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Smith, James, clerk (Pratt & Keith), 15 Osborne place
Smith, James, gardener, 8 Bank street
Smith, James, publisher f Aberdeen Weekly News J, 24 St.
Nicholas lane
Smith, James, gardener. Queen's road
Smith, James, flesher, 32 and 33 Market hall, h 49 St.
Andrew street
Smith, James (of A. & J. S., stonecutters), 4 Upper denburn
Smith, John, advocate, 265 Union street
Smith, John & Co., iron and nail merchants, 5 Shoe lane,
and 30 Longacre
Smith, John (of A. & J. Smith), 30 North Albert street
Smith, John, manufacturing chemist, 10 Little John street, 7i
6 Alford place
Smith, John Rae. bookseller, 57 Union street, and 5 Adelphi,
h 18 Adelphi
Smith, John, architect, 193 Union street
Smith, John, merchant tailor, 13 Union buildings, h. 7 Thistle
Smith, John, sergeant-instructor, Drill Hall, Woolmanhill,
li 7 Forbes street
Smith, John, foreman smith (H., E., & Co.), 13 Prince Be-
gent street
Smith, John, late shipbuilder, 6 Eegent quay-
Smith, John, late farmer, South Seafield
Smith, John, boot and shoe maker, Ivy Cottage, Queen's
Smith, John, engine driver. Sycamore place
Smith, John, cork manufacturer, 12 Castle terrace, h St.
Clair street
Smith, John, Northern Eegister, general enquiry and house
agency, office, 4 Belmont street
Smith, Joseph, Newbridge, Hardgate
Smith, Lewis, wholesale bookseller and stationer, 3 M'Com-
bie's court, oO| Union street, h 55 Netherkirkgate,
and Marybank, Maryculter
Smith, Neil, jun., & Co., merchants, 46 Marischal street
Smith, Patrick Blaikie, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon,
193 Union street
Smith, Eichard, boot-top manufacturer, 3 Donald's court,
20 SchoolhiU
Smith, Robert, of Glenmillan, advocate, 152 Union street
Smith, Eobert S. , surveyor of taxes, 27 King st., h Eotunda
place south, Ferryhill
Smith, Eobert W. (of Smith & M'Intosh), 22 Kingsland pi.
Smith, Eev. W. E., professor of Hebrew, Free Church Col-
lege, h 83 Crown street

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