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Goudie, James T., & Co., 49
Queen 8t
Hollywood, Wm. & Co. 36 and 36a
King street, Tradeston
India Rubber (The), Gutta-
percha, and Telegraph
Works Co., ltd. (The Sil-
vertown Co.), 2 Rojal Ex-
change sq.
" Karmal " packing for engines,
pumps, steam hammers, &c.;
agents,The Engiaeering Agency,
11 Both well st
Lead (The) Wool Co., Snodland
"Silver Thread; " agsf ts, J. L.
Carty & Co., 219 St. Vincent st
Lindsay, R. B. & Co. 31 Mair st.
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 109 Main
St. Bridgeton
MncLellan, George, & Co. Glasgow
Rubber Works, Maryhill ; ware-
house, Baltic chambers, 50 Wel-
lington st
M'Lellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129
Metallic (The) Manufacturing Co.,
Ltd., corrugated metallic packing
for joints and fibrous metallic
packing; works, Ardrossan
Milne, James M. & Co. 18 York
Murchie, James, 39 Mains st
Murray, M'Viunie & Co. (patent
metallic pacfeing for high-pres-
sure steam), Mavisbank quay,8.s.
— See Adt>i.
Nimmo & Co. 13 Piit st
Northern (The) Rubber Co. Ret-
ford; Goudie & Whittet,
at;ents, 60 Howard st
Paterson, Geo. B. 4 York st
Phoenix (The) Asbestos Manufac-
turing Co., Ltd., 7V Queen st
Potter, Thomas, 41 Cumberland
street, east
Reid, J. Miller & Sons, 110 Lance-
field street
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen st
Robertson, R. & Sons, 15 and 17
Clyde place ; works, Com-
merce street ; sole makers of
Robertson's self - lubricating
steam and hyd'aulic packings
(all kinds of asbestos and India
gotds for mechanical purposes);
telegraphic address, "Punctual,"
Glasgow ; telephone Nos., Nat.
1671 S.S.; P.O. 1671
Robertson, W. Crum & Co., 318
Paisley road (all kinds of
aibestos and indiarubber goods
for mechanical purposes) ; tel.
Nos., P.O. X 85 ; National
228 X I Sou h
Scottish (The) Asbestos Co.,
Ltd., 2.0 Cado an st
Stewart, A. M'P.&Co. 48 Oswald
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd. 28, 32 Oswald st
Taylor, Andrew, 47 Oswald st
Tinto, J. & W., 65 and 97 Holm st
Tudhope Bros. 87 Maxwell st
United (The) Asbestos Co., Ltd.,
212 Broomielaw
United (The) Kingdom Metallic
Packing Syndicate, Ltd., pack-
ings for piston and valve rods
of steam engines, air compressors
and refrigeratine: plant ; sole
agent for Scotlard, A. E. Shute,
114 Union st
Wade, J. L., & Co, Ltd., Nine
Elms lane, London, S.W.; agent,
A. M. Maodougall, 1 1 Bothwell
Walker, James, & Co., "Lion"
parent metalic packings, 17
Oswald st
Walton, John D., & Co., steam,
hydraulic, frictionless metallic,
every detc iption, 41 Bishop st.,
Anderston Cross
Wotherspoon, Jas. & Sons, 221
Wallace st
Biggar & Hendry, 159 Howard
Binney & Son, 101 Bothwell st
Buchanan Brothers, makers of
steam engine indicators, steam,
hydraulic, and water level
gauges, 16 Carrick st.; tele-
phone, P.O. 1695, Nat. 222x6
Dalziel & Co., 53 Waterloo st
Dempster, Moore & Co. Ltd., 49
Robertson st
Dewrance & Co. (London), 79
Weit Retjent st.; tel>^phones,
P.O. and Nat.
Dobbie, M'Innes, Ltd., manuf rs.
of steam engine mdicator.<,
pressure gauges, revolution
counters, and engine and boiler
fittings, 45 Bothwell st
Dooald. James T., & Co., Ltd.,
35 M' Alpine street
Fairbanks (The) Co., 54 and 56
Bothwell st
France & Morgan, Whitefield
Brass Works, Carmichael street,
Glover, John, & Sons, 12, 14, and
16 Muslin St., Bridgeton
Goudie & Whittet, 62 Howard st
Hafter, A. (valves, lubricators,
boiler and engine fittings), 462
Debbie's loan
Hannan & Buchanan (steam
gauges and indicators), 76
Robertson st
Henry, Lewis, malleable iron, cast,
gas, steam and water, 1 Mcn-
teilh row
Landale, Alfred, & Co., valves,
trap^, seperators, and pipework,
100 Port-Dundas rd
Lindsay Burnet & Co., Moore Park
Boiler Works, Helen st. Govan
MacLellan, P.& W., Ltd. 129 Tron-
M'Naught, John (wrought iron
tubes and fittings), 81 Hospital
s;reet, s.s
Vlurchie, James, 39 Mains street
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. Mavis-
bank quay, s.a.
Paterson, George B. 4 York st
Pegler Bros. & Co., makers of all
classes of gan -metal and cast-iron
steam mountings for engines and
boilers, 54-56 Brown street,
Anderston ; works, Doncaster
Pulsometer Engineering Co. Ltd.
8 York street
Reid, J. Miller & Sons. 110 Lance-
field st
Robson, G. J. & Co. 130 West Nile
Schaffer & Budenberg, Ltd., steam
gauge makers, valves, lubricators,
and all engine fittings, 5 Welling-
ton street
Scott, John (brassfounders),
Charles st, St. Ro'lox
Smith Bros. & Co. (Hyson) Ltd.,
Nottingham ; agent, Wm. L.
M'Clanachan, 74 York st
Smith & Christie, 115-127 James'
St. Bridgeton
Steven & Struthers, Eastvale pi.
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd., 28-32 Oswald street
Tudhope Brothers, 87 Maxwell st
Turnbull, Alex. & Co. Ltd., St.
Mungo Works, Bishopbriggs
Woodrow, Alexander, 26 East
Miller st. , Dennistoun
Kerr, Wm & Co. (heaviest
machinery and boders removed
and erected), Greenbank street,
Govan road; tel. No. 1740
South Side
M'Farlane & Sons, Ltd., 153
and 156 Elliot st; telephone ^^os.
Nat. 1277 Argyle, P.O. 2085
Road Steam Engine Co. Ltd.
(heavy steam haulage), 6 and 6
Finnieston quay; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 115 Argyle, P.O. 4429
Allan, John, 79 Sword st
Boardman Bros. ( Mancheoter), 99
Waterloo street
Cairns, A. & Co., 98 Commerce st

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