, Andrew, innkeeper, Tanfield Inn
Duguid, George, carter, 5 Bridge street
Duguid, Mrs Alexander, merchant, 38 Hadden street
Duncan, George, gardener, 34 Wellington street

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