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M'Donald, Allan, 456 Duke st
M'DoDald, Andrew, 67 Shamrock
streel, west
iM'Fadyen, John, 4 Morrison st
:MacLachlan, Peter, & Co., pamice
stone and rottenstone, French
chalk, beeswax, carbolic, plum-
bago, bottline; requisites of every
d( stription, 222 St. Vincent st
Mander Bros., varnish and colour
manufacturers, Wolverhampton;
representatives, Wm. H. GrifBn,
j 20 Glasgow St., Billhead, and
j Jas. Hobbs, The Knowe, Bothwell
JMichie, George, 99 Clyde street,
M'Leod, Don. 322 Garscube rd
Meiklem, Arch., & Son, 45 London
Morrison, Robert, & Co. 64-70
Howard street
Morrison, Robt., junr., 77 Great
Hamilton st
Murray, T. 410a Parliamentary rd
Nicol, J. W. & Co. 15 High
Parkhead Varnish, Paint, &
Colour Co., 75 Sorby st., Park-
Paterson, R. L. & Co., 298 Aber-
cromby st
Paterson, T. C. 231 Duke st
Kodgers, John, 248 Garngad rd
Rough, Walter G. & Co. 24
George square
Roe, Mrs. Mary, 65 Carrick st
Scheu, Charles, & Co., 55 Cadogan
Scott, Jas. & John G., 309
Dobbie's loan
Sharp, A. M., 59 King street,
Smith, Alex. & J T., 222 Parlia-
mentary road
Smith & Rodger, 32 to 38 Elliot
St. Cranstonhill
Storer, James, & Co. Ltd., 201
Reid st, Bridgeton
Taylor, Aiidrew, 47 Oswald street
The Firhill Lia>e and Whiting Co.,
Ltd., 60 Firhill road
Verel Bros., 169 West George st
Walker, James B, 13 Shamrock st
Wallace, Arthur A. 34 Eglinton st
White, Hendry, 38 Brown sirtec
Wilkinson, Hey wood & Clark, Ltd.,
7 Caledonian rd., London; repre-
sentatives, Donald Macdiarmid,
35 Bishop road, Jordannill, and
Henry A. Kidd, 571 Sauchie-
hall street,
Williams, Owen, 166 Garngad
Young & Macfarlane, 11 West
Regent st
Acme Engine Co., Ltd. ; works,
Budhill avenue
Campbell (The) Gas Engine Co.
Ltd. 104 Rath st
Crossley Bros., Ltd., 217 St.
Vincent street
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd., 49
Roberson st
Fairbanks Co. (Tlie), 64 and 56
Bothwell st
Gardner Engines ; agent, Percy
Lowcock, 1 116 West Regent st
Landale, Alfred, & Co., oil
engines, stationary, poriable and
marine, 100 Port-Duudas road
Mirrlees (The) Watson Company,
Ltd., 45 Scotland st
National (The) Gas Engine Co.
Ltd., 195 Si. Vincent st
Petters, James B., & Sons, Ltd.,
Ye jvil ; Kerr & Crawford, repre-
sentatives for Scotland, Rich-
mond Chambers, 145 Bath st.
Telegrams, "Utility." Glasgow;
teL Nos.— P.O. 4638; Nat.
151 D,.uglas
Taogyes Limited, 111 Hope st
Albrethson, A. & Son (fish oils, cod
liver oil), 4 1 Ann st
Andrews, Hay & Co., 46 Bilbao
street, s.s.
Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd , 88
St. Vincent st
Baird, Gilbert T. (cod liver oil,
Cisior oil, olive oil, &c.), 34 W.
George st
Blacklock & Macarthur, 165 to 173
West St., Tradeston ; works,
102, 118 Dale st., Tradeslon,
and at London, CardiflF, and
Bell & Butler (cod liver oil), 41
Buchan st
Boyd, David T.,& Co. (cottonseed
oils and stearines), 50 Wellington
Brown, D. D. 40 North st. White-
Bryce & Rumpff, 223 W. George
Cluthi Paint & Oil Co., 31 Gt.
Wfllington st.
Cooper, Henry G. & Co. 105 W
George street
Craig, James D. 11 Bothwell
si ret- 1
Craig & Rose, Ltd., 85 Cadogan
Cresswell's Asbestos Co., Ltd., 11
Bothwell st
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton street.
Port Dundas
Dick, W. B. & Co. Ltd. 24 Queen
Eadie, Arch. & Co. Ltd. Tradeston
Paiut, Oil, and Grease Works, 54
Cook street
Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, 130-136
Bishop St. Port- Dundas
Ferguson & Timpson (lubricat-
ing), Baltic Chambers, 50
Wellington st ; also at London ;
telegraphic address, '' Polarity,"
Fyfe, J. R. & Co., 19 Queen st
Geddes, David, & Son, 45 Renfield
Glasgow (The) Chemical Co., Ltd.,
13 M'Neil st
Guliiland, Allan E. 18 Mains st
Hall, C, Wishart & Co., Elder
Park Works, Govan
Halliday & Provan, 37 Bishop st,
Hamilton, J. & D. 118 Queen st
Henderson, Hogg & Co. 15 Cado-
gan street
Hinshelwood, Thos., & Co., Ltd ,
Glasgow Oil, Colour, Paint, and
Varnish Works, Glenpark st
Hird, Hastie, & Co. Kinning Park
Oil Works, 73 Park st
Hollywood, Wm. & Co. 36, 36a
King st, Tradeston
Homelight Oil Co., Ltd., 29 St
Vincent place
Hutchison, Main & Co., Ltd.,
Springvale Works, Cowlairs
Kennedy& Reid, 18-26 Helenvale st
Jaraieson & Co., 106 Clyde street,
JohnstoLe, James, & Co. (Glas-
gow), Ltd., 8, 16 George st,
Mile- end
Leggat, Robert, & Co., Baltic
Chambers, 60 Wellington st
Listen, Robert, & Company, 51
Crawford st. s.s.
MacArthur & Jackson, 96, 98
Dobbie's loan
Macintyre, Thos. & Co. 300-316
Dobbie's loan
Mackenzie, James, & Sons, 120
Wellington st
M'Kinnon, R. Cowan, & Co., 114
West Nile street
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. pumice-
stone, rottenstone, French chalk,
bees-wax, carbolic, plumbago,
bottling requisites of every de-
scription, 2;i2 St. Vincent st
MacLellan, Lewis & John, 66, 67
and 130 Port-Dundas rd
M'Lintock, James, & Co., 200
Petershill rd
M'Morland. J. A., 98 W. George st
Marks & Johnston, 121-146 Gt.
Eastern road
Mathews, IVIaclay & Manson,
104 Hydepark st
Montgomerie, Stobo, & Co., Lti.;
17 Houston pi, Houston st
Morrison, Robt. & Co. 64-70
Howard st
Motherwell, B. & Son, 66, 67 N.
Wallace st
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. Mavis-
bank quay, s.s.

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