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Marray, M'Vinnie, & Co. Mavis-
bank quay, s.s.
Bridge, David, & Co. Castletonlron
Works, near Manchester ; ice
crushers, elevators and convey-
ora, saws, cranes, power blocks,
«S,c.; 219 St. Vincent st.; Geo.
A. M'Nab, representative
Carty, J. L., & Co., agents (for
improved slagwool or silicate
cotton), 219 St. Vincent st
Hall, J. & E., Ltd. Dartford;
agents, Morris, Warden & Co.,
68 Gordon st
Haslam Foundry & Engineering
Company, Ltd., Derby; agents,
Alexander Brown & Co , 233 St.
Vincent st
Linde ( The) British Refrigeration
Co., Ltd., 48 West Regent st
Sterne, L. & Co., Ltd., The
Crown Iron Works, N.Woodside
The Pulsometer Engineering Co.
Ltd. 8 York st
Wotherspoon, Robert, 58 Market
st, city
The Scottish Ice Rink Co., Ltd.,
Titwood rd, Crossmyloof ; regd.
office, 83 West Regent st, John
Jackson, secretary
American .'â– pring rollers, curtain
poles, extension rods, oak tables,
&c., Chas. Paterson, 10, 12
Robertson lane
Angus Bros. Ltd. (foreign produce),
34 Robertson street
Arrol, B. & M. (tortoise shell), 15
and 16 Argyle arcade
Baird, Chas. J., & Co. (wines and
brandies), 27 Oswald st
Bischoff & Co., Ltd., 112 Bath st
Bogdan, J.,& Co , 37 Candleriggs
Brown, James T., 13 Dixon St.,
Brown, John, & Co. (of Ameri-
can wooden goodi), 19 Montrose
SI reet
Brownlee& Co. Ltd. (timber), City
Saw Mills, Port-Dundas. Tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 905 and 906 ;
P.O. 3437 and 5578; telegraphic
address " Brownlee "
Buchanan, Scott & Co. 7 and 9
Garthland street
Burley, Robt. & Sons, Ltd.(timber),
Fairley st. Govan
Burns, George (toys and games),
6 and 8 Wellington arcade
Burns, Wm„ & Co., 84 Miller st
Cassels, F. & R. (flour). Corn
Exchange Chambers,29 Waterloo
Carson, Robert, & Co. (flour), 50
Wellington street
Clanssen, A. L., & Co., 118
Cochran, R. & A, & Co., 87-91
M 'Alpine st
Cooper & Co. (grocery, provision,
&c.), 8-38 Howard street and
Cousar, John, & Co. (all kinds of
Calcutta sacks), 81 Hope st
Cowan, J. M., & Co. (iion ore),
45 Hope st
Craig, R. Hunter, & Co. Ltd. (of
American, Continental and Col-
ouial produce), Atlantic cham-
bers, 45 Hope street
Crawford & Law (flour), 8 1 Hope st
Dtmpster, Peterson & Co., 118
Queen st
Dickson & Tannock, SO Gordon st
Dove, John (baskets from all coun-
tries, also American ware), 31
St. Andrew's st. and 1 St. An-
drew's sq
Dowie, Peter, & Co. (flour) 19
Waterloo street
Eadie, Archd. & Co., Ltd. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,
54 Cook st
Eastmans Ltd. (meat), 12 1 130
Cheapside st
Farquhar Bros, (flour), 67 Hope
Felber, Jucker, & Co. (of paper,
boards, &c.), 3 Royal Exchange
Ferguson, J. & Sons (fancy goods,
also American and Italian carpet
brooms) 54 York street
Forfar, R. J., & Co. (iron ore), 29
Waterloo street
Fotheringham, T. B. (timber), 50-
52 Barrland st., Maxwell rd
Fraser, G. L. (timber), 9 3 Hope tt
Fraser, James B. & Co. (timber)
Phoenix Sawmills, 108 North
Wallace st ; telephone Nos. Nat.
4657 and 4858, P.O. 2815;
telegraphic address, " Linings "
Fraser, John, & Sons Ltd. (of horse
hair, Mexican and Algerian
fibre), 247 Govan street
Fiiedlander, Alex., & Co.
(importers of Egyptian cigar-
ettes), 23 Royal Exchange sq.
Garner, Bennett, & Co., Limited,
(American produce), 71 Wilson
Gill & Co. 67 Hope st
Glass (The) Supply Co., 75, 105
Bishop St., Anderston
Goudie, Geo. 32 York st
Gray, Mungo, & Co. (foreign pro-
duce), 94 Hope at
Grischotti & Co. Ltd. (matches and
bottles) 141 West George st
Guest, Geo. (sardines and preserved
fruits), 5 Oswald st
Haldane, Jas., & Co. (of horse:,
hair, feathers, and Algerian!
fibre), 39 Cavendish st
Harrigan, D., & Co. (glass), 33 i
Hope street
Harrington, J. P. Ltd. 3a Hanover
Heilbron, David, & Sons (wines,
foreign spirits, and cigars), 72
Bath st
Henderson, Hogg, & Co. 15 Cado-
gan street
HUl, R. Wylie, & Co. Ltd., 20
Buchanan street
Holmes, Wm. (wholesale), Ameri-
can and Continental hardware,
56 King St., city
Hunter & Co. (cork), 31 Brown st
Jackson, John & Co. (scrap iron
and metals), Balmoral Iron Yard,
South st, Scotstoua
Kerr, Thos. & Co. (timber and
staves), 93 Hope st
Kufeke, Frank. 67 Hope street
Lamb, J. R., & Co., 50 Welling-
ton street
Lawrie, Walter, & Co. (American,
Canadian, Colonial & Continental
produce), 100 Brunswick st.
Logan, George, & Co. (Continental)
76, 80 St. Vincent lane
Lowrie, W. P. & Co. Ltd. (wines
and brandies) 14 Bothwell st
M'Aulay, Bros. (American, Cana-
dian, Continental, &c.), 73
Dunlop street
M'Connell & Reid (flour) 19 Wat-
erloo street
M Crae, John, 48 West Regent st
M'Crossan, Joseph, & Sons (clocks
and watches), 51 Miller st
M'Fariane, J. & A. Albert Works,
40 Springbank st. New City rd
M'Kinnon & M' Donald, 21 Hope
M'Naught, Jas. Sicilian produce,
134 St. Vincent st
MacVean, John (bottles, &c.) 28
Crossburn street
Marshall & Steven (fruit, &c.) 35
College street
Melles & Co. Ltd. 25 Jamaica
Miller, John, Ltd. (paper and sta-
tionery), 116 Renfield street
Moir, Kirkwood & Co., 75 Virginia
Moorhead, Watson & Co.
(American and Colonial), 104
Brunswick st
Morrison, Wm. & Sons, Ltd. (flour),
29 Waterloo st
Motherwell, Andrew (forage),
Gorbals Grain Stores
Murray, M'Vinnie & Co. oil and
ship stores, Mavisbank quay s.s.
Naismith, King & Co. Ltd. (China,
Japan and India), 180 Ingram

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