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Barringer, Wallis & Manners, Ltd.,
printers on tin, Mansfield ; rep-
resentative for Scotland, J. W.
Drew Simmons, 69 Buchanan
St., Glasgow; tels., "Manners,
Glasgow"; P.O. phone 4699
Beattie, Jas., 101 St. Vincent st
Begg, Kennedy* Elder, 33 Hopest
Beg;g, Clunie & Russell, 70 and 72
Waterloo st
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Bigtjar, John, 16 Laven st., Pollok-
Brown, J. Finlay (writer & artist),
112 Bath street
Brown, John, 8 Gordon street
Brown, John. & Gray, 63 West
Regent street
Brownlee, Thos., 65 Jama'ca st
Brownlie, Wm. Ltd. 116 James
street, Bridge ton
Bruce, James, 42 West Nile street
Bryson, A. & Co. Lid. 92 Trongate
Buchanan, Young & Co., 75
Bums, A. C, 383 Saachiehall st,
and 46 Argvle arcade
Calder, Jn. & Co. 126 Renfield st
Calderwood, M'llraith & Co., 109
Cameron, Jas , Ltd., 100 Cow-
caddens st
Campbell, A. & Co. 66-60 Hut-
cheson street
Campbell. Duncan, & Son, 96 St
Vincent st
Campbell & Tudhope, 45 Crans-
ton St.
Carson & Nicol, 12 & 14 Bath
Carter & Pratt, Ltd., 3 Sj Hanover
St.; works, 51 lo o6 Canal st.,
Port Eglinton
Cochran Bros., 70 Uuion st
Collins, W. Sons, <b Co. (Limited).
Harriot Hill Worhs, 141
Cathedral st
Cooper, J. C, 15 Drury st
Crawford, John, 128 S luchiehall t,t
Crockett & Co. 11-19 Queen st
Currie & Co., 71 Morrison st
Dawson, Wm., writer, 48 Dundas
Dickie & Inglis, City Stationery &
Priilting Works, 91 James st.,
Bridgf-ton cross
Donaldoon Jas. & Co.l98 Buchanan
Donegan, P. & Co., 64 Howard
Drummond Cairns & Co., 57
Mitche'l st
Dnnn, James, 11 Both well st
Eadie, Robert, artist, 101 St.
Vincent street
Eadie, W. Anderson, 21 Drury
Ewing, A. C, 136 Trongate
Ferguson, W. M., 116 St. Vincent
Findlay, Jas. 7 Mitchell lace
Fonnan, Thos., & Sons (commercial
posters and show cards in colours
a specialty), 15 Gordon street,
and Nottingham
Forrest Ss Son, 11 to 19 Bishop
St., Anderston cross
Forsyth, Robt., 17 Oswald st
Gardner, R., & Co. Ltd. (parlia-
mentary, engineering, chromo,
and general draughtsmen, en-
gravers, photo mechanical,
printers and embossers), 136,
138 George st
Gibson, Jas. H, & Son, 81 St
George's pi
Gilfillan, D., & Co. 19 Candle-
Gillespie, Thos. 57 West Nile st
Gillespie, Thos. 63a St. Vincent
Gilmour & Dean, Ltd., 50 North
Hanover street
Glass, Chas. & Co. 43 Mitchell st
Gorman, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 107
Clyde St., Anderston
Gourlie, John F., 65 Peel street,
Hall, P. W. (printing lithographic
ink manufacturer), 28-32 Kyle
street, Dobbie's loan
Hamilton, John L. & Co. 39 West
George st
Harper, Jas., & Co., 58 Buchanan
street and 69 Queen st
Heatheiill, James, & Go. 119 Bath
Hepburn, Robt., 104 Renfrew st
dill & Hodge (artists and poster
designers), 116 St. Vincent st
Hill, Thomas, & Co., auctioneers
and valuators, 66 and 68
Robertson st
Horn, John, Ltd. 149-195 Howard
Jack & Carrick, 62 Argyle st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for register-
ing patents, trade marks, and
labels ; handbook on registration
gratis ; 37 W. Nile st. (St. Vin-
cent St. corner)
Johnston, Ltd., W. & A. K.,
Castle chambers, 65 W. Regent
Kennedy, A. & W., Ltd., Dolphin
Works, Pollokshaws
Kennedy, Roberton & Co., Ltd., 9
W. Regent St.; works, 20 Renfrew
Kennedy, Thomas, 29-31 Glassford
Kerr & Richardson, Ltd., Tower
Works, 58 Renfrew st
Kirk, Bros., 209 Hope st
Laidlaw & Fraser, 15 Drury st
Laidlaw, Wm. P. & Son, 80 St
Vincent street
Lang, J. Ramsay (artist), 65 West
Regent street
Lawrie, R. H, & Co.,33 Virginia
Lawson, John, 22 Argyle st
Lawson, Robert, & Sons, 194a St.
Vincent street
Leggat Brothers, 107 Bishop street,
Leitch, Wm. M. 76-80 London
Lightowler, Charles (Leeds), fine
art printer and maker of de-
corated tin boxes, and all kinds
of embossed tin show cards; rep.
R. J. Shannon, 128 Hope st
Lithgow, S., 104 Cumbeiland st.,
Little & M'lrne^, 24 Howard st
Livingstone, Bros. 85 Maxwell st
Logan, William, & Co. 51 Dundas
Lumsdan, Jas., Son & Co., Ltd.,
21 York st
Lyon, Wm. 389 Sauchiehall st.
and branches; wholesale, 474
Sauchiehall st
M'Caw, Stevenson, & Orr, Ld. 93
Hope st
Al'Corquodale & Co. (Ltd.),
96 Maxwell street
M'CuUoch, John A., Hillside
Printing Works, Gorgie,
Edinburgh ; tel. No. 1266
Central; telegrams, "Parchment,
M Gavigan, John, & Son, 62
Arsyle st
MKJown, J. & E. 3 Bothwell st
M'lL-aiih, John, & Co. 114
M'Intyre, Angus, 120 Hope st
M'lvride, A. B. & Co. lithographic
inks, varnishes, and sundries,
lithographic stones, 72 Waterloo
MaoKill & Co. 70 Union st
Maclean, Archd. 74 Argyle st
Maclure, Macdonald, & Co, 2 Both-
well circus
M'Millan & Marshall, 32 Albion
street, city
M'Phee, A. & D., 70 Brunswick st
M'Phie, A. C, & Co., 81 West
Regent street
Macnab, Jas. 23 Bath st
Malcolm, Geo. 33 Renfield st
Mauder Bros, (printing and litho-
graphic ink manufrs.). Wolver-
hampton ; representatives, W.
H. Griffin, 20 Glasgow street,
Hillhead, and James Hobbs,
The Knowe, Bothwell
Mann, Summers, & Co. 1-3 South
Hanover st
Maxwell, J. Shaw, & Co., 152
Sauchiehall St.; P.O. tel. 3666
Miller, John, Ltd., 116 Renfield st
Moffat, Laidlaw & Co. 54 Union st

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