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Nelson, Jas., & Sons, Ltd. (meat),
75 Armour st reet
Oliver, Kirk & Co. (teas), 115
Douglas street
Osborne, Alex., & Sons (butter),
45 Gandleriggs st
Panton, Geo. & Son, Ltd. (watches,
violins, &c.), 24 Miller sL
Parker, D. & J. (grocery goods), 7
Montrose street
Petersen, Boneyman, & Co.(foreign
timber), 1 1 Bothwell street
Peterson & Co. 29 Waterloo st
Phillips, J. & A. (currant^ Sultana,
Muscatel, and Valencia raisins,
also tinned fruits), 74 Trongate
and 17 Albion st
Phillips, J. & A. (American lard),
74 Trongate and 17 Albion st
Porter, D. K., & Co. (arrowroot),
342 Argyle street
Rattray, Chas. & Co. (clocks, toya,
and fancy goods), 14-20 Candle-
Ross, D. & Co. 63 No. Frederick
Russell, D. T. & Baird, 73
Robertson street
Sclanders, David, & Co., 71 Vir-
ginia st
Scrivener, George A. (brushes and
baskets), 182 Trongate
Shearer, H. (Japanese, Chinese,
and Continental goods), 27 St.
Enoch square
Smith, J. Wylie, 40 Uiion street
Smith, Smith & Co. (teak, cutch
and Rangoon produce), 104 West
George st
Sproat Bros., 185-187 Eglinton
The Peat Moss Litter Supply
Co., Ltd. (raos3 litter), 19
Waterloo st., contractors to H.M.
Government ; telephones, Nat.
2176 Argyle, P.O. 8290 Central,
telegrams, " Mossiest," Glasgow
The Scottish Wood Haskioizing
Co., Ltd., South St., Whiteinch
Thom & Cameron, Ltd., 93 Cheap-
side st
Wall & Co. (American and Conti-
nental hardware), 33 Brunswick
Walton, James, & Co. (of foreign
paper), 51 Cochrane st
Wardle, James, 40 Union street
Warnkess & Hirst, 11 Dunlop
Waterbury Clock Co., U. S. A.,
144 Ingram st
Wight, David, & Co., Ltd., 30 Gt.
Clyde place
Willis, Nelson & Co. (ribbon, silk
and velvet), 26 Queen st
Wilson, Edward, & Co , 107 Clyde
street, Aoderston
Wi'son, Guthrie & Co., 335 St,
Vincent street
Wood, Jas. and Wm., & Lamond,
Ltd., South American merchants,
exporters and importers, 28
Bojal Exchange square and 195
Calle Reconquista, Buenos Aires
Woyka, John, & Co., Ltd.
(timber), 241 Govan street
Anderson, Fredk., 94 Miller street
Anderson, James, & Co., 18
Brunswick street
Anti-Vibration Incandescent Light-
ing Co., Ltd., 101 St. Vincent st
Birrell, Geo., Gilchrist, 81 Dunlop
Bogdan, J., & Co., 37 Candleriggs
Burns & Glover, 23-27 Oswald st
Campbell, T. B & Sons, Ltd.
29 Wellington street
Chalmers' Stores, 105 Union st
Chalmers, W. 142 Bath st
Falk, Stadelmaon & Co., Ltd.,
74, 76, 78 Great Clyde st
Finlay, John, & Co., Ltd., 1«
Renfield st
Forrest & Son, 11 to 19 Bishop
street, Anderslon cross
Incandescent gas mantle manu-
facturers, Falk, Stadelmann &
Co., Ltd., 74, 76, 78 Great
Clyde 8t
General Fittings Co. 106 Cow-
caddens st
Godfrey, N. & Co. 107 Bothwell st
Graham, H., & Co., 138 Byres rd.
Greenlees, R., & Co., 42 Great
Clyde street
Keith, James, & Blackman Co.
Ltd., high pressure, incandescent
burners and mantles, 90 Mitchell
Lighting (The) Maintenance Co.,
suppliers and fitters of iiicati-
descent lamps, burners, mantles,
&c. ; maintenance of lighting
installations a spfciality ; 74
York street
M'Farlane, J. & A., Ltd., Albert
Works, 40 Springbank sti eat,
New City road
MacKay, W. U., & Co., whole-
sale agents for the Welsbach
and Sunlight Cos., Ltd.,
104 Sauchiehall street
M'Pherson Bros., 78 80 Argyle st
Mandlbstam, Joseph C, & Co., 42
Main street, Gorbals
Milne, James, & Son, Ltd.,
Ill St. Vincent street
Paterson, Wm. & Son, wholes ile
agents for Bray's incandescent
burners and mantles, &c., Wels-
bach burners supplied and fitted
on, 65 Piit street
Rosenberg, Adolf, Canal Bank,
Smith, Robert, & Co., 90 Com-
merce street, s.s.
The Incandescent Fittings Co.,
359a Argyle st
Thompson Bros. & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. (incandescent burners and
chimneys), 29 to 39 Surrey
street, s.s.
Veritas Light Co. (The), 74, 76,
78 Great Clyde st
Voelker Lighting Corporation, Ltd.,
16 K-ing St., Trongate, bona-
fide British manufacturers of
incandescent mantles, &c.
Wood, E. A., office and warehouse,
87 Gallowgate ; goods entrance,
28 East Nile st
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd., 45
Buchanan street
Poultry Appliance Coy., 39 Stock-
well street
(Floor Tiling).
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co.,
Ltd., 2 Clyde st.. Port-Dundas
India-Rubber (The), Gutta-
percha and Telegraph
Works Co., Ltd. (Tre Silver-
town Co.), 2 Royal Exchange sq
Haddow, Forbes & Co. 140 Bath
pf.; worki, ; 23-33 North st.
branches, 105-107 Wood street,
London, E.C., 29 Hanover st.,
Liverpool Rubber Co., Ltd., 54
Gordon street
MacLellan, George, & Co.,'Gla9gow
Rubber Works, Mary hill; ware-
house, Baltic chambers, 50
Wellington street
North British Rubber Co. Ltd., 60
Buchanan street
St. Helens Cable & Rubber Co.
Ltd., 191 Howard street
The Northern Rubber Co., Ret-
ford ; agents, Goadie & Whittet,
60 Howard st
Ancoats Vale Rubber Co. (Ltd.);
Hugh Loudon, agent, 68 Gordon
Anderson & Nicol, 59 Brown St.,
off Argjle street
Anderson, Whan & Co. (knives for
pads, washers, mat punches), 21
Muslin St., BridgetoD
Angus, Geo. & Co. Ltd. St. John's
Works, Newcastle on-Tyne; agt.
J. M. Brown, 116 Hope street
Argyle (The) Rubber Co. 33 Jam-
aica §t

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