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Boiler Insurance — Law Accident
Insurance Society, Ltd. 129
Hope street
iBoiler Insurance — The Scot-
tish Boiler Insurance and
Engine Inspection Co. Ltd.
Ill Union street
Bonds of Caution — The
National Guarantee & Surety-
I ship Association, Ltd. ; D. R
' Niven, res. secy., Castle Cham-
I bers, 55 West Kegent st
'Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd., for-
I merly called British Workmen's
I and General, 166 Buchanan st
(British America Assurance Co.
(Marine Claims Department) —
f Ludovic MacLellan Mann, 144
I St. Vincent st
[British Crown Plate Glass Insur-
' ance Co., Ltd., 3 Dundas st
British Engine, Boiler, and
Electrical Insurance Co., Ltd.,
I 65 Retifield street
British Homes Assurance Cor-
I poration, Ltd., 180 W Regent st
{British Equitable Assurance Co.
j Ltd., 3 Dundas street
IBritish and Foreign Marine In-
i snrance Co. Ltd.; T. Herbertson
; Baird, agent, 26 Royal Exchange
I square
British General Society, Ltd. 219
I St. Vincent st
iBritish Key & Property Registry,
! Ltd., 192 Hope st., J. R.
Whyte, secy
British Legal Life Assurance, 7
I Blythswood square
jBritish Provident Assurance Co.,
I Ltd. 180 Hope st
British (The) Imperial Friendly
Collecting Society, 180 Hope st
British United Assurance Corpor-
I ation, Ltd., A. S. M. Eaton,
manager for Scotland, 329 Hope
i -street
British Widows' Assurance Co.,
Ltd., 202 Hope street
Burglary Insurance — The
Combined Burglary and
Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.,
124 St. Vincent st
Burglary — Central Insur-
ance Co., Ltd., 46 Gordon st
Burglary and Fire Insurance, Per-
sonal Accident, Sickness, Fidel-
ity Guarantees and Workmen's
Compeniration — The General
Accident and Fire and Life As-
surai ce Corporation, Ltd., 142
St. Vincent street; E. E. Clut-
terbuck, resident secretary
Burglary Insurance — The
Guardian Assurance Co. Ltd.
(established 1821), 187 West
George street; teleohone Nos.
P.O. 3445; Nat. 445 Argyle
David Melrose, res. secy.
Burglary Insur. Assoc. Ltd,; John
Fairie, C.A. 82 W. Nile st
Burglary Insurance — The Empire
Guarantee & Insurance Corpora-
tion, Ltd., 247 W. George
Burglary Insurance —The
Ocean Accident and Guar-
antee Corporation, Ltd.;
Gibson & Anderson, C. A., Ocean
chambers, 188 W. George St.,
departmental managers
Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance
Co. 64 St. Vincent street ; P.
Macneil, secy. — See Advt. in
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance
Co. Ltd. 68 Renfield street.
Car and General Insurance Cor-
poration, Ltd., 163 W. George
" Casuality " (The) Insurance Co.,
Ltd. ; D. M. Allan, branch
manager, 65 Renfield st
Central Insurance Co., Ltd.,
46 Gordon st. ; D. C. Walker,
resident manager for Scotland
Century (The) Insurance Co.
101 St Vincent street
City of Glasgow Life Assurance
Co., 30 Renfield street— iSee
Advt. in App.
Colonial (The) Mutual Life Assur-
ance Society, Ltd. 144 St. Vin-
cent street
Combined (The) Burglary
and Fire Insurance Com-
pany, Ltd., 124 St. Vincent st;
telephones, P.O. 1398; Nat,
1398 Argyle
Commercial Union Assur-
ance Company, Ld., Hand-
in-Hand Branch, 150 Hope
street; J. W. Stewart, C.A.,
district manager
Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
Ltd. (Plate Glass Dept.), 166
St. Vincent street
Commercial Ution Assurance Co.
Ltd. (Marine Dept.), 3 Royal
Exchange square
Commercial Union Assur-
ance Co. Ltd. 23 West Nile
Confederation Life Association —
managers for Scotland, M'Lean,
Brodie an 1 Forgie, C.A., 22
Ren Held st
Consequential Loss through
Fire — The Combined Burg-
lary and Fire Insurance
Company, Limited, 124 St.
Vincent street
Contracts, Guarantee of Comple-
tion of — The General Accident,
Fire and Life Assurance Cor-
poration, Ltd., 142 St. Vincent
street ; E. E. Clutterbuck, res.
Contracts, Guarantee of Fulfilment
of — Fidelity and Deposit Cd.j
144 St. Vincent st
Co-operative Insurance Society,
Ltd., branch secy., Albert
Burgess, 60 Clarence st
County Fire Otfice, Limited, 158 St.
Vincent st. — See Advt. in App.
Coupon Insurance — Empire Guar-
antee and Insurance Corporation,
Ltd ,247 West George street
Cycle Insnrance--Empire Guarantee
and Insurance Corporation, Ltd.,
5; 47 West George st
Dynamo Insurance —The Na-
tional Boiler and General
Insurance Co., Ltd., 48 W.
Regent street
Dynamo Insurance — The
Scottish Boiler Insurance
and Eagine Inspection Co.
Ltd. Ill Union street
Economiser Insurance — The Na-
tional Boiler and General
Insurance Co., Ltd.,48 West
Regent street
Economiser Insurance — The
Scottish Boiler Insurance
and Engine Inspection Co.
Ltd. Ill Union street
Electric and General Assurance,
L'd. (accidents of all kinds, em-
ployers' liability, workmen's com-
pensation, drivers, third party,
motor cars, tramways, fire,
burglary, &c.), 65 Bath street
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co., 124
St. Vincent street
Electric Plants, Motors, &c.
— The Scottish Boiler In-
surance and Engine In-
spection Co. Ltd. Ill
Union street
Electrical Insurance — IBritish
Engine, Boiler, and Eectrical
Insurance Co. Ltd., 65 Renfield
Electrical Insurance — The Na-
tional Boiler and General
Insurance Co., Ltd., 48 West
Regeot street
Employers' Liabihty Insurance —
Empire Guarantee and Insuiance
Corporation, Ltd., 247 West
George street
Empire Guarantee & Insur-
ance Corporation, Ltd., 247
We3t George St.; life annuity,
fire, personal accident, burglary,
fidelity guarantee, employers'
liability, motor car, public lia-
bility, etc., etc.
Empire Guarantee & Insurance
Corporation, Ltd. — Plate Glass
Insurance, 247 W. George st
Employers' Liability Assur-
ance Corporation, Ltd. ;
branch oiBce, 75 St. George's pi
Hope street

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