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/Arnott, W. H., 90 Mitcbell street
'Bacares [ron Ore Mines, Ltd ,127
St. Vincent st
Beedle, Ridge & Co., 116 Hope st
Connell, Campbell, & Co. 125
Buchanan st
Craig, A. Blackburn, 41 St Vincent
Cioasleys & Co., 41 Ann st
Cruickshanb, Wm., & Co., 121
West George st
Cowan, W. B., Anchor Line build-
ings, 14 St. Vincent street
Cowan, W. B., & Co., Anchor Line
buildings, 14 St. Vincent place
EgUnton (The) Silica Brick
Co., Ltd., manufacturers of
silica, chrome, bauxite, and
magnesite bricks and cements
for acid and basic furnace lin-
ings, &c., 60 Firhill road
Forbes, John Gilbert, 12 York st
Greenshields, James, & Co. 42
Bath st
Haxton, Macfarlane & Wilson,
105 West George st
Hogg, Charles, & Co., 44 West
George street
Jenkins, Jae., & Son, 124 St. Vin-
cent street
Kinghorn, John P., 90 Mitchell
M'Orone & Anderson, 82 Mitchell
Mac Arthur, J. S., & Co., 74 York st
Macdermoit, J. B. (bog ore for gas
purification), 1 1 Botfawell st
Macdonald, Hood & Co., 54 Gordon
Munro, Robert A., & Co., Ltd.,
28 Royal Exchange square
Nelson, D. M., & Co. (oxide of
iron, bog ore for gas purification),
53 Waterloo st
Pitt, Samuel, & Co. (agents),
95 Bath street
Westwood, M'Neill & Co.,
Wolfran Tungsten chrome ores,
&c , 118 Queen street
Wild, J., & Co., 82 Mitchell st
Willis, W. C, & Co , 90 Mitchell st
Blackett & Howden (and tuners),
187 West George st. and at
Ne wcas lie- on- Ty ne
Brindley & Foster, 147 Bath st
Brook, Joseph, & Co. 45 Rottenrow
Harrison & Harrison (of Durham),
50 Wellington st
Henn, B. Felvus, 62 Renfield st
Lewis & Co., Ltd., 916 Sanchiehall
street; house, 90 Minard road,
Marr Wood, J. & Co., Ltd., 42
Buchanan st
Melvin's Patent Hydraulic Organ
Engines, Thos. Meivin & Sons,
Ltd , St. Rollox Iron Works, 28
Charles street
Mirrlees, J. & A., 13 and 19
Cambridge lane, off Cambridgest
contractors for every description
of organ work (established 1811)
Murdoch, M'Kiliop, & Co., Ltd.,
101 Hope street and 202
Sanchiehall st
Norman & Beard, Ltd. (by
royal warrant to H.M. the
King), London, Norwich and
Glasgow, patent pneumatic pedal
attachmentsforpianos; Glasgow
manager, H. Hilsdon, 8 Dorset
street, W. Nat. teL 212 Y 4
Charing cross
Paterson, Sons & Co. 152 Buchanan
Smith, R. & Co. Bath lane, 158
North st ; Nat tel. 233 Charing
Cross; tuners to Corporation of
Glasgow, St. Andrew's Hall
organ. Paisley Town Hall organ,
Govan Town Hall organ, &c., &c.
Thomson, Wm. 3 to 7 Govan rd
Watt, Andrew, 13 Maxwell road ;
estimates given for all kinds of
church and chamber organ work,
tunitg by contract or otherwise
Willis, Henry, & Sons, 8 Sword st
Cochran, Alex, & Co. 97 St.
George's road
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd.,
Stuart Cranston, founder acd
managing director, 28 Buchanan
street, 43 Argyll arcade, and
13 Renfield st
Gardner, A., & Son (carpets), 36
Jamaica st
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co., Ltd., 20
Buchanan street
Macwhinnie, John (carpet importer)
33 Gordon street
Margolis & Salamoa (importers), 3
Muirhead st, s.s
Naismith, King & Co., Ltd., direct
importers of Oriental wares, 180
Ingram st
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd. 45 Buch-
anan st
Walker, L. Willard, 255 Bath st
Allison, Wm., 140 Thi.'^tle st, s.s.
Anderson, T. & B., 266 Rutherglen
Anderson, Miss. 140 Norfolk bt
Armour, Wm. F., 24 Crnmwell st
Baker, Arthur, & Co., Ltd., 17
Union st
Barr, A. & Co 166 Crown st
Baxter, Eliza, 273-275 Sauchie-s
hall st
Bell, M. & R., 25 Langside pi
Black, James, & Co. 2 Bridge st
Boyd, Jas., & Co., 292^ Argyl«
Boyle, E. & A., 90 Dumbarton Td.
Brockie, Robert, 258 Dalmamocb
Brown & Co. 132 Broomielaw
Brown, D., 451 Garscube rd
Brown, Annie. 17 Morrison st
Brown, M. H. (k'lies'), 164 St,
George's road
Burton, Henry, & Co. Ill Bu-
chanan street
Calderwood, Jane, 597 Dalmarnockl
Campbell, Annie, 703 Dumbarton
Charlton, T. R., 20 and 101 Argyle
Clark, Robert (ladies' and children's)
21 Charing Cross mansions
Clyde (The) Outfitting Co., I
James Watt st
Colquhoun, Janet, 126 Paisley rd,,
Comrie & Co., 62 Gallowgate
Copland & Lye, 165 and 167
Sanchiehall st
Costigane, Wm. & J. T., 173 to
185 Argyle st
Couper & Co., 847 Argyle st
Crai.ib, C. & E. 76 Paisley rd., W.
Cruickshank & White, 122 Bu-
chanan st
Dale, Misses M. & M., 680 Cath-
cart road
Devine, Samuel, 115 Crown st
Dewar, John, 221 Cumberland st,
Diack, Mrs., 63 Argyle arcade
Dillon, Henry, 8 Candleriggs
Dunlop, Hugh, & Sons (ladies' and
children's) 528 Sanchiehall st
Ferguson, W. A. 7 1 Gt. Western rd
Forbes, Jas., 171 Eglinton st
Ford, J. & J. (ladies'), 468 Gar-
scube rd
Forsyth, R W., Ltd. (foreign and
colonial, i aval and military),
Renfield st., corter Gordon st
Eraser, Mrs. A., 129 Byres rd
French, R. & Co. 283-285 Sanchie-
hall st
Friedlander, A., & Co.
(tobacconist trade), 23 Royal
Exchange sq
Galloway & Co. 98 Argyle st and
1 Arg\ le arcade
Gilbeit, Emily B., 330 Victoria rd
Glasgow Cloihing Co., rejiH , 57 to
63 Argyle st. (Dunlop st corner)
Goudie, Mrs. Wm. (ladies'), 706
Pollokshaws rd
Graham, Ales., 21 Jamaica st

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