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London (The) Emery Works Co.,
makers of every class of grind-
ing and polishing machines; also
moulding and core making ma-
chines, sand mixers and core
ovens ; sole agents, A. P. New-
all & Co. 57 Hope st
Loudon Bros., Lid., 39 West
Campbell street
Low Moor Co. Ltd., Low Moor
Iron Works, Bradford; agent,
Jas. G. Young, 196 St. Viucent
M'CuUoch Bros. 59 Elcho street
Macdonald, Adamson, Swinburne
& Co., Ltd., '^56 Argyle st;
telegrams, " Paragon," Nat.
tel. 152 Argyle; P.O. lel. 1522
M'Gee, Walter, & Son. Ltd., Albion
Works, Laighpwk, Paisley
M'Glasban, John, & Co. Albany
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
M'Onie, A. & P. W. Cessnock
Engine Works, Govan
Mathieson, Alex. & Sons (Lim.),
9 to 13 Ean Campbell street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electric
motors for driving machines), 47
Broad street. Mile- end
Melvin, Thomas, & Sons, Limited,
St. Rollox Iron Works, Charles st
Menzies, James, & Co., 52 Mount
Morton Manuf'ng. Co. Muskegon
Heights, Michigan, U. S. A.
(American machine tools); sole
agt. W. F. Ritchie, 47 Water-
loo st
Muir & Forsyth, 97 St. James
Noble & Lund, Ltd. ; representa-
tive, Albert J. Kinghorn, Cale-
donian Chambers, 87 Union st
Reid, Thos., & Sons, entiineers,
piano loom card catting mac-
hines, Thread st., Paisley — See
Advt. in Appenaix
Ritchie, Jamei, Glenavon En-
gineering Works, Sawmill road
and Mdton st., Partick
Rivet (The), Bolt, and Nut Co.
Ltd. 74 York st
Smith, A, & W. & Co. Ltd. 57
Cook St. s.s.
Smith Brothers & Co., makers
of shipyard machinery. Park St.,
Kinuing park
Smith & Christie, 115 to 127
James street, Bridgeton
Smith, Hugh, & Co., Ltd., PossU
Engine Works, Possil road
Textile Appliances, Ltd.; registered
offices, 33 Rentield st.; works,
118 Napiershall St.; tel. No. 59
Charing Cross; telegraphic ad-
dress, '* Carver," Glasgow
Thomson, Thomas, 284 Debbie's
White, John, 57 and 59 Anderson
street, E.
Young, Andrew, & Son, 15 High
Craighall road
Allison, John, & Co, 106 Both-
well street
Arbutkle, Smith & Co., storage
of new and old machinery, 63a
St. Vincent st
Bennie, Wm., & Sons, 85 James st,
Butters Bros. & Co. 20 Waterloo st
Central (The) Iron and Machinery
Co., Ill Union st
Clyde (The) Machine Tool Co.,
Gordon chambers, 90 Mitchell st
Clyde (The) Salvage Co., Ltd.,
4 Howard st
Clydeside Storage Co., 1 to 9
Commerce st
Dick-Cleland, Harper & Co., 49
Jamaica street
Dimmack, A. & R., 11 Bothwell st
Dimmack, George, & Co., 75
Buchanan street
Donaldson, P., & Co., 97 Clyde st.,
Dunlop,Thos. & Co. 25 Wellington
Fleming & Co., 31 Robertson st
Ford, James, 51 Bluevale st
Hamilton, W., 95 Bath street
Hannah, Wm. 9 Washington st
Jackson, John, & Co. (mer-
chants), Balmoral Iron Yard,
South St. Scolstoun
Kerr, Wm. & Co. Greenbauk St.,
Govan rd. ; telephone No. 1740
South side
King, Robert A. & Co. 52 St.
Enoch sq
Letham, J., Whifflet, Coatbridge
M'Cormick & Campbell, 132
Stobcross st
M'Creadie, D. 83 King st. city
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
Martin Bros. ; stores, 7 and 9
Cessnock st ; yard, at Cessnock
subway station
Eiddel, John H. 40 St Enoch sq
Rigg, William, 93 Hope st
Robinson, John, & Co., 250 Aber-
cromby street
Sharp, R. Sannyside rd. Coatbridge
Smith & Christie, 115-127 James
St. Bridgeton
Smith, James, 51 Commerce st
Smith, Matthew W. 14 Fairley st
Stobie, John, & Co. 17 Finnieston
Wilson, Jas. 284 Debbie's loan
Woodrow, Alex. 26 East Miller
Donald, Jamei T., & Co., Ltd., 36
M 'Alpine .st
Finlayson, T. G. & Co., Atlas
Works, Airdrie
Kerr, J. B., 6 Wellington st
Moore Machinery Co., 121 St. Via-
cent street and 116 Hope street;
show-rooms, 31 and 37 Canning
St., Bridgeton
Smith & Christie, 115-127 James
St., Bridgeton
Thomas, Peter, & Co., 37 Jamaica
Brown, Robt., &; Co., 12 Espe-
dair St., Paislev
Metallic Art Co., Ltd. (The),
63 Waterloo st
Allan & Bogle (to the aerated
water, wine, spirit and beor
trades), 246 and 248 Aber-
cromby street
Bennie, Jas. & Sons, Clyde Engine
Works, Cardonald
Butters Bros. & Co. 18, 20 Water-
loo st
Carlaw, D. & Sons, manufacturers
of specialties, 11 Finnierton St.;
telephone Nos., P.O. 1262, and
National 363 Argyle
Carrutbers, J. H., & Co., Ltd.,
HamiltOB st Polmadie
Clark son & Beckitt, Mary hill
En^iiae Works, Maryhill ; tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 10 Maryhill,
P.O.M 18
Dempster, Moore, & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson street
Donald, G. & Co. 18 No. Portland
Dron & Lawson, Ltd. Cranstonhill,
Tool Works, 59 Elliot street;
telfphoneNos.jNat. 693 Argyle;
P.O. 2444 ; telegraphic address,
" Reamer." Glasgow
Galbreath, G. R. (automatic turn-
ings), 2,3 Glasgow st
Landfcll, William. 106 Trongate,
and Silvan Works, 187 Broad
street. Mile- end
Linwood (The) Machine Tool Co.,
Ltd., 8.3 John street, Govan
Macdonald, Adamson, Swinburne
& Co., Ltd., 256 Argyle st.;
telegrams, " Paragon," tel.
Nat. 162 Argyle; P.O. 1622
MacLellan, P. & W., Ld. 129 Tron-
Rivet, Bolt and Nut Co., Ltd., 74
York street
The Hunter Motor Engineering
Co., Ltd., 49-51 Pitt street

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