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Mandy, John (steel roof and bridge
builder), Kelvinhaugh Structural
Works, 30 Eastvale place,
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. (malle-
able iron gutters), Mavisbank
quay, s.s.
Murchie, James, 39 Mains
Natio-.al Asphalt & Concrete Co.
(a^phalte roofing mateiial), 68
R -infield at
Pennycook (The) Patent Glazing
and Enijineering Co. (Limited),
11 W. Regent street
Raliton, Goodwin & Co., Criig.
hall Ironworks, Saracen street
Ritchie, D., & Co., "Limmer"
Rock Asphalte Star Braad, 41
Robertson sirept
Seyssel (Montrotier) Mineral
Kocfe Asphalte. Freehold mines
in the Seyssel Basin. Proprie-
tors, The Limmer Asphalte
Paving C.)., Ltd., 144 St. Vin-
cent St., Glasgow, 20 George st.,
Edinburgh. Guaranteed
Smith G. B., & Co., manufac-
turers of steel and iron buildings,
roofs, bridges, composite build-
ings, iron and wire fencing,
gates, railings, general and or-
namental smiths, wire workers,
iron and wire merchants, con-
tractors to H.Vf. Government,
Phoenix Ironworks, Govan;
city ofBc, 136 Renfiuld street ;
lelegrams,'' Steelwork," Glasgow
Smith & M'Lean, Ltd. Mavisbank,
Govan road
Somervail & Co., Dalmuir
Bridtce and Roof Works, Dalmuir
Speedwell Asphalt Flat Roofs,
177 Crownpoint rd
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)Ltd.
(iron and felt) 28, 30 and 32
Oswald street
The Dalziel Bridge and Roof
Building Co., Ltd., Dalziel
Bridge Works, Mother-
The Motherwell Bridge Co., Ltd.,
Motherwell ; makers of iron and
steel bridges, roofs, piers, tanks,
dock gates, andsimilarstructural
work ; hydraulic pressed flooring
a speciality. Tele, address,
" Bridge, Motherwell ; " Nat.
tel. No. 40
Val de Travers Asphalte
Paving Co., Ltd. (flat tire-
proof roofing a speciality,
guaranteed watertight); agency
for Scotland, 74 York stieet,
manager, Arthur Findlay
Vulcanite Asphalt, for roofing and
sarking; Wilson & Leiich, 4
Charlotte st., Debbie's loan
Walker, W. G., & Sons, fire^proot
rock asphalte roofs, 60 St. Enoch
Wilson & Leitch (asphalt for
roofing), 4 Charlotte street,
Debbie's loan
Acme R)pe and Twine Works, 9
Howard st. & 24 Adam's court
Anderson, G., 205 Albert road,
Barton, Wm., & Co., hemp,
wirerope, and twine makers, 66
Clyde pkce ; works, Scotland
st ; tel. No , P.O. 289 ; tele-
grams, " Barton "
Belfast Rope work Co., Ltd.; repre-
senta'ive, J. W. Thomson, 23
Dnnolly gdns., Ibrox
Blacbshaw, Tbomis, & Son, 40
Reid st. Brideeton
Blair, James, 190 Avenue street,
Blake, F., 23 Stockwell st
Brown. Andrew, 52 Bellfield st
Clark, Daniel, 100 Eraser street
Coates, Bros., & Co., Balhousie
Works, Perth ; auent, Alex.
M'Gregor, 17 Oswald st, city
Craven & Speeding Bros. Sunder-
land (hemp and wire); agents,
W. M. Robertson & Co. 70 Gt
Clyde st
Dixon & Corbitt and R. S. Newall
& Co., Ltd , 41 St. Vincent pi ;
rigging loft and store, 76 78
H\depark st. Tele, address,
" Wirerope ; " tel. Nos., Nat.
4838 Royal; P.O. Central 4888
Doran, Joseph, Son & Co., 130
Ingram st
Dott, George, 820 Argyle st
Dnff, Wm A. M., & Co., 74 York
Dumbarton Ropeworks Co. 114
Eastfield Roperie (John Wilson &
Sons), Ruiherglen
Edinburgh (The) Roperie and
Sailcloth Co., Ltd., manila
hemp and cordage of every des-
cription ; Rising Sun Binder
Twines, 45 Clyde place, s.s.
Gill, Thos., & Sons, New York ;
mills, Summerbridge, Leeds ;
agent, Alexr. M'Gregor, 17
Oswald st, city
Govan Ropework Co., Ltd., Helen
St. Govan
Grimond, J. & A. D. Ltd. ; agent
Allan Wilson, 12 Waterloo lane
Haggle, R. Hood, & Son, Ltd.,
Newcastle - on - Tyne ; Glasgow
office, 93 Hope street; Robert
Currie, resident representative;
telegraphic address, " Haggle,
Glasgow"; tele.. No. 6 Argyle
Haver, P. B. Van, Hamme Sur-
Dnrme, Belgium ; a£;ent, Alex.
M'Gregor, 17 Oswald st. city
Hedderwick, John, & Co., 16
Siirli'ig street, ciiy
Herderson. Charles, & Co., 73
Robertson st
Henry & Wright, 9 and 11 West st,
lole of Man Ropery; agents, Robt.
M'Kirdy Pepper & Uo. 45 Vir-
ginia street
Lawson, Wm., & Sons, Tay Rope
Works, Dundee; W. R. M'Cor-
miok & Co., 5 Dixon street
Lewis, W. & R. 116 and 118
Livingston, David, 620 London
M'Cormick, W. R. & Co. 5 Dixon st
M'Gibbon, James, 275 Carntyne
M'Innes, Robt., & Son, Elmvale st
M'Intyre, John, & Co. Edgefauld
mad, Springburn
Mackay, Neil, City Roperie, sole
miker of the improved light
draught scaffold ropes, with
safety iron stropped patent
sheaved blocks, 66 Howard st
Mitchell, And. & Co. Ltd. 12
Prince's square
Murchie, James, 39 Mains street
Vlurray, iVi'Vinnie, & Co. factors,
Mavisbank quay, s.s.
Neilson, J. B., & Co., 3 Spring-
field lane
Newall, R. S., & Co., now Dixon
& C.rbiit aud R.S.Newall & Co.,
Ltd., 41 St. Vincent place;
rigging, lofts, and stores, 76-78
Hvdepark street. Tel. address,
"Wirerope." Tel. Nos., Nat.
R)yaH838; P.O. Central 4818
North British (The) Ropework Co.
Kirkcaldy ; agent, Allan Wilson,
12 Waterloo lane
Ogiivy, James * Co., 74 York st
Oldham Rope & Twine Co., Ltd.;
works, Shaw st. and Westhulme
Mills, Oliham ; specialities-
Cotton driving ropes, cotton
banding, cotton twines, loom
cords, sash cords, cotton clothes
lines, condenser cords, chalk
lines; agent, Alexr. M'Gregor,
17 Oswald st, city
Robertson, Geo., 70 Gt. Clyde st.
Robertson, Lockhart & Co., 37
Douglas st
Royal Glasgow Asylum for the
Blind, 100 Castle street
Rutherfurd Bros., 146 to 150
Ingram st
Simpson & Co., 19 Anderston
Smeal, R. 406 Gallowgate
Smith & Go. (hay and straw), 105
119 Abbotsford lane

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