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Falk, StadelmaDn & Co., Ltd , 76
Great Clyde st
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral
Oil Co. (Lim.) 7 W. George st
Broxbarn Oil Co. Ltd. 28 Royal
Exchange square
Oakbank Oil Co. (Limited), 39 St.
Vincent pi
Pnrapherston (The) Oil Co. Ltd. 135
Buchanan st
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral
OU Co. (Lim.) 7 W, George st
Cooper, Dennison & Walkden, Ld,
15 Baih strebt
M'Donald, Peter, & Co., 4 Carlton
M'Giashan, John, & Co. Albany
Thompson, Bros. & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. makers of boxes in wood
and cardboard, with metal edg-
ing, and lined with corrugated
paper; the safest parcel posi box
for fragile articles ; Eclipse
Work*", 29 to 39 Surrey st. s.s
Thompson, R. B. & Co., corrugated
paper post-boxes, and corru-
gated packing-paper for fragile
articles, 54 Howard stieet ; tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 1415 P.O.
Gibson & Maihie, 49 Biown st
Eea, Thomas, & Co , 28 Whitehall
Size (The) Co. 50 Commercial
road, s.s.
Stronghold (The) Paste Co., 142
Eaeberry st
Rome, Geo. & Co., 13 Jane st
"Asblubric," Binney & Son, 101
Bothwell st
Blackiock & Macarthur; works, 102
to 118 Dale st.; offices, 165 and
173 West St., Tradeston; and at
London, Ca'diff, and Luton
Brown, D. D., 40 North st, White-
Eadie, Archd. & Co., Ltd., Trades-
ton Paint, Oil, and Grease
Works, 54 Cook st
Hall, P. W. 28 to 32 Kyle street,
Debbie's loan
Hioshelwood, Thos., & Co., Ltd.,
Glasgow Oil, Colour, Paint,
Varnish, and Grease Works,
Glen park st
Kennedy & Eeid, 18 to 26
Helenvale st.
MacLellan, Lewis & John, 65 and
67 and 130 Port-Dundas road
" Plouro " Antifriction and Gear
Composition; agent, R. Christie,
29 Waterloo st
Stauffer's Lubricant ; agents, Alex.
Brown & Co. 233 St. Vincent st
Storer, Jas., & Co., Ltd., Barrow-
field Oil and Colour Works,
Agency, British and Foreign
Patents and Trade Marks ; J.
Alfred Brewer, chattered patent
agent, 53 St. Vincent st ; notes
on patents and trade marks free
Agency for British and Colonial
Designs,Trade Marks, ind Patents
Registration ; W. R. M. Thomson
& Co., C.E., experts in patent
cases, &c. 96 Buchanan street;
Inventor's Guide gratis— See Ad
Agency for the obtainment of
patents and the registration
of designs and trade naarks ;
Edmund Hunt & Co., 121 W.
George street
Agency for obtaining Patents and
retiistering Designs and Trade
Marks ; H. D. Fitzpatrick ob-
tains British and foreign patents,
lOU Welh'ngton st
Alexander, H. & A. G. & Co. Ltd.,
East field, Rutherglen
Allan & Bogle, 246 and 248 Aber-
croraby st
Blackiock & Macarthur, sole
nnakers of John S. Macarthur's
patent " Chiperine," for chip
hats, 165-173 West st. Trades-
ton ; and at London, Cardiff,
atd Luton
Bruce, Arch., 194 Buchanan st
Blythswood Folding Chair and
Folding Couch Bed; Thos. M.
Grant, 77 Renfrew st
Carlaw, David, & Sons, special
type priming machines, patents
and inventions of all descriptions
made to drawings or instructions,
11 Finnieston street ; telephone,
Nos, P.O. 1262; Nat. 363
Cormack, James, &Sons, Ltd., 36
Abercorn st
Cruikshank & Fairweather, Ltd.,
C. E chartered patent agents, 62
St. Vincent street, and 65 and
66 Chancery lane, London, W.C.
Donald & Donald, patent self-
acting exhaust ventilators, 60
Bothwell circus
Fairweather, Wallace,C.E. chartered
patent agent, 62 St. Vincent st,
and 65 and 66 Chancery lane,
London, W.C.
Faulds, J. G. & Co. 48 N. Frede-
rick st
Gillies, James, & Co. patentees of
Gillies's patent cask seasoning
plant, 140 Glenpark st
Glasgow Pateiit Moulders Black-
ing Co. 26-32 Fleming st Port
Hunt & Co., Edmund, chartered
patent agents, 121 W. George
strt et
Inventions & Patents De-
velopment Co., Ltd., patent
office, 44 West George street ;
handbook, " Guide to Inven-
tors,'! free on application.
Special department for the
formation of companies to work
patents, &c. ; tel., Nat, 6402
Royal; P.0 , 6072; tele,
address, " Formation "
Johnsons, Messrs., patent office,
37 West Nile street (St Vincent
street corner), handbook, "Hints
to Inventors," gratis. AU pre-
liminary information and advice
may be obtained from Messrs.
Johnsons free of charge ; tel.
Nat, 5726 Royal; P.O., 6321
Kirkaldy, William, 16 Derby st
Lowrie, W. P. & Co. Ltd. (pro-
cess of wine-seasoning casks),
14 and 16 Bothwell st
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co. (prismatic
gratings), Cumberland Foun-
dry, 168 Gallowgate
M'Glashan, John, & Co. (Albany
beer- raising engine), Albany
M'llvride, Forrest, & Co. (collap-
sible boxes), 72 Waterloo street
Masons Patents Co., 81 John
St., city
Melvin, Thos. & Sons, Ltd., Charles
st, St Rollox
Miller, William, Ltd. (Glas-
gow), inventors, patentees, &
sole maker of the "Concussion"
Chemical fire extincteur, -with
patent breaking knocker, auto-
matic lid fire buckets, also ink
puritiers, &c., &c. 163 Hope
Nicol,Wm. (patent opening window
fittings and weather excluders
for all kinds of windows, fan-
lights, doors, &c.) 687 Pollok-
shaws road ; sole makers, Tonks
Ltd. Birmingham
Patent Agency, British, Colonial,
and Foreign, and Registration
of Designs and Trade Marks
Office, W. R. M. Thomson & Co.
96 Buchanan st — See Advt

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