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Pearson, Isaac B., & Co., 69 Bu-
chanan St
•Petersen, Houeyman, & Co, 11
Bothwell st
•Prentice, Service & Henderson,
175 West George street
•Pyman, Bell & Co. Ltd., 23 Royal
Exchange square
♦Raeburn & Verel,45 W. Nile st
Rankine, Jatr es, & Son ; oflBce,
45 W. Nile street ; wharves,
*Rankine, Jas., & Sons, Rotter-
dam, Amsierdam, and Delfzyl
Shipping Co , 45 West Nile st
Reid, R. M., 70 Wellington street
•Robertson, Mackie, & Co. 140
West Georce street
♦Robertson, Wm., Gresham cham-
bers, 45 W. Nile st
•Roed, M'Nair & Co. 28 St. Enoch
•Rogers & Co. 204 Bath st
•Ross, Allan & Johnston, 68 Gordon
•Rowan, David, 53 Bothwell st
•Roxburgh, J. & A., 14 St. Vin-
cent place
•Russell, J. Archie, 12 Waterloo st
•Salvesen, C, & Co. 82 Gordon st
Slater E. S. 17 Oswald st
*Sloan, Wm. & Co. 53 Bothwell st
Smart, James A, & Co , 47 St.
Enoch square
•Smith & Service, 54 Gordon st
•Spencer, Jas,, & Co., 50 Tunnel
Stark, Jas., & Co. 12 Waterloo st
•Steel & Bennie Ld. 86 Broomielaw
•Stuart Bros., 180 West Regent st
Stewart, John, & Co. 82 Gordon st
Stewart & Gray, 12 Renfield st
•Tellet, R. P., & Co., 45 Hope st
Tellet, R. P., 6 Ashgrove ter., W
The Ca'e'lonian Steam Packet Co.,
Ltd., 302 Buchanan st
*Thoa) & Cameron, Ld. 93 Cheap-
side street
•Thomson, Dickie, & Co. 17 Royal
Exchange sq.
•Thomson, J. jun. 49 W. George st
•Trinidad (The) Shipping and
Trading Co. Ltd. 62 Buchanan st
•Turnbull, John P. 50 South
Kinniog pi -ice
•Turnbull, Martin, & Co. 8
Gordon st
Union Castle (The) Mail Steamehip
Co, L'd., 137 W.George st
Union Transit Ltd. ; head
offices, 381 Argyle St.; tel.
Nos., Nat. 2137 and 2138
Argyle, Post Office 5162
and 5163
•Walker, John A. & Co. 134
St. Vincent st
•Watsun Brothers, 142 St. Vin-
cen street
Waugh, James, 21 Hope st
•Webster, George, & Co., 50
Wellington st
Wheatley, Geo. W., & Co., 51
Renfield st
Whimster & Co., 149 W. George
Wingate, W., & Johnston, Ld., 54
Gordon st
« Wright, Graham & Co., 7
Royal Bank place
•fonng & Gillespie, 27 Oswald
•Young, J. & R. & Co., 45 Hope
Abercorn Shipbuilding Co. (H. D.
& W.), Abercorn at. Paisley
Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.. ship-
builders, engineers and boiler-
makers, ship, engine, and boiler
repairers, with graving docks,
Alley & MacLellan, Ltd., Sentinel
Works, Pulmadie
Barclay, Curie, & Co. Ltd., Clyde-
holm Shipbuilding Yard, South
st. Whiteinch
Beardmore, Wm. & Co. Ltd., Ship-
building and Engineering Works,
Dalmuir, and at Parkhead Foree
Rolling Mills and Steel Works
Borthwick, J. F. & Co. builders of
steam and sailing yachts and
launches, also liquid fuel steam
launches, 19 Waterloo street
Bow, M'Uchlan& Co. Ltd. Thistle
Works, Paisley
Campbell, And. & Co. Springfield
Campbeltown Shipbuilding Coy,,
Clyde Model Dockyard & Engine
Depot, ship model makers,
24 Argyle arcade
Clyde Shipbuilding and Engineer-
ing Co. Ltd. Port- Glasgow
Connell, Chas. & Co. Scotstoan
Shipbuilding Yard, Whiteinch
Gumming, D. M., Blackhill ship-
yard, Blackhill locks, off Cum-
bernauld road
Denny, Wm. & Bros. Leven Ship
Yard, Dumbarton
Duncan, Robert, & Co. Ltd. 1
Brown st. Port-Glasgow
Dunlop, David J. & Co., Inch
Works, Port-Glasgow
Dunsmuir & Jackson, Ltd..,
Windsor St., Govan
Fairfield (The) Shipbuilding and
Engineering Co. Ltd. Govan
Ferguson Bros., Port- Glasgow,
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd., Phcenix
Works, Paisley
Galbreath, G. R (contracting), 23
Glasgow st
Gordon, A. M. (M.I.N.A.) consult-
ing, designing and inspecting,
with arranging of contracts,
Baltic chambers, 50 Wellington
Hamilton, Wm. & Co., Ltd.,
builders. Glen Yard, Poit-
Henderson, David &Wm.& Co. Ltd.
Meadowside building yard, and
graving and slip docks, Partick,
and 190 Elliot street
Hill, Thos. & Co. (valuators and
auctioneers), 66 and 68 Robert-
son st
Butson & Sons, Ld. , Kelvinhaugh
Engine Work^, 60 Kelvinhaugh
Inglis, A. & J. Ld., 64 Warroch St.;
shipbuilding yard and slip dock,
Le ter. Wm , & Sons (shipbuilders
furnishers), 1 1 W. Regeut st
Lobnitz & Co. Ltd. Renfrew
M'Farlane, George M.LMech.E.,
M.LN. A. (of A. R. Brown,
M'Farlane &Co. Ltd.)consulting,
inspecting, and arranging con-
tracts, 34 W. George st.
M'Kie & Baxter, Copeland Works,
Ciipeland road, Govan
Mackie & Thomson, 746 Govan
road, Govan
M'Laren,Thomas,& Co. contractors
for steam and sailing ships and
yachts, &c., 10 Bothwell st
M'Millan, A. & Son, Ltd. Dock-
yard, Dumbarton
MacNicoll, N., & Co., M.LN. A.
(consulting, designing, and in-
specting, with arranging of con-
tracts), 6 DixoD street
Marshall & Co. Kelvin dock, Mary-
Morton, Robeit, 8 Prince's square,
Buchanan st
Muir & Houston, 33 Portman
street, Kinning Park
Murdoch & Murray, Port-Glasgow
Napier & Miller, Ltd., Old Kil-
Reid, John, & Co. Ltd. South St.,
Reid, John, & Co. (consulting,
designing and inspecting with
arranging of contracts), Baltic
Chambers, 50 Wellington st. and
95 Leadenhall st., London, E.C.
Ritchie, Graham,& Milne, Park Ship-
building Yard, Whiteinch
Rodger, A. & Co. Dock Shipbuilding
Yard, Port- Glasgow
Rodger, A. & Co. Helen st. Govan
Rotterdam Dry dock Co ; W. D.
Hamilton, agent, 147 W. George
Russell & Co. Port- Glasgow
Seath, T. B. & Co, 121 St. Vin-
cent st

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