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Hall, Jno. C, & Co., 278a St. Vin-
cent at
M'CulIoch & Co. 15 1 A W. Regent st
Malloch, C.& J., 304 St. Vincent
Meikle, Wm. & Sons (industrial
art studios), 19 Wellington st
Metallic Art Co., Ltd. (brass me-
morial plates), 53 Waterloo st
Paterson, Oscar & Co., 18 Blyths-
wood sq. and 167 W. Regent st
Stewart, J. T. & C. E. Stewart
(permanent procejs), 15 Elm-
bank street
Robertson, Wm., & Sons (brass
memorial plates, &c.), 62 Argjle
British and Foreign Glass Co. 45
St. Enoch square
Fletcher & Sons, 834 Argyle st
Graham & Noble, 68 Stockwell st
Henderson, Francis, Ltd., 79 Can-
dleriggs; telegrams, " Raffia "
Milligan, David, 113 Albion st
Institute W. Schimmelpfeng,
Gordon chambers, 82 Mitchell st
(manager, C. Thomson) ; bead
oflSce for Great Britain ana
Ireland, 137 Cheapside, London,
E.C.; also at Manchester,
Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels,
Budapest, Constantinople. Paris,
Vienna, St. Petersburg, Zurich,
African Lakes Corporation, Ltd.,
45 Renfield st
Agar, Cross & Co., 30 George sq
Aird & Pollock, 93 dope st
Aitchison, Archd. (glass and lead
merchants' agent), 37 and 53
Bisbop St., Anderston
Aitken & Co., 147 Bath street
Allan, F. W. & Co. 125 Buchanan
Anderson, Jas. & Co., 124 St
Vincent st
Anderson, J. D., & Co. (iron,
stee), metals, all descriptions), 5
West Regent street
Armour & Co. (foreign), 96 Ren-
field st
Armour, W. N. & Co. (foreign), 40
W. Nile st
Bairnson Bros., 74 York st
Bairnson, Jas. 11 Both well street
Barclay & Mathieson, 159
Centre street, s.s.
Barnett, Hu. & Co. 4 Springfield
court, 69 Queen street
Barnet, John (upholstery), 73 Rob-
erison st
Barr, James C, 180 Hope st
Beckett, Cnnliffe & Co., 149 West
George st
Binning, .John, 116 Hope st
Binning, Robert, 116 Hope street
Birrell, Geo. Gilchrist, 81 Dunlop
Bischoff & Co., Ltd., 112 Bath st
Black, John, & Co., 105 West
George st
Blackley, Young, & Co. 70 Wel-
lington street
Boy d^ David T., & Co. (Florida and
Tennessee phosphates), 50 Well-
ington 8t
Braby, Fred, & Co., Ltd., Eclipse
Works, Petershill rd
Brand, Adam & Co., Ltd., 8
Welhngton street
Brown, Gray & Co., 20 and 28
York st
Brown, J. M., 53 Bothwell at
BrowD, James T., 72 Waterloo st
Brown, Sons & Co. (Brazilian),
75 Buchanan street
Bruce, Jas., & Co., 40 Wellington st
Bruce, Wallace & Co., 40 Welling-
ton street
Bryce & Rumpflf, 223 W. George st
Buchanan, H. P. & Co. (East
India), 58 Bothwell st
Bulloch, Lade & Co., Ltd. (wine &
spirits, wholesale), 4 Bothwell st
Bunten, James, & Co. 88 St.
Vincent st
Bunten, Wm., & Co., Gordon cham-
bers, 90 Mitchell st
Campbell, Achnach & Co. (india-
rubber), Thistle Rubber Mills,
I1O-II2 Comme ce st., s s.
Campbell & Co., 74 York st
Cargills, Ltd. East India, 175 W.
George st
Carruthers, Son, & Co. 70-78 King
street, Tradeston
Cassils, Chas. W. & Co. 13 St. Vin-
cent place
Chamberlain & Co., 19 Waterloo st
Chisholms & Hendry Bros., Ltd.,
28 Robertson st
Clark, Walter A., & Co. (East
India), 41 St. Vincent place
Clavering, Thos., Son, & Co., 105
West George st
Cochrane, J. J. & Co, 46 Com-
mercial road
Cochran, E. & A., & Co., 87
M 'Alpine st
Connell, John T., & Co., 141
Elderslie st
Cowie Bros. & Co. (export), 20
Biythswood square
Craig & Rose, Ltd., oils, paint, and
varnish, 85 Cadogan street
Crailsheim & Herman, Limited
(foieign), 2 West Regent st
Crawford, David, & Co. 59 Bath st
Crookston Bros. 188 St. Vincent
Crnickshank, WUliam, & Co. 121
West George street
Currie, Thomson & Co. (india
rubber), 45 Jamaica street
Davidson, David, & Co., 11 West
Nile st
Dick, Geo. Handasyde & Co. (East
India), 30 Renfield street
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton street.
Port Dundas
Dick, Wm. R. (export), 13 South
Exchange place
Dickson & Tannock (trimming)
30 Gordon street
Donald, James T., & Co., Ltd., 35
M 'Alpine st
Dove, John (baskets and peram-
bulators), 31-33 St. Andrew's
street and 1 St. Andrew's sq
Duffus, Wm , Royal Exchange
Duncan, Walker, & Co. (East
India), 137 West George st. and
75 Renfield st
Dunn, Jaunes, & Sons, 1 14 St. Vin-
cent street
Dunn, James, 86 Wilson street
Eadie, Archd. & Co. Ltd. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,
54 Cook street
Easson Bros. 48 King st. Mile-end
Edmiston & MitcheUs, 33 Renfield
Edwards, Cunliffe & Co. (foreign),
15 5a St Vincent street
Ewing, Wm. & Co. (foreign), 45
Renfield ai
Falconer, Geo., Son & Co. , 8 John st
Fergus, James, & Co., 58 York
Ferguson, Malcolm & Co. 67 Great
Clyde street
Ferguson & R^id, 109 Hope street
Ferguson, Sons & Co., 63 St.
Vincent st
Ferguson & Timpson, dealers
in asbestos and rubber goods of
every description. Special joint-
ings for high pressures and super-
heated steam, ammonia, alkalies,
&c. To be used where no other
joints will stand. Packings for
high and low pressures, also for
water, ammonia, and steam
hammers, Baltic Chambers, 50
Wellington St., also at London;
telegraphic address, "Polarity,"
Findlater & Co. (oil), 19 Waterloo st
Finlay, Jas. & Co., 22 West Nile
Findlay, Jas. & Co. 30 Gordon
Findlay, Jos. & Co. 113 Virginia pi
Fisken, J. J., & Brodie, 35 Miller
Flanagan Bros., Keppoch Farm,

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