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Howat, D. G. &Co. 21, 29 Muslin
St., Bridgeton
Lang & Co. (muslin curtains,
Madras, and art fabrics), 150
Ingram St., and 4 John st
Kerr, Henry H., & Co. (bleached
cotton damasks, napkins, dia-
pers, &c., gambroons, and ^hite
• and coloured witjcey^), I'O
Crownpoint st
Macintyre, J. & J., 131 Gramme st,
oflF High st
Miller, Peter 79 St. George's pi
Mitchell, A. Jun.'s Sons, 1 1>7
John street
Whytlaw, R. A. Son & Co. Grove-
park Mills, 188 N. Woodside rd.
Wilding Bros. Ltd. Preston (fancy
grey cloths for dnes skirtings) ;
agents, D. & J. Murray, 13 and 17
Argyle st
Wilson, D., & Co., 14 and 22 King
st, city; also at Abercorn Weav-
ing Mills, Paisley
(Cotton Waste and Sponge
Easson Bros., 48 King st, Mile-end
Findlay, Joseph, & Co. 113 Vir-
ginia place; telephones, Nat.,
3220 Royal; P.O,, 8220
M'Coard, Wm. & Son, spinners,
twisters, and manufacturers,
Whitevale mills, East Nelson
street, east end of Gallowgate.
Telephone No., Nat., 2559
(Skirtings and Dress Goods )
Black & Borthwick, 33 Dunlop st
Clark & Struthers, 73 Dunlop st
Greenlees & Lambie, 34 Albion st
M'Ghie, Peter, shirtmakers, 45
Montrose st
Macintyre, J. & J. 131 Grasme st
Priestley's Ltd., Bradford (dress
fabrics), 142 Queen st
Prestwich, S. & J. ; agents, John
Henderson & Co., 16 Prince's
square, Buchanan st
Ritchie, jame^, & Co., 77 Queen st
Rule & Greenlees, 22 Montrose st
Latham, Walter, & Son, 63 Gor-
don st
"TURPA," Registered.
Argentine distillation extensively
used instead of American tur-
pentine; M'Donald, Scott &
Co., 15 and 17 Burns street;
P.O. tel.,5769
Adams, W. J., & Co., Ltd., Man-
chester (elastic fabrics, small
wares, braids, &c.); agents,
A. J. Larke & Co., 74 Miller
Aim, W. L. & Co. (paints, colours,
varnishes, brushes), 57 and 69
Cornwall st., Kinning park
Aitken, Campbell, & Co. Ltd. 99
Glassford st
Alexander, H. & A. G. & Co., Ld
patentees and rnanufrs. of the
celebrated "Triumph" adjustable
baby-chair (Plant's patent lever
action), patent " Restuwell"
base or platform rocking-chair
with spring rockers, base rock-
ing - chairs (ordinary), patent
"Ayanco" leg- rest for base
rocking chairs, Sanspareil
swing rocking - chair, divan,
easy chairs, diaing room
suites, patent bed chairs and
bed couches, patent barbers'
chairs, piano stools, music
cabinets, coal vases, coal cabi-
nets, bedroom commodes, white
wood goods for pokering
or hand-painting, and every
description of folding - chair,
steamer chair, camp and steamer
stools, &c., Esstfield, Ruther-
glen ; Glasgow representative,
L. Levy, 24 Queen st
Ander.son, Jas. & Co., office, 124
St. Vincent st. ; works, 48 Surrey
Anderson, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 12
Prince's square
.\ndrews & Co. 74 Glassford st
Armstrong, Matthew, 127 Great
Hamilton st
Arthur & Co. (Ltd.), 78 Queen
Baird, Archd. & Son, Ltd., Pea-
cock Cross, Hamilton
Ballantyne, J. M. & Co. 6 St Vin-
cent place
Barbour & Co., 46 John st
Ban, M. & Co. (oilskin clothing,
patent dry finish) 68 Glassford
Bt and Crown Factory, Kyle st.
P.O. tel., 240 Bell.— -See Advt.
in App,
Bell, J. & M. P. & Co. Limited,
Glasgow Pottery, StaflFord st
Bethell, T. B., & Co., Coventry
(hoot and belt elastic web) ;
agents, A. J. Larke & Co., 74
Miller st
Black Peter, 22 Chisholm st
Blacklock & Macarthur, paints and
varnishes ; offices, 165-173 West
St.; works and stores, 102-118
Dale street, Tradeston, and at
London, Cardiff, and Luton
Blakey, J. H. Raicliffe (ropes,
twines, bandings, and small-
wares); agents, A. J. Hastie &
Co., 74 Miller st
Blythe, William, & Co., Ltd.
(chemical), 95 Bath st
Boardman Bros., Manchester
(engine packings, waste and
sponge cloths), 99 Waterloo st
Bond, J. W., & Co., Birmingham
(shoe, tips and grindery nails);
agents, A. J. L^rke & Oft, 74
Miller st
Bowie & Co. Netherby, Gathcart
Brand, Aiiara,& Co. 8 Wellington st
Brash & Co., 37 Jamaica street
Brooke, George (dressmakers',
upholsterers', and coachbuilders'
buttons and studs ; customers
own material made up), 20
Union st
Brooks & Hamilton (muslin), 14
Ingfim street
Broom ward Weaving Co., Ltd.;
mills, Bernard st, Bridgeton ;
office, 24 George square
Brown, Graham & Co. (muslins),
1 1 George sq
Bryden, John & Sons (electric
bells, telephones, and window
lifts, blinds), 60 Rentield st
Burnett, John, & Co. (skirts, cos-
tumes, &c.), 133 Renfield st
Cairns, Ales., & Sons (marmalade
and jam), Clark st. Paisley
Caldwell Bro?., 43 Virginia st
Cameron, John L. (shirtings), 21
Argyle st
Campbell, Achnach & Co. (india-
rubber and waterproof). Thistle
Rubber aiills. 110-112 Com-
merce st
Campbell, A., & Co. (blouse and
skirt), 78 M'Alpine st
Campbell, Cameron & Co. uphol-
sterers' trimmings, 195 Argyle st
Cash, J. & J. (frilling),24 Queen st
Cash, J. & J. (ribbons),24 Queen st
Cash, J. & J. (woven names), 24
Queen st
Clark, Grierson & Co. 11 Virginia
Clark, J. Mason, & Co. (successors
to Jas. Fraser & Sons), 184
Ingram st
" Clydesdale " Horse and Cattle
Condiment atid Ponltry Food
makers, 27, 29 Rutherglen rd
Coatbridge Gas Co. (gas), 84
and 86 Burnbank st. Coatbridge
Cochrane, J. J., & Co. (lappet
muslins), 46 Commercial rd
Connal & Bannatyne (blouses,
skirts, pinafores, bibs, under-
clothing, &c.), 341 Argyle .Jt
Cooper, Corah, & Sons, 26 Jam-
aica st
Cooper & Co. 8 to 38 Howard

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