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Petrie, David, raealseller, 51 Green
Petrie, James E,. & Sons, jobbing gardeners, 153 Hardgate
Petrie, James, sen., stonecutter, 2 Bon- Accord terrace
Petrie, James & Co., polished granite manufacturers, the
Olayhills Granite Works
Petrie, James, jun. (of J. Petrie & Co.), 162 Crown street
Petrie, Robert A., house carpenter, 181 Crown street
Petty, David, late shipmaster, 1 Mackie place
Philip & Cooper, wholesale clothiers, '32 Union street
Philip, Alex., dyer and cleaner, 3 North Broadford
Philip, Archibald, overseer (G. Leslie & Co.), 2 tSt. Clement
Philip, Eev. G. F. I. (St. Clement's Parish), 8 Canal ter.
Philip, George, joiner, 256 George street
Philip, James, shore porter, National Bank court, 42 Castle
Philip, James M., shipmaster, 28 Wellington place
Philip, John, ship carpenter, 179 Crown street
Philip, John (of J. Machattie & Co.), 5 Hawthorn place
Philip, Richard, tailor and clothier, 31 Adelphi
Philip, Pobert C, commercial traveller, 50 Lnanhead ter.
Philip, Wm., jun. (of Philip & Cooper), 2 Strawberry bank
Philip, Wm., shipmaster, Ashley place
Philip, Mrs James, 161 Skene street west
Philip, Mrs Dr., 56 Loanhead terrace
Philip, Mrs, lodgings, 21 Summer street
Philip, Miss C. L., 5 Canal street
Philips, James A., teacher (St. Paul Street Public School)
75 Posemount place
Phillips, George, commercial traveller, (Anderson & Thom-
son), 5 Huntly street
Phillips, iiobert, ship master, 60 Garden place
Pickthorn, Mrs Captain, 279 George street
Piggie, Thomas, overseer (Broadford Works), 11 Eichmond
Pirie & Chisholm, fishmongers, Basement floor, Market
Pirie, Alexander & Sons, paper manufacturers and wholesale
stationers; works, Stoneywood, Woodside; and Union
Works, Poynernook, Aberdeen
Pirie, Alex, (of A. Pirie & Sons), Seaton House
Pirie, A. Charles (of A. Pirie & Sons), Bucksburn House
Pirie, Alex. (J. Blaikie & Sons, 211 Union street), 62 North
Pirie, A., joiner and feuar, 2 Powis place
Pirie, Charles, 9 Langstane place
Pirie, Francis Logic (of A. Pirie & Sons), Waterton House
Pirie, George, late shore porter, 55 Longacre

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