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Jraby, F., & Co., Ltd ,
j Works, Petershill road
Srown, Hugh, & Co. 54 Robert-
son street
Oljde Nail Co., Ltd., Newton
proggon & Co. Lid. (galvanised
; cut wire, copper and composi-
l tion slate nails), 7 John street,
[ city
IConnop Brothers, Cradley Heath
(wrought nails) , agent, J. J. H.
Crnikshank, 95 Bath st
iiDonald, J. T., & Co., Ltd., 35
I M'Alpine st ("Eagle" brand
horse-shoe nail)
i'Fletcher, Parker & M'Alpine,
; 100 Dunlop st
iKJardner & Gteenshields, all kinds
i of slate nails (galvanised,
f copper, &c.), 8 Dixon st
Henderson, Chas., & Co. (brass &
copper), 73 Robertson st
Hill, Thos. & Co. valuators of
I machinery, 66 and 68 Robert-
son street
Johnstons Ltd., slate nails, all
kinds, 74 York st; warehouse,
York lane, '28 York st
MacLellan, P. & W., Ltd., 129
Moenich, Oscar & Co., Lon-
don ; repre., A. MDougall,
Davaar, North ave, Yoker
Motherwell, Wm. & Co. (moulders'
wrought pipe nails), 32 Portinan
Northern (The) Steel and Hard-
ware Co. (Glasgow), Ltd. large
importers of wire nails, all sizes
kept in stock, 4 & 6 Stockwell
Potter, Thomas, 41 Cumberland
st, E.
Richards, Thomas R., 41 Ann
Rivet, Bolt, and Nut Co., Ltd. 74
York st
Smith, Peter, copper nails, 112
Bath st
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. (all sorts), 28 to 32 Oswald
Young, Wm., & Sons, 118-122
Botiraell st
Blacklock & Macarlhur, 165 to
173 West st, Trddeston ; works,
102 to 118 Dalest, Tradeston ;
and at London, Cardiff, and
Bird, Hastie & Co. (shale and coal
tar naphtbas), Kinning park Oil
Works, 73 Paikst
Hogg, Charles, & Co., 44 West
George st
Eou^h, Waher G., & Co., 24
George square
Hamilion, Robert, & Son, con-
tractors for the laying of light
railways through works, ship-
yards, &c.,Tuistle Truck Works
M'Gregor, D. & Co., Ltd. (for
preparing masters, mates, and
yachtsmen for Board of Trade
examinations), 40 Clyde place
Dobbie, M'Innes, Ltd. 45 Bothwell
Hunters (dealers in all kinds), 305-
309 Argyle st. and 27 Trongate
Kelvin & James White, Ltd.
(makers of Lord Kelvin's — Sir
Wm. Thomson's — patent com-
pass and sounding machine), 16
to 20 Cambridge st
Lewis, W. & R. (soundiDg and
log lines), 116 Broomielaw
M'Gregor, D. & Co. Ltd. retail
and for export, 37 Clyde place
MacNicoll & Co. (patent Triton
Log, 80s. 6d.), 6 Dixon st
Whyte, Thomson, & Co., 144
Biles, Gray & Co., 175 West
George st
Buchanan, John H., AM.LC.E.,
M.I.N. A., 5 Oswald st
Dunlop, John, 50 Wellington st
Ewen, C. L'Estrange, A.M.I.N.A,,
45 Hope st
Gordon, A. M. M.I.N.A. Baltic
Chambers, 50 Wellington st
M'Farlane, Geo. M.I.N.A (and con-
sulting engineer) (of A.R. Brown,
M'Farlane & Co. Ltd.), 34 West
George street
M'Lareu, Thomas, & Co., 10
Bothwell st
MacNicoll, Nicol, M.I.N.A.,
M.LE.S. (of MacNicoll & Co.
consulting engineers, &c.), 6
Dixon street
Mollison & King, 68 Gordon st
Mylue, A., 81 Hope st
Nicol, Thomas, 93 Hope st
Reid, John, & Co., (and consulting
engineers), Baltic Chambers, 50
Wellington st. and 95 Leaden-
hall St., London, E.C.
Robertson, Duncan, M.LN.A., 29
Waterloo st
Scott, Arcb., 8 Kenmure st, Pol-
Seath, T. B. & Co., 121 St Vin-
cent st
Steele, Jas., E. B., Sc, 16 Kew
gardens, Ruthven st
Wallace & Co., 153 St. Vincent st
Watson, George L. & Co. 63 Boih-
vfell street
Wemyss, George B., M.I.N.A., 5
Oswald st
Kenning, Geo. & Son (shipping
companies' and yacht clubs' gold
and silver laces, braids, cords,
buttons, ornaments, badges, &c),
9 Howard street, and at
London, Liverpool, and Man-
Acme Rope and Twine Works, 9
Howard st
Gourocb (The) Ropework Co., Ltd.,
fishing, garding, and other nets,
264 Paisley rd
Mackay, Donald (garden), 61
Ingram st
Mackay, Neil 66 Howard st
Royal Glaigow Asylum for the
BUnd, 100 Castle st
Aird, Miss Isa S., 389 Eglinton st
Aitken, Geo. 171 Dumbarton rd
Allan, Mrs. R., 216 Possil road
Anderson, Fergus, 1401 Argyle st
Annandale, Miss, 1041 Cathcart rd
Armour, Piobt. N , 22 Lambbill st
Bain, Robert, 384 Rutherglen rd.
Banks, Henry C, 395 G. Eastern
Barr, Archd., 538 Gallowgate
Bell, Mrs. David, 354 Scotland st
Black, Elizabeth. 13 iVIoore st
Boland, Mary, 81 George st
Bond, John, 371 South York st
Brodie, Mrs. Annie, 162 Caider st
Brown, Allan, 526 Rutherglen rd
Brown, Henry, 93 W. Graham st
Brown, Isa, 176 Saltmarket st
Buchanan, William, 13 Paisley
road, Weft
Carruthers, R B , 11 Victoria rd
Cook, David, 157 Kent rd
Commercial Compendium (The),
Thursday, 156 St. Vincent st
Craig, Alex. 501 Victoria road
Craig, W. & F., 1008 Cathcart rd
Crawford, William, 192 Saltmarket
Crawford, Thos., 48 Ibrox St.,
Cunningham, James, 969 Dum-
barton road, Whiteinch
Curtis, Chas. 8 Saltmarket
Curtis, Frederick, 159 Allison t
Dick.on, Wm. W., 282 St
George's road
Dickson, Miss E , 236 Main st, s.s.
Dingley, George, 203 High street
Docherty, Daniel, 136 Stockwell st

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