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Monteomerie, Siobo & Co. Ltd.
17 Houston place, Houston st
Morrison, Robert, & Co. 64 to 70
Howard st
Morton, William, & Co. 302 Aber-
cromby st
Murchie, James, 39 Mains street,
off Waterloo street
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. Mavis-
bank quay, s.s.
Nimmo & Co., 13 Pitt street
Orr, J. B , managing director,
Orr's Zinc White, Ltd. (no con-
nection with any other firm),
inventor water paints, and
manufacturer of zingessol, 216
West George st
Orr's Zinc White, Ltd. , J. B. Orr,
managing director (no connec-
tion with any other firm) largest
manufacturers of zinc white in
the kingdom, also zingessol. J.
B. Orr'a perfected water paint,
Soucote binder and thinner for
zingessol, transparent stone
perserving liquid, decorators,
artists, and lithographic colours,
printing inks, 216 W. George
street ; representative, John
Morgan ; house, 40 Ballindal-
loch dr
Parkhead Varnish, Paint, &
Colour Co., 75 Sorby street,
Philip, P. & Co. 90 Norfolk st
Rea, D. Heiton & Co. 37-41 Clyde
street, Anderston
Rea, Thos. & Co. 28-36Whitehall st
Reliance Commercial Co. Ltd.,
Crown brand water paint, Rip-
olin enamel paint, 39 Cadogan st
Robertson, R. & Sons (Billings,
King & Co. U.S.N, brands),
15 Clyde pi.; works, Commerce st
Robertson, W. Crum & Co. 318
Paiijley rd
Scott, James & John G., 309
Dobbie's loan
Scottish (The) Silvoid Co. Ltd. 53
Bothwell st
Silicate Paint Co. Charlton, London,
manufacturers of "Duresco," the
washable water paint for plaster,
&c.; silicate petrifying liquid for
stone preservation, Charlton
white oil paints and enamels;
agents for Scotland and Ire-
land, Jas. Duthie & Co. 129
St. Vincent st
Sissons Bros. & Co. Ltd., Hull ;
representative, F. H. Trimmino,
3 Leven bt., Pollokshields
"Silverette" Paints, manufrs.
Holzapfel's Compositions Co.,
Ltd., 12 Waterloo street
Smith, John, & Son, varnish
manufacturers, Haltwhistle; Jas.
M'lntyre, agent, 38 White street,
Smith & Rodger, 32 to 38 Elliot
St. Cranstonhill
Stevenson, Wm. & Co. 28 Robert-
son st
Storer, James, & Co. Ltd. Barrow-
field Oil and Colour Works,
Bridget on
Strathclyde Paint Co. 41 Vermont
Suter, Hartmann & Rahtjen's Com-
position Co. Ltd., sole manufrs.
of Hartmann's anticorrosive
paints and " Lacvelva " white
enamel, 3 Cadogan street
TaUor, Andrew, 47 Oswald st
The Fairlie Paint Co. Ltd., 12
Waterloo street
The Firaill Lime & Whiting Co.
Ltd., 60 Firhill road
Thomson, G. & J. 48 French st
Thomson, Jas. H. & Co. 106 Elliot
Torbay Paint Company, London,
Liverpool, and Brixham ; agent,
Hugh Loudon, 68 Gordon street
Turner, Chas & Son (varnish and
colour), London; representative,
Fred. R. Forfar, 101 Fotherin-
gay road, Maxwell Park
Velvril Bonnaud Ltd., It Sothwell
Wailes. Dove & Co. 1906 Ltd.
patent " Bitumastic " solution &
enamel, 23 Royal Exchange sq
Wardhaugh, Jas. B. 60 West
Regent st
Watt, James & Co. 180 Gallow-
Wilkinson, Heywood & Clark, Ltd.
7 Caledonian rd. London ; rep-
resentatives, Don. M'Diarmid,
35 Bishop's rd. Jordanhill; and
Henry A. Kidd, 571 Sauchiehall
Williamson, Morton & Co. 309-
361 Dobbie's loan
Wilson's Elastic Metallic Paint for
roofing and exposed iron work ;
crucible enamel for smoke
stacks and heated iron works ;
agent, A. R. Crawford, 150 Port-
Dundas road
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Besfield, Henry J. 65 Oxford st
Braid, Robt. & Son, 36 Ingram st
Burns, Mrs. U., 23 Wilson street
Campbell, A. & Co. 56-62 Hntche-
80 Q St
Craig & Mackie, 34 Candleriggs
Dalziel, David, 45 Bridge st
Davidson, C. & Sons, Limited,
72 Howard st
Dickie &, Inglis, City Stationery &
Printing Works, 91 James st.,
Bridgeton cross
Doran, Jos. Son & Co. 130 Ingram
Harvey & Co.; office, 157 St. Vin-
cent st ; works and stores, Port
Henry, Mrs., 19 Smith court,
Brunswick st
Laird, John, & Son, Ltd. IS and 15
Brown street, Broomielaw
Lang, Chas. P., 39-13 Montrose
Mann, Summers, & Co. 1, 3 South
Hanover st
Paton, John, 263 High st
Reid, John, & Son, l(i9 Argyle st.
Seller, Robert F. 39 Candleriggs
Stewart, A. B. 58 Ingram st
Tait, Wm. & Co., Ltd., Mile-End
Mills, 91 to 161 Fordneuk st
Thomson, William, 5 Carlton pi
Wardrop, D. C. 65 Oswald st
WiUon, Guthrie & Co. 335 St.
Vincent st
Wright, Wm., 315 Argyle st
Browning, Robt. & Son, 34 Ann at.,
Davidson, Jane, 7 Park pi. Stock-
well street
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, 14 Queen street
M'llvride, Forrest & Co., 72
Waterloo st
Martin, Alexander, 62 Brunswick
Parkes, Joseph, 64 Howard 8t
Ross, D. & Co. 63 N. Frederick st
Shearer, Arch. 39 Stockwell st
Smith, James, &Co.,52 Glassford
Stevenson Bros. 15 Catherine lane,
Cathedral st—See Advt. in Ap.
Thompson, Bros. , & Co. (Glas-
gow) Ltd. 29 to 39 Surrey st.
Traill, Robt. 11 Stockwell st
Allan & Bogle, 246, 248 Aber-
cromby street
Harvey & Co., makers of corru-
gated paper, corrugated bottle
wrappers, and every requisite for
bottles; 157-173A St. Vincent
st. works and stores. Port
M'Glashan, John, & Co. Albany
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co. (every
requisite for bottlers), 222 St.
Vincent st
Thompson, Brothers & Company
(Glasgow) Limited, makers of
corrugated packing paper, corru-
gated lined postal boxes, and
corrugated bottle wrappers, &c..
Eclipse Works, 29 to 39 Surrey
street s.s.

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