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Hurst, Nelson & Co., Ltd.;
registered office and works, The
Glasgow Rolling Stock & Plant
Works, Motherwell ; Glasgow
office, 40 West Nile st.; Man-
chester office, Northern Assur-
a' ce bdgs , Albert sq. ; London
office, 14 Leadenhall st., E.C ;
also at Chatsworth Wagon Works,
Dear Chesterfield
Jessop, Wm., & Sons, Ltd.,
Sheffield ; sole repres. for
Scotland, M. Chapman, 42
Keri-land St., Hillhead — See
AdvU in Appendix
Lloyd, F. H., & Co., Ltd. (Sie-
men's process), James Bridge
Steel Works, near Wedi.esbury,
sole agents, Blackley, Young &
Co., 70 Wellington street
Newall, A. P., & Co., sole agents
for Kynoch, Ltd., Birmiijgham,
and The Roe Steel Casting Co.,
Ltd., West Dr^yion
Nielson & Maxwell, 142 St. Vin-
cent street
Osborn, Samuel, & Co., Ltd.,
Sheffield ; repres., W. N. Gill,
47 Kersland st
Philip & Chisholm, Baltic
Cha'iibers, 50 Wellington st
Potter, Robert, & Sons, Govan
Foundry, 60 Helen st. Govan
Eennie's Steel Cistiog Co., Mackin-
fauld roa'^, Ti llcross
Eogerson, John, & Co , Ltd.,
Stanners Closes Steel Works ;
representative, D. Ferguson, 27
Oswald street
Shaw, W., & Co., Wellington
Cast Steel Foundry, Middlesbro -
on-Tees; ageut for Scotland,
H. M. Harper, 93 Hope street
Steel (The) Coy. of Scotland,
23 Royal Exchange sq.
Tennen't, R. B., Ltd., Whifflet
Foundry, Coatbridge
Teutonic (The) Steel Works, Ltd. ,
Sheffield ; sole agents, J. L.
Carty & Co. 219 St. Vincent st
The Springfield Steel Co., Ltd.,
777 London road
Thistle (The) Chemical Co. makers
of high-class steel moulders'
composition, importers and re-
finers of plumbago, Easterhouse;
telegrams, " Compound ;" tele-
phone National
Bennie, David, & Sons, Ltd.,
Petershill road
Angular Hole Drilling and Manu-
facturing Co., Ltd., BeestoD,
Notts ; agent, J. A. Murdoch,
23 Robertson street
The Executors of James Mills,
Bredbnry, Stockport; agent,
Wm. Muir, 16 Regent Park
terrace, S.
Achilles Steel Co. 11 West Regent
Acme Steel & Foundry Coy.
Gartocher road, Sbettleston
Aiiken & Co., 147 Bath st
Allen, Edgar, & Co., Ltd., Im-
perial Steel Works, Sheffield ;
representative. Arch. Macphail,
Box 18, Royal Exchange
Allison, John, & Co., 106 Bothwell
Baird, Arch. & Son, Ltd., Peacock
cross, Hamilton
Barclay & Mathieson (iron
ar d steel warehouses), 159 to
163 Centre ttreet, s.s.
Barclay, James, 142 St. Vincent
Beardmore, Wm. & Co., Ltd., Park-
head Forge
Beardshaw, J., & Son, Baltic Sieel
Wo'ks, Sheffield; agents, Murray
& Findlay, 11 Clyde place
Bennie, D. , & Sons, Ltd., Ptters-
hill road
Bladen & Co. Ltd. Parkhead Girder
Works, Parkhead; town office,
55 Bath stieet
Brown, Adam G., & Co. ; office,
342 Argyle st. ; warehouse, 4'^
Jamts Watt tt
Brown, John, & Co., Ltd., Shef-
field ; Glasgow office, 144 St.
Vincent st
Browning, Robt., 27 Oswald st
Butterley (The) Co. Ltd. Butter-
ley and Codnor Park Iron and
Steel Works, Derby ; agents,
David S. Miller & Co , 141 Bath
Caledonian Steel Castings Co.
Helen st. Govan
Camraell, Laird & Co. Ltd., sole
agents, Geo. J. Robson & Co.,
130 West Nile st
Campbell, T. B. & Son, Ltd. 29
Wellington st
Camtyne Iron Co., Parkhead; tube
strips, boiler and ship plates,
sheets, &c.
Carr, Richard W., & Co., Pluto
Works, Sheffield; office, 149 St.
Vincent st
Chrjstai, J. P., & Co., 99 Water-
loo street
Churchill, Chas. & Co. Ltd. 9-11
Wellington st
Cie Commeroiale Des C(.lonies,
Antwerp, Belgium; Jaiies Dick,
agent, 93 Hope st
Clifton & Co , Ltd. , Meadow
Works, Sheffield; agent, J. A.
Murdoch, 23 Robertson st
Clyde- Bridge (The) Steel Co. Ltd.
Clydesdale Steel & Foundry Co.
81 Garngad road
Cocker Bros. (Lmtd ), Sheffield ;
agent, Peter Smith, 112 Bath
Colville, David, & Sons, Ltd.
Dalzell Steel and Iron Works,
Motherwell, manufacturers of
Siemens' mild steel plates and
special high tensile steel plates,
as approved by British Admir-
alty, Board of Trade, Lloyds,
&c.; for boilers, ships, bridges,
&c. ; also bars, angles, bulb
angles, tees, bulb tees, channels,
stay bars, &c. ; steel rolls, heavy
castings, ingots, blooms, or slabs;
Dalzell 3-crown Swedish special
steel, also Dalzell 4- crown nickel
steel; Glasgow office, 8 Gordon
street; London officj, 64 Old
Broad st. E.C; head offices,
Consett Iron Co. Ltd. 75 Buchanan
Cook,Wm. & Sons, Ltd. (Glasgow),
24 Elliot st and 93 Houldsworih
St. Crans'onhill, and Washford
rd. Sheffield
Cook, Wm , & Co.. Ltd., Tinsley
Iron and Steel Works, Tinsley,
Sheffield; sole representatives,
James Watson & Duncan, 74
York st
Crawford, A. R. (representative for
B. Hubtsman, Sheffield), 150
Port Dundas road
Crosbleys & Co. 41 Ann street
Crucible Si eel Com, -lanyof America,
39 Cadogan st
Dalziel, Wm., & Co. 53 Waterloo
Davidson & Co. 53 Waterloo
Dempster, Moore, & Co. Ltd- 49
Robertson st.
Denovan, Wm., Clyde Saw Works,
Dalmarnock rd. ; office, 611
Argyle st
Dick, James, 93 Hope street
Dobie, W. A. 11 Bothwell street
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. sole agents
for "Saville's" steel and files,
also "Special Triumph" high
speed steel and twist drills, 68
Gordon st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd.
35 M' Alpine st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Duff, Wm. A. M., & Co., 74 York

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