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Morison, James, plasterer and architectural modeller, 86
Spring Garden ; office and wareroom, 11 Stirling st.,
h 1 Stephen place
Morison, James (of Morison & Leslie), HoUybank, Holburn
Morison, James, gardener, 36 Kintore place
Morison, John, late banker, 21 Constitution street
Morison, John G., auctioneer, appraiser, and safes agent,
Rooms 235a Union street, h o Huntly street
Morison, Peter, manager (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 157 Crown
Morison, Peter, jun., traveller (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 157
Crown street
Morison, Wm. M,, shipmaster, 39 Bon- Accord street
Morison, Mrs, 1 St. Mary's place
Morren, Miss, 29 Dee street
Morrice, Alex., agent. Western Branch, Aberdeen Town and
County Bank, h 262 Union street
Morrice, Alex., merchant, 3 Mealuiarket street
Morrice, Geo., bookseller and stationer, 21 Upperkirkgate
Morrice, Mrs Alex., 262 Union street
Morris, John, eating-house keeper, 97 Gallowgate
Morris, Thomas, foreman, sausage department (J. Moir &
Son), 37 Marischal street
Morris, Wm., V.S., 25 Langstane place; shoeing forges, 7
Langstane place, and 8 Schoolhill,
Morrison & Anderson, bakers, 6 Shiprow
Morrison & Skakle, jewellers, silversmiths, and opticians,
68 Netherkirkgate
Morrison, Alex., clothier and outfitter, 25 Market street h 1
Leslie place, North Broadford
Morrison, A. S. (G. Jamieson & Son), 1 Bichmond terrace
Morrison, Charles, accountant (W. and K. Jopp), 10 Cale-
donian place
Morrison, David, flesher, 11 Upperkirkgate, h 8 Powis place
Morrison, Forbes, train superintendent, (G. N. of S. E.), 61
Dee street
Morrison, James, family grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer,
17 Skene street, h 24 John street
Morrison, Jas. (of Morrison & Skakle), 7 North Broadford
Morrison, James (of Morrison & Anderson), Polmuir road,
Morrison, James, fish curer, 24 Prospect terrace
Morrison, John, carter and contractor, 152 West North st.,
Morrison, John, cashier's assistant (G. N. of S. E.) 2 Eich-
mond terrace
Morrison, Malcolmson, nurseryman, Forbesfield, Cuparstone-

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