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Doig, Jobn, 390 Dumbarton rd
Dunbar, A. & Co., 25 Jamaica st
Eadie, Guthrie & Co. 17 Argyle st
EUam, Edward, 206 New City rd
Elsmore, Wm., 4 St. Enoch sq
Fairbairn & Phimister, Poloc
studio, Shaw lands
Fullertun, William, 167 St.
George's rd
Gilchrist, Miss, 40 Bellgrove st
GilfiUan, Arthur, 98 Trongate
Gray, M., & Co. 4 Bellgrove st
Gorman, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 107
Clyde St. Anderston
Hamilton, Crawford, 13 St. Vin-
cent place
Hamilton. J. M. 132 West Nile st
Hamnet, 65 Jamaica st
Hampton, Wm., 195^ Argyle st
Hancock, E., & Co., 41 Jamaica
Hood, Miss Elizabeth, 202 Hope st
Jamieson, Robt., llll Pollokshaws
Johnston, H. C, 21 Argyle st
Keppie, G. & Co. 56 Jamaica st
Kinloch, Cha.s. R., 202 Hope st
Kyle, D. W., 569 Argyle st
Lafayette, Ltd. 15 Gordon st
Langfier, S., 137 Sauchieball st
M'lutosh, A. W., 294 Shields road
Maclure, Macdonald, & Co. 2
Bothwell circus
M'Kenzie, M. K., 12 University av
M'Nab, Alex, 92 West Nile street,
and Wood View terrace, Udding-
M'Nab, Ales., 8 Battle place,
Mellish, Walter, 16 Prospecthill rd
MUne, William A., 9 North Napier
St., Govan
Mitchell, Chas., 498 Victoria road
and 1041 Argyle st
Monapenny, M. 243 Sauchiehall st
Morrison, G. & M. (machinery), 92
St. Vincent st. — See Advt.
Muirhead, Lewis P. 534 Sauchie-
hall st
Murray, Wm. 108 Albert road,
Paterson's Studio (W. & M. John-
son), 346 Sauchiehall st
Pearlmann, M. & Co., 254 St.
George's rd.
Pearson, Jas., jr., 328 Renfrew st
Ralston, Wm. 259 Sauchiehall st
Rankin, Walter, 338 Duke st
Rodger & Baird, 38 P'shaws rd
Epmney, Geo. Albany Photo.Studio,
584 Sauchiehall st. Charing cr
Scott, Wm,, 84 Ann st, city
Scott, W. W., & Son, 159 Sauchie-
hall st
Shankland, Robt. 5 St. Vincent pi
Shiela, J. Diummond,49 Jamaica st
Slate Studios Co., 58 Bath st
Smith, G. Comrie, The Studio,
Smith, Robt 461 Sauchiehall st
Society du Photocrome, 158
Sauchiehall st
Somerville, M., & G., 604 Sauchie-
hall street
Stemstein, J. 364 St. George's rd
Steven, Thos. W., & Co. 3 James
Morrison street
Stevenson & Co. 109 Bothwell st
St«wart, Geo., 27 1 Sauchiehsll st
Stuart, John, 206 Bath street
Studio Cecil (P. M. Stevenson), 152
Sauchiehall st
Taylor, A. & G. 127 Sauchiehall st
Temby, JohnH., Crossbill ave'iue.
The Rotary Photographic Co., Ltd.,
142 Queen st
Turubull, Robert, 620 Eglinton st
Turnbull & Sons, 10 Jamaica st
and 14 Dundonald road, Kil-
Wane, Chas. Marshall, 518 Great
Weste'n road
Wane, H. P., 518 Gt. Western rd
Wane, Marshall. 51 8 Gt Western rd
Warneuke, W. M. 153 Sauchiehall
Watson & Wilson, 83 Jamaica st
Watt Brothers, 37 Jamaica st
Weir, John, 351 Byres road
Whyte & Sons, 20 Union street
Wohlgemuth & Co., 108 Reufield
Hamilton, J. M., 132 West Nile st
Trotter, John, 40 Gordon st
Provau, C, & Co., 65 Glajsford
Scott, W. W., & Co., Ltd., 180
Sauchiehall et
St. Vincent Photographic Co., 196
St. Vincent st
Dux Engraving Co. (The), 163 W.
Nile street
Andre & Sleigh, Ltd.. colour plates
for three workings, photo- en-
gravers, wood engravers, photo-
graphers, electrotypers, &c.,
Victoria chambers, 142 W. Nile
street ; representative, T. S.
Barber ; chief office and works,
Bushey, Herts, also at London,
Liverpool, and Paris
Anglo Engraving Co., Ltd.
(The), 7 Ann St., city
Asher, William, & Co., Ltd., 164
Howard st
Dux Engraving Co. (The), 153 W.
Nile street " " ' '
Glasgow Photo-Engraving
Co. (Nisbet) in line, tone, and
colour; artists, engravers on
wood, photogravurists and
electrotypers ; Process Studios,
30 John st; tel., P.O., 3917;
Nat., 274 X 5 Royal
Gorman, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 107
Cljde st, Anderston
Morrison, G. & M., 92 St, Vincent
Standard Bureau of Design and
Engraving (The), Londoo and
Paris; Scottish agents, Glad-
stone-Thomson Co., 27 Bothwell
st (under Allan Lire ofBce)
The Annan Engraving Co., Ltd.,
10 Bothwell st
Fash, J. Healy, 11 Buccleuch st
Those marked/ are Fellows of the
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons
of Glasgow.
/"Adams, Fred. Vasey, 10 Queen's
crescent, W
/•Adams, Jas. A., M.D. 5 Wood-
side crescent
Adams, Jn. M.B., CM. 1 Queen's
crescent, W
Adamson, Robt., M.A., M.D., 15
Growenor cres.
Aitken, Jas. Alex. M.B., CM. 109
Caledonia road
Aitken, John, M.B., L.F.P.S.G.,
100 Albert rd, Crossbill
Alexander, John, M.D. 3 Queen's
cres. W
Allan, Jas. W., M.B., 18 India st
Allan, .John, 1022 Cathcart rd
Allen, Wm., 4 Newton terrace
Anderson, J. Lindsay, M.B , CM.,
Ravenslea, Giffnock
/Anderson, J. Wallace, M.D., 23
Woodside place
Anderson, Jas. W., M.D. 601 Duke
/Anderson, Sir Thos. M'Call,
M.O., 9 The University
/â– Anderson, Jo'nn B. Mackenzie,
M.B. CM., 8 Buckingham ter
Anderson, R. Yuill, M.B. CM.,
98 Paisley road, West ; ho
Redclyffe, 3 Beech avenue,
Ibrox; tel., P.O , X 318 5
Nat., 205 X 7 Ibrox
Anderson, Wm., K., 3 Ashton ter
/Anderson, Wm. D., L.E.CP.Ed.
L.D.S., 8 Somerset place
/Andrew, J. Grant, M.B., 12
Woodside terrace
Archibald, Wm., M.D., D.P.H.
(Camb.), 12 Maitland avenue,
Langside ; P.O. teL, L 290
Baird, John, M.B. CM. 3 Wilton

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