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Reid James, & Son, 43-45 Mitchell
Reid, John, 725 Pollokshaws rd
Reid, J. & E., 58 Osborne st
Reid, Win 461 Rutherglen rd
Reid, Watson & Miller, 25 Hutche-
son St
Ritchie, Wm. & Soni, Ltd. 68
Gordon st. Grosvenor Buildings
(wholesale), and fancy goods im-
porters, publishers of picture
post cards and Christmas cards
(of Elder st. Edinburgh); tele.
02406 P.O.; Nat. 206 Argyle;
tele. address, "' Stationery,"
Robertson, David, & Co. Ld. 23
Gordon st
Robertson. George, 696 Dum-
bar oa rd., Partick
Robertson, John, 227 Saracen st
Robertson, M. 12 Gibson street,
Robertson, Robt. 304 Duke st
Robertson, W., 105 Castle street
aRobertson, Miss 0. 213 Albert rd
Ross, D. & Co. wholesale fancy,
63 N. Frederick st
Sanndersin, He ry, 113 Renfrew
Scott, James, 70 Soho street
Scott, John G. 227 Ingram st
Scott, J. W. 1069 Dumbarton rd,
Scott & Co., 593 and 595 Duke st
Scott, Mrs. J. 288 So. York st
Seaton, J. & Co. 43 Mitchell st
Seller, R. F. 39 Candleriggs
Semple, J. 551 Springburn rd
Sample, T. 151 Gt. Western rd
Shanks, Miss, 621 Gallowgate
Shannon (The) Ltd., 95 Bath st
Sim, James P. & Co. , 48 King st,
Simpson, R. J. T. 10 University
Sinclair, Arch., 47 Waterloo street
Sinclair, Robert M. 100 Minard rd
Cross inyloof
Sing eion, R. V., 28 Gt. Hamilton
Skinner, J. & M. 40 Sinclair dr
Smith, Crawford, 285 Byres rd
Smith D. L. 7 Lambhill st.
Smith, Mrs. George, jun., 86
Cambridge st
Smith, James M. 236 Hope street
Smith, James & John, Ltd.
(general manufacturing sta-
tioners), 64 Osborne street
Smith, John A., 22 Plaota ion st
Smith, John, Son, & Co. (manu-
facturing), 97 lA- est Ca npbell st
Smith, Jno. E., 375 Gt. Western rd
a Smith, John, & Son, 19 Renfield
Smith, J. Taylor, 35 Robertson
Smith, J. H. 13 Scotia st
Smith, M. & J., 1125 Pollok-
shiws road
Smith, Miss Lizzie, 358 Cumber-
land street, s.s.
Smith, Miss H., 200 West Nile st
Smith, Mrs., 133 London road
Spence, Alex. M. 47 Ingram st E.
Spence, Andrew 38 Queen st
Spence, Stuart (wholesale), 11 W.
Regent st
Spicer Bros., Ltd. (wholesale), 14
Kmg St., city
Spicer, James, & Sons (wholesale),
58-64 N. Frederick st
Stalker, Isabella B., 100 Spring-
field rd
Steel, And. N. 230 St. George's rd
Stenhouse, A., 40-42 University
Stewart, A. B. (wholesale), 58
Ingram st
Stewart, John, wholesale, 220
Ingram st
Stewart, Thos. 944 Diimbarton rd
Strachan, Miss E, 419 Eglintoa
Sturdy, Miss E., 95 Cambridge st
Summers, Mrs., 335 Cathedral st.
Sunter, J., 10'i7 Pollokshaws rd
Tait, James, 10 Earlston avenue
Tait, Wm. & Co. Ltd., (wholesale),
Mile-End Mills, 91 to 161 Ford^
neuk st
Taasie, John, 13 Castle street
Taylor, A. T., 205 Hope st
Taylor, J. M'Kinnon, 95 Waterloo
Taylor, John (mercantile), 6
Oswald st
Taylor, Mrs. M. 367 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Taylor, Miss A , 63 Pollok st
Thom, J., & Co., 205 Buchana st
Thomlinson, John, 436 Dumbarton
road, Partick
aTho'Tison, A. B. , 16 Bridge st.
Thompson Bros. & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd (corrugated paptr), 29 to
39 Surrey st. s.s.
Thomson, John, 103 W. Nile st
Thomson, John, 253 Maxwell road
Thomson, John, 273 Woodlands
Thomson, Robt. 11 Spoutmouth
Thomson, Terris, & Co.. 26 Albion
Thomson, Miss W. S., 720
Thomson, Wm. (wholesale, and
paper merchant), 6 Carlton pi
Tindall, Wm., 400 Argyle st
Todd, Samuel A. C. (manufactur-
ing), 26 Bothwell st
Towart, Misses J. & H. 92 Hen-
derson St. W.
Trongate (The) Printing Co., 182
TuUis & Co Ltd. (wholesale), 53
Waterloo st
Tulloch, Alex. 299 Dalraamock rd
Turner, Miss Christina, 216Spring-
burn rd
Urquhart, Catb. 543 Springburn rd
Urquhart, M. 189 Claythorn st
Urquhirt, .John, 292 Main street,
Urquhart, J. (mercantile and f <ncy),
68 Paisley rd.. West, and 51
Main st. Gorbals
Veitch, Adam, 465 I^umbarton rd,
Wales, James, & Co. 178 West
Regent st
Walker, A., 228 Garscube rd
Walker, John, 1122 Argyle st
Walker, J. W. 487 Gallowgate
Walker, Mrs. 26 Minard road,
Walker, Miss, 193 Duke st
Wallace, L, 581 Alexandra parade
Wallace, Miss A. 86 S. Portland
Walton, James, & Co. 51 Coch-
rane st
Wardrop, D. C. 65 Oswald st
Wardrop, Jas. 95 Bothwell st
Wardrop, Matthew, 547 Govan
road, Govan
Warren, C. & H. 475 Victoria road
Waterson, Geo. B. 229 Cambridge
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordoa st
Watson, Jenny, 12 I Castle st
Webster, James, 74 Buchanan st
Weddal, Mary, 95 Houston st
Whitberg, L. (Hebrew), 21 Main
Wholesale (The) News Co., Ltd.,
18 Renfrew st. and 384 New
City rd
Whyte, Andrew, & Son, Limited,
(wholesale), 142 W. Nile street
Wighton, David J. 578 Gallowgate
Wigley, A. 333 Parliamentary rd
Wilkie, Jane, 225 Paisley road
Wilkinson, Miss M. R., 5 Banna-
tyne avenue
Williamson, Donald, 624 Alex-
andra parade
William.wn, Jas, 212 Claythorn st
Wilson, F. F. & A. (wholesale
manufacturing and export), 58
Cadogan street — See AdvL in
front of General Directory
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. (St. Vincent
Stationery Works), wholesale,
export, and manufacturing, 336
St. Vincent street
Wilson, J. S 90 Cowcaddens st
Wilson, Wm. 614 Great Eastern rd
Wilson, William St. C. 126 Ben-
field street
Wilson, Miss J. 588 Alexandra
Wilson, Miss
S., 417 Cathcart

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