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Steel — tradss tuxmcrony. — steel
Dunlop, Jas & Co. Lttl. manufac-
turers of Siemens Mirtin mild
iteel plates for boilers, ships,
bridges, and tanks, 7 Eoyal
Bank place
Dunlop, Thos. & Co. 25 Wellington
Eidon, Moses & Sons, Ltd., Pre-
sident Steel Works, Sheffield;
sole representatives, James
Watson & Duncan 74 York st
Eekhout & Co. 82 Gordon st
Elder & Co. 129 Old Kelvinhaugh
Slsworth, John, & Sons, Ltd.
39 Robert.'-on ht., and at Aus-
tralian Works, Sheffield
Etna Iron and Steel Co. Mother-
Ewing, J. L. & Co. 156 St. Vin-
cent street
Peise, J., St Co. (of London and
Berlin); agent, David Russell,
Cockburu buildings, 141 Bath st
Feldtmann, R & Co. ,55 W. Regent
Fergus, Jame^, & Co. 58 York
Firth, Thos., & Sons, Ltd., Shef-
field; Glasgow office, 144 St.
Vincen' st
Flather, W. T. Ltd. Standard Steel
Works, Sheffield; agent, Edwin
S. Yates, 17 Oswald street
Fleming & Co. 31 Robertson st
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
Flockton, Tompkin & Co., Ltd.,
Newhall Steel Works, Stieffield ;
Gla g w office, 50 Wellington
St.; Archd. M'Lay, representa
Fox, Samuel, & Co, Ltd.,
Sheffield. Production, Bes-emer
Siemens and crucible steel
rails, tyres, axles, spiral and
volute springs, tiles ; agents, A.
& J. M'Culloch, 140 W. George
at' eet
Gartcosh Steel and Iron Works
(Smith & MLean, Ltd.), Gart-
Glasgow (The) Iron and Steel Co.
Ltd. Wish aw
Glengarnock (The) Iron and Steel
Co. Ltd. 127 St. Vincent st
Goodall, Andrew, 28-32 Oswald st
Goudie & Whittet, 62 Howard st
Greig. David, & Co. 41 Douglas st
Greensmith, Geo H , & Co.,
Hereford Steel Works, Sheffield;
agents, Paton & Dick, 154
Howard street
Hadheld's Steel Foundry Co., Ltd.,
Sheffirtla; representative, Robert
Borland, Box 5, Rojal Ex-
Hamilton, W. 95 Bath street
Hannay, Thos. 217 Buchanan st
Henderson, Chas. & Co. 73
Roberlsoa street
Henderson, Wra. B. 46 Portugal
Hillid, Marra & Co., London;
agents, Sibbi<ld, Deans & Co.,
167 St. Vincent st
HoUis, Henry E. 87 Union st,
director of Seebohm & Dieck-
stahl, Ltd. Sheffield ; telephone
Nos., Niit. 4972; P.O. 2972
Hitntsman, B. Sheffield; A. R
Crawford, agent, 150 Port
Dundas roal
Hutchison, George H., 24 George
Jacks, Wm. & Co. 41 St. Vin
cent place
Jackson, John & Co., Balmoral
Iron Yard, S luth st. Scotstoun
Jenkins, James, & Son, 121 St.
Vincent street
Jessop, Wm., & Sons, Ltd.,
Sheffield, manufacturers of
Jessop's crucihle ca^t steel of all
grades, and for all purposes ;
nickel and vanadium steels, mill-
ing cutter blanks, specidl steels
for motor cars, sheet steel, hot
and cold rolUd, high-speed
steel, self-hardening steel, mint
die steel, mining steel, for rock
drills, lagging sheets, Jessop's
special finish, s eel castings to
any weight or size, spur and
bevel wheels and pinions, steam
and stern fiames, propeller
brackets, bosses and blades,
rudder frames, solid rudders,
quadrants for steering gear,
Jes'op's patterns, steel forgiogs,
rouih turned or finished, crank
and line shafting, hollow or
solid steel ingots, blooms and
bill-its, files, saws, haniTters;
sole representative for Scotland,
M. Chapuan, 42 K^rsland st. ,
Hillliead. — See Advt. in Appen.
Johnstone, Jas. 212a St. Vincent st
Keith & Muir, 67 Hope s'
Kidston, A G., & Co. 81 Gt. Clyde
street and 155 Fenchurch street
London, E.C. — See Adv. in App
Kirkstall (The) Forge Co., Leeds,
iron and steel, round, hexagon,
square, or flat, &c., bars (also
bright compressed do.); agents.
Burns, Morrison & Co. 134 St.
Vincent st
Lanarkshire Steel Co. Ltd.,
Flemington, Motherwell, manu-
facturers of Siemens' mild steel
acid process only, bars, angles,
bulbs, bulb tees, channels, zed
bars, rounds, joists, ingots,
blooms, &c., of the highest
quality and up to heaviest
sections and weights, to pass
Lloyds, Board of Trade, British
Corporation, Bureau Veritas
Admiralty. War Office, Indian
State hallways, and orher lests;
capacity over 15,000 tons per
month ; contractors to the Ad-
miralty ; telegraphic address,
" Siemens," Motherwell ; tele-
phone No. 7 Motherwell; direct
private wire, 526 Royal; branch
offices — Glasgow, 140 West
George st; London, 28 Victoria
st , Westminster; Manchester,
48 King St.; registered office,
Fl-'mington, Motherwell, D.
M.'Naughton, secy
L%w & James, 140 W. George st
Lanarkshire (The) Steel Co. Ltd.
140 West George St.; works,
Leadbeater & Scott, St. Mary's
Steel Works, Penistone rd ,
Sheffield; representative, Robert
Walker, 2 Oswald st
Letham, John, Whifflet, Coatbridge
Lindsay Burnet & Co., Moore Park
Boiler Works, Helen st., Govan
(flanged steel plates and welded
SI eel flues)
Lindsay & Co, 352 and 354
Cathedral st
M Cormick & Campbell, 132 Stob-
cross st
M'Ewan, Wm. A. 156 James st.
Bridgeton cross
M'Geoch, Wm. & Co. Ltd. 28
West Campbell st
Macguire & Jago, 13 Union st
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co 109 Maiu
street, Bridgeton
Maclean, A. & Co. Caledonian
chambers, 87 Union st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129 Tron-
Macleod, Wm. & Co., 62 Robert-
son street
M'Millan, Jas., & Co., Baltic
Chimbers, 50 Wellington st
Melliss, M. S. 11 Both well street
Merton, Henry B. & Co. Ltd.,
7 Royal Bank place
Millen, Jas. A., & Sommerville,
Tradeston Iron Works, Glasgow
Miller & Baird, 144 St. Vincent st
Miller, J. W., & Co., 11 West
Regent st
Miller, David S., & Co., 141 Ba'h
Milne, Jas. M. & Co. 18 York st
Milnwood Steel & Iron Works
(Smith & M'Lean, Ltd.), Moss-
Mitchell, David C. & Co., 118
Queen st
Morton, Jas. & Sons, 8 Prince's sq.
Buchanan st
Moss Bay (The) Hematite Iron and
Steel Co., Ltd, Workington ;
agents, James Jenkins & Son
124 St. Vincent street

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