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Bates, W. & A., Ltd., 10 Bridge st
Boardman Bros., Manchester, 99
Waterloo st
Bridge, David, & Co. Castleton
Ironwoiks, nr. Manchester, in dia
rubber machinery engineers,
(successors to the late John
Mills, Bent Grange Ironworks,
Oldham), 219 St, Vincent st.
Geo. A. M'Nab, representative
Broadhurst & Co. Ltd. Manchester,
India-rubber manufacturers ; F.
M'Innes, agent, 39 Hope st
Cairns, A., & Co., 98 Commerce
street, s.s.
Cainpbell, Achnach & Co., Thistle
Rubber Mills, 110, 112 Com-
merce St., s.s
Campbell, Jas. 120 Wellington st
Campbell, W. H. & Co. 65 Jamaica
Chicago Hose& Rubber Co. U.S. A
121 Oxford St. s.s.
Contiufntal Tyre & Rubber Co.
(Great Britain) Ltd., 3 Cadogan
Cochran, Thomas, & Co., agents
for Rochdale Asbestos Co., Ltd..
73 Robertson st
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co.
Ltd., 2 Clyde st., Port-Dundaa
Craigpark (The), Electric Cable
Co., Ltd., Flemington street,
Currie, Thomson & Co., 45 Jam-
aica street ; wholesale depart-
ment. 9 Howard street
Dermatine Co., Ltd., agents
Frew Bros. & Co. 90 Debbie's
Duff, Wm. A. M., & Co., 74
York street
Dnnlop Rubber Co. Ltd, of
Manor Mills, Aston Manor, 61
Bath street ; telephones, 4889
Nat., 1180 P.O.; telegrams,
Eraser, Bros. 104 W. Campbell st
Goudie, Jas. T. & Co. 49 Queen
Hamburg and Vienna India-
Rubber Co. ; agent, Wm.
Matthew, 8 Waterloo lane
Hutchison, Main & Co., Ltd.,
Springvale Works, Cowlairs
India-Rubber (The), Gutta-
percha and Telegraph
Works, Limited (The Silver -
town Co.), 2 Royal Exchange sq
Ingram, J. G. & S ra, 74 York st
Irwell & Eastern Rubber Co. Ltd.,
Manchester; J. & W. Tinto,
agents, 95-97 Holm street
Liverpool Rubber Co., Ltd., 54
Gordon street
Macdermott, J. B. 11 Both well st
Macdonald, John, & Son (inter-
woven metallic flexible tubing),
5 and 9 York street
Macintosh, Chas. & Co. Ltd.
5 Royal Exchange sqnaie
MacLellan, G. & Co. india-rubber,
asbestos, and waterproofs,
Glasgow Rubber Works, Mary-
hill ; warehouse, B ili ic chambers
50 Wellington street
M'Pherson, Jones & Co. Ltd.
38 Falfield st., s.s.
Moseley, David, & Sons, 65 Vir-
ginia street
Murchie, James, 89 Mains st
Munro, Robt. & Co. wholesale
warehouse and offices, 13 Queen
street, and Kelvin Rubber and
Tarpaulin Works, Partick
North British Rubber Co. (Lim.),
60 Buchanan st
Northern (The) Rubber Co., Ret
ford; agenti, Goudie & Whittet,
sole maters of leatherite sheet-
ing, joints, &c., for h.p. steam,
acids, alkalis, &c., 60 Howard st
Pegler Bros. & Co. 54, 56 Brown
St., Anderslon
Reddaway, F., & Co., Ltd^
45 Hope street; works, Pendle-
ton, Manchester
Richards, Thomas R., agent, 41
Ann St., city
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen street
Robertson, R. & Sons (packing
manufrs.), 15, 17 Clyde place;
work^, Commerce st
Robertson, W.Crum,318 Paisley rd
St. Helens Cable & Rubber Co. Ld.
191 Howard street
St. Mungo Manufacturing Co., 193
Broomloan road
Sirdar Rubber Co., Ltd., 116 North
Stewart, A. M'P. & Co. 48 Oswald
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28 to 32 Oswald st
The Rubber Co of Scotland Ltd.,
170 Renfield st; telephone No.
4111 Royal; R B. Black, man-
aging director; works. Forthvale,
The Ley land & Birmingham Rubber
Co. Ltd. 93 Hope st
The Scottish India-Rubber Co. 12
Hanover st
The Titan Packing Co., 2 York st
Unity Rubber Co., Ltd., Woodley,
near Stockport ; David Baxter,
agent, 15 Renfield st
Wame, Wm. & Co. Ltd., 29 Gres-
ham St. London, E.C.; agent,
Geo. A. C. M'Neill, 47 Oswald st
Wotherspoon, Jas., & Sons,
221 Wallace st
Adam, A. Learmonth, 264 Max-
well rd
Adam,Wm. jnn. & Co., 124 Oxford
Street, s.s.
Anderson & Nicol, 59 Brown st. «
off Arg\ le st
Binney & Son, 101 Bothwell st
Baird, A. & Son, Ltd. Peacock cross, ,'
Bodden, David, & Co., 54 Gordon
Brown, John, 309 St. Vincent st.
Campbell, Achnach & Co., Thistle ;
Rubber Mills, 110, 112 Com-
merce St. S.8.
Cie Commerciale Des Colonies, ,
Antwerp, Belgium; James Dick,
agent, 93 Hope street
Clark, J. & W., motor tyre manu-
facturers, 100 Pitt st
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co. Ltd.
2 Clyde .st., Port-Dundas
Currie, Thomson & Co. 45
Jamaica st ; wholesale dept. 9
Howard st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. Ltd. 49
Robirtson street
Feldtmann, R.& Co., 55 W. Regent
Fra-er Bros. 104 West Campbell "I
street I
Gartly, J. B., & Co., office, 13
Dixon .st ; works, Carmichael st.,
Hollywood, Wm. & Co. 36 and
36a King st., Tradeston
M'Clnsky, 'd. & Co. (of waste [
rubber), 6 Chalmers st
M'Ewan, Wm. A., 156 James st.,
Bridgeton cross
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co., ' 09 Main
street, Bridgeton
Maclean, A., & Co., 87 Union st
MacLellan, P. & W. (Lmtd.) 129
Millar, Wm. 47-49 Waterloo st
Milne, James M. & Co. 18 York
Munro, Robt. & Co. 13 Queen st
Murchie, James, 39 Mains street,
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. Mavis-
bank quay s 8.
Neil, John S. (waste), 163 Both-
well St.; office, 316 St, Vincent
Nimmo & Co. 13 Pitt street
Paterson, Geo. B. 4 York st
Potter, Thomas, 41 Cumberland
St., East
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Reddaway, F. & Co. Ltd. 45 Hope
Robertson, Peter, 32 Qneen st
Smith & Christie, 115 to 127
James st. Bridgeton
Stewart, John, 56 George sq
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28 to 32 Oswald st
Tay'or, Andrew, 47 Oswald st
The Ru'iber Co. of Scotland, 170
Renfield st., Forthvae Works,

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