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Robertson, Ja ■ es, & Co., Coxhill
sti-ept, Keppocllhill
Koss, Robert, & Son, 43 Victoria
street, Govan
Russell, David, & S ns 101 Nelson
htreet, s.s.
Sharp & Co. (general), gates,
railing, iron and metal covered
doors, shutters made to fire
insurance requi.emen's, 53
George sq. and 1103 Argyle st
Sharp & Co., Ilea Arayle sc
Shen-iff, Robert, 109 Hanover st
Shirra & Black. 82 M'Alpine st
Sillars, Alex. L., Wat-on lane
Smitli, G. B., & Co. (structural
e: ginee's, general and orna-
mental Huiths), Phoenix Iron
Works, Govan; ciy office, 136
Rei-fieldet.; telegram", " Steel-
work," Glasgow
Smith, Kobt., & Co., Globe Works,
90 Commerce st., s.s.
Smith, W., 20 IngUfield street
Somervail & Co. Ualmuir Bridge
and R )of Works, Dalmnir
Sommerville, J.& Co. 57 Douglas st
Speirs & Frame, 491 Gt. Western
rd.. Billhead, 40 and 42 Hjnd-
land road, Kelviaside, W.
Spittal, Robt. 141 Bishop street.
Port- Dundas
Stevenson, John, 114 Waterloo st
Stevenson, Wm. 32 Windsor st.
north west
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow) Ld.
(dealers, iron and steel, &c.) 28,
32 Oswald st
Stirrat, David, & Son (etablished,
1788), 132 to 138 Port Dundas
road. Telephone No. 397 1
Templeton, & C >., 17 Ferguson st
Thomson, Joseph, & Co. 121 Both-
well street
Thomson, Robert, 316 and 318
Maxwell road, Pollokshields
Thomson, R., 300 Maxwell road
TradestonTube Co. 62, 72 Wallace
street, s.s
Tyre, D. M. 12 Orr st. Bridgeten
"White, David, & Co., 23-29 Eagles
ham street. Plantation
■Whitewright, James, 3 Renfrew In
"Young, Geo'ge, 76 John street
Young, Geo. & Co. 27 Mansion
street, Possilpark
Tindlay, VI. F. & Co. sole agents
for Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd.
19 Cadogan street
'Fleming & Co 31 Robertson st
TKynoch, Ltd., Birmingham; sole
representatives in Sco' land, Hun
ter & Warren, Ld. 19 Wa erloot st
i^obel's Explosives Co. Ltd. 195
West George st
Bennis Stoker^ a 'd Conveyers,
agents, Doddrell Bros , 11 Both-
well street
Kirkland, John, Direct Gas Fuel
Limited, Gregory's patents (sole
agent), 93 Bnthwell street
Smith, Wincott & Co. (furnaces),
53 Waterloo st
Rigg, Wm., 93 Hope street
Underfeed Stoker Co. Ltd. 50
Wellingt .n street
Vicars, T. & T. ; sole agent, R. B.
Howatson, 180 West Regent st
Cranston, Miss, 108 Areyle st
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd ,
Stuart Cranston, founder and
managing director, 28 Buchanan
St., 43 Argyll arcade (Morrison's
cour ), lu8 Argyll st., 13 Ren-
field St., 145 Sauchiehall st., 2
Queen st
Anderson, James, & Co.; office,
124 St. Vmcent st.; works, 48
Surrey st
Ballardie, Holden & Co. Clyde
Works, Collingwood st. Liverpool
Boots, CashChemists, 10 I- 105 Sau-
chiehall St. Telephones — P.O.,
4437; Nat., 768 Douglas
Bottaro, L. & Co., agents, R.
Cowan M'Kmnon & Co., 114
West Nile street
Boyd, David T., & Co (cottonseed
soap and soap stock), 50 Wel-
lingion street
Buchanan Bros., & Maclntyre, 29
Waterloo st
Bunten, Jas. & Co. (importers of
American o ittonseed oil soap),
t<8 St. Vincent street
Bunten, Win. & Co. importers of
American cottonseed oil soap,
Gordon chambers, 90 Mitchell
Campbell & Co., 74 York st
Carruthers, Son & Co. (M' Dougall's
carbolic soap), 70-78 King st.
Clyde Soap Co. (hard and soft),
Pelershill road
Cook, Edward, & Co. Ltd. London;
agent, Andrew Watsoj, 38
Montrose street
Crawford, A. R. (sole agent for
Murphy's oil soap for automobile
a d general cleaning), 150 Port
Dundas r, ad
Crosfield, Jos. & Sons, Ltd. War-
rington; a^eat, D. B. Pitkethly,
Easterhill, Stepps
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton street,
Erasmic(The) Co Ltd. Warrington;
agent, D. B. Pitkethly, Easter-
hill, Stepps
Faro, V. L. O. & Co., Genoa; agents,
A. G. Paterson & Co., 179 W.
George st
Ferguson. Shaw, & Sons, 130 and
136 Bishop St. Port- Dundas
Garroway, R. & J. 58 Buchanan
Gleniffer Soap Co., Paisley
Go-isagejWm ,& Sons, Ltd.Widnes,
Hair. Ivie. & Co , 389 Dobbie's loan
Hamilton, Archd. H., Si Co.
(liquid), 160 Bardowie street,
Hinshelwood, Thos., & Co., Ltd.,
Glenpa'k street
Hird, Hastie & Co. 73 Park st.
Houston, Wiiiiam(American cotton-
seed oil soap and soap stock
broker), 59 Sr. Vincent street
Kennedy & R^-Td, 18 26 Helenvale
Lever Bros., Ltd., 11 George sq
M'Kinnon, R. Cowan & Co.
Italian olive oil soap, 114 West
Nile street
MacLellan, Lewis & John, 65,
67 and 130 Port Dundas road
M Neill, James, & Son, Limited
(white soft), 38 French street,
Margerison, J. & Co. 23 Nicholson
Marks & Johnston, 145 Great
Eastern road
Miller, Robert, & Co., 50 Victoria
Milton Chemical Co.; speciality,
soluble whale oil, suitatile for
sheep dip manufaciurers, spin-
ners, weaver.-", jute spinners, orill-
ing and general engineeringwork,
236 Petershill road
" Murphy's Oil Soap" for automo-
bile cleaning ; sole agent A. R.
Crawford, 150 Port Dundas rd
Og-ton & Tennant, Ltd. (hard,
toilet and soft) St. RoUox
Pa'erson, a. G. & Co., 179 West
George St., Italian olive oil soap
Peace, J. R. & Co. (Crown
soft soaps, "Germacene" Smi-
tary liquid soap), West wood,
M 'Neill & Co., agents, 118
Q^een st
Pearson's Antisept'c Co. L'd. (bar,
toilet, veterinary, & liquid s aps),
50 Wellington street ; Nat. tel.,
6672 Argyle
Price's Patent Candle Co., Ltd.
(and fancy), 1 Argyle arcade
Reid, Thomas, & Sons (household,
hard and soft soaps); factories,
Kinning Park
Robertson,W.&Son8(monld makers
and engravers), 62 Argyle st

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