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Endowment, Sickness, & Accident |
Assurance Corporation, Ltd., 53
Botbwell St
Engine Insurance — The
Scottish Boiler Insurance
and Engine Inspection Co.
Ltd, 111 Union street
Engine Insurance — British Engine,
Boiler, and Electrical Insurance
Co., Ltd., 66 Ren field st.
Engine Insurance— The National
Boiler and General Insur-
ance Co., Ltd., 48 W. Regent
English and Scottish Law
Life Assurance Associa-
tion, Andrew Penn, secy., 105
West George st. ; P.O. tele-
phone, 614; Nat. 6142 Royal
Equity & Law Life Assurance
Society, 203 Hope street ;
W. Hood Black, representative
for Scotland
EcLUitahle Life Assurance
Society, Mansion House street,
London, E.G. ; established 1762
(the oldest mutual life office) ;
no connection with any American
office — See Advert, inside back
Equitable Life Assurance Society
of U.S., 104 W. George st
Excess Insurance Co., Ltd., 53
Both well st
Fidelity Guarantee--TheLaw Guar-
antee & Trust Society, Ltd., 88
St. Vincent st
Fidelity Guarantees — Empire
Guarantee and Insurance Cor-
poration, Ltd. 2 47 W. George st
Fidelity Guarantee Employers'
Liability Assurance Corporation,
Ltd. 76 St. George's pi
Fidelity Guarantees and Bonds of
Caution, Personal Accident,
and Sickness Insurance — The
General Accident, Fire and Life
Assurance Corporation, Ltd. 142
St. Vincent st; E. E.Clutterbuck,
res. secy.
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Co.
Ltd. (national), John Fairie,
C.A., 82 W. Nile street
Fidelity Insurance — The
National Guarantee & Surety-
ship Association, David R.
Niven, rei. secy., Castle Cham-
bers, 55 West Regent st
Fine Art and General Insur-
ance Co. Ltd. 48 W. Regent st
Fire — Empire Guarantee and In-
surance Corporation, Ltd., 247
West George st
Fire— Central Insurance Co.,
Ltd., 46 Gordon st
Frankfort Marine Insurance Co.;
agents, Gellatly, Hankey & Co.
Gordon chamberi, 82 Mitchell
General Accident, Fire and Life
Assurance Corporation, Ltd.,
142 St. Vincent St.; E. E.Clutter-
buck, res. secy
General Life Assurance Co., 141
W. George st. — See Adv. in App.
Gresham Life Assurance Society,
132 West Regent street; Thos.
Aitken, res. secv.
Guarantee Fidelity Insur-
ance, David R. Niven, res.
pecy.. Castle Chambers, 55
West Regent street
Guarantee Fidelity Insurance —
Norwich and London Accident
Insurance Association (estab.
1856), 121 W. George st
Guarantee Fidelity Insurance —
Empire Guarantee and Insurance
Corporation, Ltd., 247 West
Genrge street
Guarantee Society (National),
Wight, Wight, Myles & Fleming,
C.A., agents, 150 Hope st
Guardian i'late Glass Insurance
Co. L'd. 115 St. Vincent st. ;
J. L. & T. L. Selkirk, resident
Guardian Assurance Co.,
Ltd. (established 1821), tire,
life, accident, and burglary in-
surance. Telephone Nos., P.O.
3445; Nat., 445 Argyle ; David
Melrose, res. s^cy
Hand-in-Hand Fire and Life
Insurance Society (estab-
lished 1696), now merged in
Commercial Uninn Assurance
Company, Ltd., 150 Hope street;
J. W. Stewart, C.A., district
Horse Insurance — The National
Live Stock Insurance Co. Ltd.
129 Hope st
Horse and Vehicle Insurance —
Empire Guarantee and Insurance
Corporation, Ltd., 247 W. George
Imperial Free Homes Assurance
Co., Ltd., 175 St. Vincent st
Indemnity Mutual Marine Assur-
ance Co. Ltd. (G. M. Chamber-
lain, agent), 31 St. Vincent place
Independent Order of Fores-
ters, 66 George square
Insurance Company of North
America (marine department) ;
agent, Henry H. BirreU. 24
George square
International (The) Motor Insur-
ance Co., Ltd., G3a St. Vine, st
Irish Provident Assurance, Co.,
Ltd. (J. Chadwick, divisional
inspector; J. Sinclair, district
superintendent), 66 Renfield st
Key and Property Registration and
Insurance — British Key and
Property Registry, Ltd., 192
Hope street
King (The) Insurance Company s
Ltd., 157 We^it George st
Law, Car, and General Insurance
Corporation, Ltd , 164 Bath
Law Guarantee and Trust
Society, Ltd., 88 St. Vincent
street — See Advt. facing cover
Law Union & Crown Insurance
Co., 53 West Regent st
Leather Trades and General
Insurance Co., Ltd.; agent,
A. R. Stenhou-,e, 154 St. Vin-
cent street
License (The) Holders and General
Insurance Company, Ltd., 93
West Regent street
License Insurance —The Law
Gudraniee and Trust Society, ii
Ltd., 88 St. Vincent st
Licenses Insurance Corpora-
tion and Guarantee Fund, '
Ltd. ; manager, Jas. M'Conbie,
63 George street. Edinburgh
Life Association of Scotland, 121
St. Vincent st.
Life & Healih Assurance Associa- 1
tioD, Ltd., 95 Bath street
Life Insurance — Empire Guar-
antee and Insurance Corpor-
ation, Ltd., 247 W. George st
Life Insurance without medical
examination. — For prospectus
apply to Sun Life Assurance
Society (est. 1810), Sun Build-
ings, 42 Renfield street
Life Insurance — British Engine,
Boiler, and Electrical Inburauce
Co., LtJ., 65 Renfield st
Lift Insurance — The National
Boiler and General Insur-
ance Co., Ltd., 48 W. Regent
Liverpool and London Plate Glass
Insurance Co., Ltd.; J. Tannett
Mackenzie, rea. secy., 175 St.
Vincent street
Liverpool (The) and London and
Globe Insurance Co., 119 St.
Vincent street
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly
Society, 143 West Regent st
Lloyd's (Accident) Unaerwriters,
144 St. Vincent st
London Assurance Corporation,
140 West George st
London Assurance Corpora'ion,
Marine Insurance Department,
17 Royal Exchange square;
Thomson, Dickie & Co., agents
London, Edinburgh, aud Glasgoiv
Assurance Co. Limited ; John
Pickup, district manager, 199
St. Vincent st
London Guarantee & Accident Co.
Ltd., 87 St. Vincent st.
London & Lancashire Fire Insur-
ance Co., 32 Royal Exchange

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