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Smith, William, architect, and superintendent of town's
works ; office, 148, b 146 King street
Smith, Wm., accountant, 30 North Albert street
Smith, William, corn factor, 38 King street, h Kosebank,
Smith, Wm., advocate, 83 Union street, h 33 Victoria street
Smith, William, bill poster and deliverer, Jopp's court, 40
Broad street
Smith, Wm., printer (of Davidson & Smith)
Smith, Wm., draper, 36 Broad street, h 73 Skene square
Smith, Wm., wholesale merchant, 14 Young street, h 3
Windsor place
Smith, Wm., wholesale and retail tobacconist and cigar im-
porter, 7 Union buildings, 18lB Uiuon street, and
Crown court. Union street, li 26 Victoria street west
Smith, Wm., hairdresser, 7 Bridge street, h 5 Black's bdgs.
Smith, Wm., carpenter, 27 Wellington street
Smith, Wm., foreman joiner (W. Hood & Co.), 53 Shiprow
Smith, Wm., blacksmith, 8, 7i 6 Minister lane
Smith, William, gardener, Westmore, Stocket
Smith, William, porter, 14 Bon- Accord lane
Smith, William, flesher, 37 Skene street
Smith, William, grocer, 70 East North street, h above shop
Smith, Wm. & Son, nurserymen and seedsmen, 35 Market
street ; nurseries at Kintore
Smith, Mrs Dr. R., 58 Dee street
Smith, Mrs Dr., 69 Crown street
Smith, Mrs A., 88 Bon- Accord street
Smith, Mrs C, 21? Union terrace
Smith, Mrs Francis, Burnside House, Nellfield place
Smith, Mrs Gr., confectioner, 133 King street
Smith, Mrs John, 48 Commerce street
Smith, Mrs John, 6 Albert terrace
Smith, Mrs John, 26 Skene square
Smith, Mrs John, 8 Mount street
Smith, Mrs John, 34 Castle street
Smith, Mrs J., lodgings, 36 Union street
Smith, Mrs P., 20 Wellington place
Smith, Mrs, 10 St. Mary's place
Smith, Mrs, 29 Albert terrace
Smith, Mrs, 3 Dee place
Smith, Mrs, 26 Skene square
Smith, Mrs, 177 Crown street
Smith, Mrs, tea and fruit dealer, 82 King street
Smith, Mrs, nddwife and sick nurse, 7 Margaret street
Smith, Mrs, sick nurse, 14 Kidd lane

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