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Nobel Bros., St. Petersburg,
Rnssiau lubricating oils ; agent,
Wm. Houston, 59 St. Vincent st
Orr & Sod, 93 Hope street
PattuUo Bros. 177 Crownpoint rd
Percy & Halden, 54 Gt. Welling-
ton street
Poynter, John, Son, & Macdonalds,
72 Gt. Clyde st
Robertson, W. Cram, & Co., 318
Paisley road
Rockwell Oi! Co. 68 Bath st
Rough, Walter G. & Co. 24
George sq
Sadler & Co., 48 French street
Salveaen, C, & Co. 82 Gordon
Spence, Alexander, & Co., 218
Main street, Gorbals
Storer, James, & Co , Ltd., Bar-
rowfield Oil and Colour Works,
Strathclyde (The) Paint Co, 41
Vermont st , Kinning Park
Tulloch, Wm. & Co. 7 W. Geo. st
Turnbull, James L., & Co., 93
Hope street
United (The) Asbestos Co., Ltd.,
212 Broomielaw
Vacuum Oil Co. 45 Hope st ; Nat.
tel., 1008 Argyle ; P.O. tel.,
Vaivoline Oil Co., Boult Bros.
Dept,, 134 St. Vincent st
Verminck, C. A., & Cie, Mar-
seilles ; sole agents, R. Cowan,
M'Kinnon, & Co., 114 West
Nile st
Yooll, W. Graham, & Co., 47
Oswald street and at Edinburgh
and Leith
Blacklock & Macarthur, 165, 173
West st, Tradeston ; works 102-
118 Dale st, Tradeston, and at
London, Cardiff, and Luton
Crasvford, A. R. (" Keepkool "for
screwing and milling, etc.) 150
Port-Dundas rd
Dick, W. B., & Co., Ltd., Clyde
Oil Works, Crownpoint road ;
office, 24 Queen street
Glasgow (The) hon and Steel Co.,
Ltd. (blast furnace oil), Wishaw
Price's Patent Candle Coy., Ltd. ;
agent, A. D. Newlands, 4 York
The PhcEoix Oil Co , Cleveland,
Ohio, U.S. A; sole agent, A. R.
Crawford, 160 Port-Dundas rd
Adam, Thos. & Co. 31 Bath street
Aim, Wm. L., & Co, 57 and 59
Cornwall st., Kianing park
Allan, John A. G., 50 Wellington
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. Ld.
50 Ructiill st, Maryhill
Anderson, Jas., & Co. ; office, 124
St. Vincent St.; works, 48 Surrey
Anderson & Nicol, 59 Brown st.
off Argyle st
Andrew, B. jun, 12 Waterloo st
Andrews, Hay, & Co., 46 Bilbao
street, s.s.
Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd. 88
St. Vincent street
Baird, Gilbert T. (broker; cod
liver oil, castor oil, olive oil,
&c.), 34 We=t George st
Baird, Robt. & Co. 35 Glassford at
Ballardie, Holden & Co. Clyde
works, Collingwood st., Liver-
Bateman, C. M. & Co. 50 Welling-
ton street
Binney & Son, 101 Bothwell st
Bi'd, Robt. A. & Co. (linseed-, 95
West Regent street
Blacklock& Macarthur; works, 102
to 118 Dale street; offices, 165
to 173 West St. Tradeston, and
at London, Cardiff, and Luton
Borland, Matthew, 118 Broomie-
British Colour Co. (The), 102 Bath
St.; works. Woodside
Brown, D. D., 40 North street,
Brown & Sons, 39 St. Enoch sq
Brown, William, Sons, & Co., 97
Portman str-^et, Kinning Park
Bruce, Jarvis & Co., 61 Bishop st.,
Broxburn Oil Co. (Limited), 28
Royal Exchange square
Bryce & Rumpff, 223 West George
Bryson, John, 16 Cumberland
lane, s.s
Buchanan, Alex., Parkview Oil
Works, 19 Fair ley st
Burmah (Th«) Oil Co. Ltd. 175
West George street
Calder & Armour, 14 Broomielaw
Cameron, M. B., & Co. (creosote
and luc'gen), 69 Buchanan st
Campbell, Arch , & Co., 196 St
Vincent st
Campbell, J. A., & Co., 86 Bishop
st, Anderston
Carruthers, Son, & Co., 70-78 King
St. Tradeston
Clepham, Miss, 35 Elderslie st
Clutba Paint and Oil Co., 31 Gt.
Wellington street
Clydesdale Oil Co. Blantyre
Cooper, Hugh, Burnbank Oil
Woiks, Coventry drive
Cjwan, J. M., & Co., 45 Hope
Craig, James D. 1 1 Bothwell st
Craig, John S. & Co. Ltd., 48-5
Paterson street, s.s.
Craig & Rose, Ld. 85 Cadogaii
Crane, P. Moir & Co. Ltd. Man-
chester; agent, Edwin S. Yates,
17 Oswald st
Cunningham, John, & Co. King-
ston Works, 90 Kinning street
Dalziel & Co., 116 Hope street
Dick, M. C, & Co., 154 Howard st
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton st. Port-
Dick, W. B. & Co. Ltd. 24 Queen
Douglas, Thomas W. & Co. 12;
and 16 Carlton Court
Dowie & Smith 13 M'Neilst
Eadie, Arch. & Co., Ltd., Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,-
54 Cook street
Easson Bros. 48 King st. Mile-end
Elder, W. D., 58 Renfield st
Elsworth, John, & Sons, Ltd., 39
Robertson st
Engelbert & Co. (Geo. Stuart), 83
Reafield st
Fergusson, James, & Co., 31
Laoabhill st, s.s.
Fergusson & Co. 171 Port-Dundas
Ferguson & Menzies, 451 S. Wel-
lington street
Findlater & Co. 19 Waterloo st
Finlay, John, & Co., Ltd., 18 Ren-
field st
Fleming, A. B. & Co. Ltd. HI
Waterloo st
Galloway, M. P., & Co , 74 York
Gas (The) Residual Products Co.
Ltd. 166 Buchanan st
Geddes, David, & Son, 45 Ren-
field street
Geddes, Wm. T., 142 Qufen st
Gemmill, Wm. N. & Co., 142
Queen st
Gibson, Wm. & Co. cork manufrs.
and importers, 57 College st
Glasgow Patents Co. Ltd. 94 Hope
street; works, Kinning Park
Glengarnock (The) Chemical Co.
Ltd. Glengarnock, R.S.O., Ayr-
Graham, Malcolm, & Co.,51 Wilkie
Gray, Mungo, & Co. 94 Hope st
Green shields, Jas. & Co. (creosote
and mineral), 42 Bathst
Gulliland, Allan E., IS Mains st
Guthrie, William, & Co., 68 Ren-
field street
Guy, John, & Co., Carntyne sta.,
Hair, Ivie, & Co. 375 to 389
Dobbie's loan
HaU, C. Wishart, & Co. Elder
Park Oil Works, olF Crossloan
road, Govan

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